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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2009Almond Genetic Linkage Map and Quantitative Trait Loci for Flowering Time in a 'Nonpareil' × 'Lauranne' PopulationRabiei, Reza; Wu, Shubiao ; Gibson, John ; Hunt, Peter; Murison, Robert D ; Sedgley, Margaret 26-Mar-2010
2009Almond Genetic Linkage Map and Quantitative Trait Loci for Flowering Time in a (Nonpareil x Lauranne) PopulationRabiei, Reza; Wu, Shubiao ; Gibson, John ; Hunt, Peter; Murison, Robert D ; Sedgley, Margaret 8-Mar-2010
2008Analysis of collagen fibre shape changes in breast cancerMurison, Robert David ; Falzon, Gregory ; Pearson, Sarah Jayne13-Sep-2011
2005Analysis of microarrays incorporating adjustments for spatial effectsWoolaston, Alexander; Murison, Robert David ; Tier, Bruce 5-Feb-2010
2013The availability and mobility of arsenic and antimony in an acid sulfate soil pasture systemTighe, Matthew ; Lockwood, Peter V ; Ashley, Paul ; Murison, Robert D ; Wilson, Susan C 24-Jun-2013
2002Bone mineralisation and strength in range cattleHolst, P J; Murison, Robert David ; Wadsworth, J C28-Oct-2009
2013Changes in botanical composition on three farmlets subjected to different pasture and grazing management strategiesShakhane, Libuseng M; Scott, Jim M ; Murison, Robert D ; Mulcahy, Colin; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Morrow, Amber; MacKay, Duncan 30-Jan-2014
2013Comparing the climate experienced during the Cicerone farmlet experiment against the climatic recordBehrendt, Karl; Scott, Jim M ; MacKay, Duncan ; Murison, Robert D 19-Dec-2013
2003Computational Gains Using RPVM on a Beowulf ClusterCarson, B; Murison, RD ; Mason, IA21-Jul-2008
2003Concentrations of Progesterone, Follistatin, and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone in Peripheral Plasma Across the Estrous Cycle and Pregnancy in Merino Ewes That Are Homozygous or Noncarriers of the Booroola GeneXia, Y; O'Shea, T; Murison, RD ; McFarlane, JR21-Jul-2008
2008Design and analysis for spatial effects in pasture trialsMurison, Robert D ; Ayres, John; Lane, Leah; Jahufer, Zulfi19-Apr-2010
2005Detection of Phylloxera Infestation in Grape Vines using NMR MethodsTucker, David ; Lamb, David ; Murison, Robert D ; Powell, Kevin S ; Blanchfield, A; Brereton, I27-Jul-2012
2007Diagnostic Features of Malignancy in Breast Tissue SAXS PatternsFalzon, Gregory ; Murison, Robert D ; Pearson, S; Hall, C; Siu, K; Sidhu, S; Wilkinson, S; Lewis, R10-Sep-2013
2006Effects of shade on seed production of 'Nassella trichotoma' in northern New South WalesTrotter, Tieneke ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Murison, Robert David ; Jessop, Robin Stephen 24-Oct-2012
2004Evaluation of an enclosed portable chamber to measure crop and pasture actual evapotranspiration at small scaleMcLeod, MK; Daniel, H ; Faulkner, RD ; Murison, RD 18-Jul-2008
2003Finding a focus for quality of life with aphasia: Social and emotional health, and psychological well-beingMurison, Robert David ; Cruice, Madeline; Worrall, Linda; Hickson, Louise30-Nov-2009
2007Grasslands Trophy: a new white clover ('Trifolium repens L.') cultivar with tolerance of summer moisture stressAyres, J F; Caradus, J R; Murison, Robert David ; Lane, L A; Woodfield, D R27-Oct-2009
2004Is the Method of Signal Analysis and Test Selection Important for Measuring Standing Balance in Subjects with Persistent Whiplash?Treleaven, J; Murison, RD ; Jull, G; LowChoy, N; Brauer, S2-May-2008
2005Measuring quality of life: Comparing family members' and friends' ratings with those of their aphasic partnersCruice, Madeline; Worrall, Linda; Hickson, Louise; Murison, Robert David 30-Nov-2009
2011Model Discrimination of Radical Desorption Kinetics in Emulsion PolymerisationFellows, Christopher ; Murison, Robert D ; Russell, Gregory9-Jan-2012