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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Australia: Adjustment to the New Management and Entrepreneurial EnvironmentHarman, Grant ; Meek, Vincent Lynn 17-May-2010
2008The Australian Academic Profession: a first overviewCoates, H; Goedegebuure, Leo; Van Der Lee, Jeannet Jaantje ; Meek, Vincent Lynn 20-Sep-2012
2008Australian Higher Education Country ReportGoedegebuure, Leo; Meek, Vincent Lynn 22-Aug-2012
2002Changing Patterns in Modes of Coordination in Higher EducationMeek, VL 18-Sep-2008
2006Changing patterns in the middle management of higher education institutions: The case of PortugalSantiago, R; Carvalho, T; Amaral, A; Meek, Vincent Lynn 26-Sep-2011
2008Consultation on Draft Regional Report of Higher Education in Asia-PacificMeek, Vincent L ; Taylor, Peter; Lee, Molly; Daniel, John22-Aug-2012
2007The Devil's in the Detail: Guy Neave and Comparative Higher EducationMeek, Vincent Lynn ; Goedegebuure, Leo21-Oct-2009
2008Diversity in Australian higher education: an empirical analysisGoedegebuure, Leo; Meek, Vincent Lynn ; Van Der Lee, Jeannet Jaantje ; Coates, Hamish22-Jan-2013
1998An exploration of cross-institutional co-operation in distance education course developmentSekoati, Mapitso Tsebo; Spencer, John D; Meek, Vincent L 7-Dec-2010
2003The Higher Education Managerial Revolution?Amaral, A; Meek, VL ; Larsen, IM31-Jul-2008
2006Higher Education, Research, and Knowledge in the Asia-Pacific RegionMeek, Vincent Lynn ; Suwanwela, C23-May-2012
2003The Impact of the State on Institutional Differentiation in New ZealandCodling, A; Meek, VL 30-Jun-2008
2006In Search of Evidence: Measuring Community Engagement - A Pilot StudyGoedegebuure, Leo; Van Der Lee, Jeannet Jaantje ; Meek, Vincent Lynn 21-Dec-2009
2007Institutional Diversity in Higher Education: a Cross-National and Longitudinal AnalysisHuisman, Jeroen; Meek, Vincent Lynn ; Wood, Fiona 2-Dec-2009
2007Internationalisation of Higher Education and the Australian Academic ProfessionMeek, Vincent Lynn 22-Sep-2011
2008Introduction to 'Reinventing Higher Education'Meek, Vincent Lynn ; Goedegebuure, Leo19-Oct-2009
2003Market Coordination, Research Management and the Future of Higher Education in the Post-Industrial EraMeek, Vincent Lynn 21-Dec-2009
2002On the Road to Mediocrity?: Governance and Management of Australian Higher Education in the Market PlaceMeek, VL 18-Sep-2008
2002Over-reviewed and Underfunded?: The evolving policy context of Australian higher education research and developmentWood, Fiona ; Meek, VL 1-May-2008
2008Overview of Higher Education in Asia-PacificMeek, Vincent Lynn ; Goedegebuure, Leo; Quiddington, Peter 22-Aug-2012