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2010Abjected Arcadias: Images of Classical Greece and Rome in Barrie Kosky's 'Oedipus', 'The Lost Echo' and 'The Women of Troy'Kiernander, Adrian 18-Nov-2010
1993Ariane Mnouchkine and the Théâtre du SoleilKiernander, Adrian Rodney 11-Aug-2009
2003"Betwixt" and "Between": Variant Readings in the Folio and First Quarto Versions of 'Richard III' and W.W. Greg's Concept of Memorial ReconstructionKiernander, AR 30-Jul-2008
2004A Comic Vision of 'Othello'Kiernander, AR 26-May-2008
2003Dead Ends: the Representation of Indigenous Australia in Louis Nowra's <i>Radiance</i> and Nicholas Parson's <i>Dead Heart</i>Kiernander, AR 11-Aug-2008
2008Enright on the Record: Evidence from the Television Archives of the Australian Broadcasting CorporationKiernander, Adrian 29-Nov-2010
2006Introduction: rehearsing masculinitiesKiernander, Adrian Rodney ; Bollen, Jonathan; Parr, Bruce19-Aug-2009
2015John Bell, Shakespeare and the Quest for a New Australian TheatreKiernander, Adrian 9-Oct-2017
2008Men at Play: Masculinities in Australian Theatre since the 1950sBollen, Jonathan James ; Kiernander, Adrian Rodney ; Parr, B16-Aug-2009
2006Moving out: centrifugal patterns of masculinity in urban Australian plays, 1955-70 and 1985-2000Kiernander, Adrian Rodney 19-Aug-2009
2009Richard IIIKiernander, Adrian ; Thompson, Ruth12-Feb-2015
2005What's a man to do? Images of rural Australian Masculinities in three plays of the 1950's: Reedy River, The Bastard Country and Lola MontezKiernander, AR 18-Jul-2008
2014Young Falstaff and the performance of nostalgiaKiernander, Adrian 7-Feb-2018