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2011Delayed fathering and risk of mental disorders in adult offspringKrishnaswamy, Saroja; Subramaniam, Kavitha; Ramachandran, Padma; Indran, Tishya; Abdul Aziz, Jemain31-Oct-2011
2009Factors Contributing to Utilization of Health Care Services in Malaysia: A Population-Based StudyKrishnaswamy, Saroja; Subramaniam, Kavitha; Yun Low, Wah; Abdul Aziz, Jemain; Indran, Tishya; Ramachandran, Padma; Abdul Hamid, Abdul Rahman; Patel, Vikram3-Feb-2012
2009Paternal age and common mental disordersKrishnaswamy, Saroja; Subramaniam, Kavitha; Indran, Haymanth; Ramachandran, Padma; Indran, Tishya; Indran, Ramesh; Abdul Aziz, Jemain7-Oct-2014