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2007The arbitrage pricing theorem with incomplete preferencesKelsey, David; Yalcin, Erkan10-Mar-2010
2011Convergence of Productivity Levels among the EU Countries: Evidence from a Panel of IndustriesUlusoy, Veysel; Yalcin, Erkan19-Oct-2011
2003Endogenous Firm ObjectivesYalcin, Erkan; Renstrom, Thomas I22-Apr-2010
2014Existence of Equilibria in Incomplete Markets with Non-Ordered PreferencesYalcin, Erkan; Yengin, Duygu26-Aug-2014
2013Generalised Atanassov Intuitionistic Fuzzy SetsDespi, Ioan; Opris, Dumitru; Yalcin, Erkan27-Jun-2013
2008A Note on the Solution of Rational Expectations Models with One Future VariableAtukeren, Erdal; Yalcin, Erkan22-Mar-2010