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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2005The Changing Social FrameworkSmailes, Peter J; Griffin, Trevor L C; Argent, Neil 2-Nov-2009
2013A creativity-led rural renaissance?: Amenity led migration the creative turn and the uneven development of rural AustraliaArgent, Neil ; Tonts, Matthew; Jones, Roy; Holmes, John20-Nov-2013
2014Demographic Change, Differential Ageing, and Public Policy in Rural and Regional Australia: A Three-State Case StudySmailes, Peter J; Griffin, Trevor L C; Argent, Neil 12-Aug-2014
2016Demographic Change: Beyond the Urban-Rural DivideArgent, Neil 18-Apr-2017
2012Evolutionary Perspectives on Rural AustraliaTonts, Matthew; Argent, Neil ; Plummer, Paul18-Feb-2013
2015The fall and rise of agricultural productivism? An Antipodean viewpointRoche, Michael; Argent, Neil 9-Oct-2015
2002From Pillar to Post?: In search of the post-productivist countryside in AustraliaArgent, Neil 5-May-2008
2009From the Inside Looking out and the Outside Looking in: Whatever Happened to 'Behavioural Geography'?Argent, Neil ; Walmsley, J Dennis James 11-Mar-2010
2012The Future of Australian Rural Communities: How Powerful are the Forces of Change?Smailes, Peter J; Griffin, Trevor L C; Argent, Neil 6-Aug-2013
2008Getting On, Getting Up and Getting Out?: Broadening Perspectives on Rural Youth MigrationGibson, C; Argent, Neil 1-May-2009
2002A Global model or scaled-down version?: geographies of convergence and divergence in the Australian retail banking sectorArgent, Neil 13-May-2008
2009Grain Drain: The Impacts of Changing Infrastructure and Marketing on the Wheat Landscape of Northern New South WalesFisher, Darrell Graeme; Argent, Neil ; Walmsley, Dennis10-Nov-2009
2018Heading down to the local? Australian rural development and the evolving spatiality of the craft beer sectorArgent, Neil 17-Jul-2018
2006Inhabiting the margins: A geography of rural homelessness in AustraliaArgent, Neil ; Rolley, Frances 19-Oct-2009
2012Local - If Possible: How the Spatial Networking of Economic Relations amongst Farm Enterprises Aids Small Town Survival in Rural AustraliaPritchard, William; Argent, Neil ; Baum, Scott; Bourke, Lisa; Martin, John; McManus, Phil; Sorensen, Anthony ; Walmsley, Dennis J 25-Mar-2012
2016Migration and Ageing Processes in Non-metropolitan Australia: An Analysis of 30 Years of Dramatic ChangeArgent, Neil ; Griffin, Trevor; Smailes, Peter9-Aug-2016
2017Mine Lifecycle Planning and Enduring Value for Remote CommunitiesRobertson, Stuart Andrew; Blackwell, Boyd ; Haslam McKenzie, Fiona; Argent, Neil 18-Jun-2017
2015A Multicultural and Multifunctional Countryside? International Labour Migration and Australia's Productivist HeartlandsArgent, Neil ; Tonts, Matthew30-Apr-2015
2014The 'N' word: Australian particularism, taxonomies of development and epistemologyArgent, Neil 31-Jul-2014
2009Nature, SocialArgent, Neil 19-Oct-2011