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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2012Shaping the Rural-Urban Symbiosis: Density, Dispersal, Remoteness, and Town Size in South-East AustraliaGriffin, Trevor L C; Smailes, Peter J; Argent, Neil 25-Jun-2012
2010Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something...?: Rediscovering the Comparative Advantage of the "New" Pastoral Economies of Northern New South Wales, AustraliaArgent, Neil ; Walmsley, J Dennis James ; Sorensen, Anthony 10-Jun-2010
2016Spatial Concentration in Australian Regional Development, Exogenous Shocks and Regional Demographic Outcomes: a South Australian case studySmailes, Peter; Griffin, Trevor; Argent, Neil 1-Aug-2017
2008The Sponge City Hypothesis: does it hold water?Argent, Neil ; Rolley, Frances ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis James 5-May-2009
2018Sustainable rural economies, evolutionary dynamics and regional policyPlummer, Paul; Tonts, Matthew; Argent, Neil 14-Feb-2018
2006Tracing the Density Impulse in Rural Settlement Systems: A Quantitative Analysis of the Factors Underlying Rural Population Density Across South-Eastern Australia, 1981-2001Argent, Neil ; Smailes, Peter J.; Griffen, Trevor10-Nov-2009
2011Trouble in Paradise? Governing Australia's multifunctional rural landscapesArgent, Neil 19-Apr-2012
2004What Does the Homeless Data say About Rural Homelessness?Rolley, Frances ; Argent, Neil 18-Dec-2009
2011What's New about Rural Governance? Australian perspectives and introduction to the special issueArgent, Neil 23-Apr-2012
2003Whose bottom Line?: Investigating the social dimensions of financial service withdrawal in rural AustraliaArgent, Neil 31-May-2010
2015Wipeout? The Gold Coast and Tweed surfboard manufacturing cluster and local economic developmentLogue, David; Argent, Neil ; Warren, Andrew 1-Apr-2015