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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2006Retail Change in Southern Sydney: Lifestyle-Linked Restructuring?Walmsley, J Dennis James 7-Aug-2008
2014The Role of Gender in the Migration Practices and Aspirations of Australian Rural YouthDufty-Jones, Rae; Argent, Neil ; Rolley, Frances ; Walmsley, Dennis 30-Apr-2015
2012Rural Community and Rural Resilience: What is important to farmers in keeping their country towns alive?McManus, Phil; Walmsley, J Dennis J ; Argent, Neil ; Baum, Scott; Bourke, Lisa; Martin, John; Pritchard, Bill; Sorensen, Anthony 23-Apr-2012
2003Rural Tourism: a case of lifestyle-led opportunitiesWalmsley, J Dennis James 19-Jun-2008
2008Rural Youth Migration Trends in Australia: An Overview of Recent Trends and Two Inland Case StudiesArgent, Neil ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis James 1-May-2009
2007Settlement patterns and experiencesWalmsley, Jim Dennis ; Rolley, Frances ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; McIntosh, Alison Frances20-Oct-2009
2007Social CapitalWalmsley, Jim Dennis ; McIntosh, Alison Frances; Carrington, Kerry ; Bittman, Michael ; Rolley, Frances ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan 20-Oct-2009
2007The Social Costs and Benefits of Migration into AustraliaCarrington, Kerry ; McIntosh, Alison F; Walmsley, Dennis James 21-Jun-2011
2003Social IndicatorsWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 22-Oct-2009
2010Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something...?: Rediscovering the Comparative Advantage of the "New" Pastoral Economies of Northern New South Wales, AustraliaArgent, Neil ; Walmsley, J Dennis James ; Sorensen, Anthony 10-Jun-2010
2008The Sponge City Hypothesis: does it hold water?Argent, Neil ; Rolley, Frances ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis James 5-May-2009
2007StagnationWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 21-Oct-2009
2008The Work-Life Balance: Geographical Perspectives on Lifestyle, Leisure, Stuff and the Future Presidential Address to the Institute of Australian Geographers' Conference, Hobart, July 2008Walmsley, Jim Dennis James 1-May-2009