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2005'Khaosokia caricoides', a new genus and species of Cyperaceae from ThailandSimpson, David A; Muasya, A. Muasya; Chayamarit, Kongkanda; Parnell, John A N; Suddee, Somran; Wilde, Bart D E; Jones, Michael B; Bruhl, Jeremy James ; Pooma, Rachun6-Nov-2009
2015Making 'Carex' monophyletic (Cyperaceae, tribe Cariceae): a new broader circumscriptionWaterway, Marcia J; Ford, K A; Bruederle, L P; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Chung, K-S; Cochrane, T S; Escudero, M; Ford, B A; Gebauer, S; Gehrke, B; Hahn, M; Hipp, A L; Luceno, M; Hoffmann, M H; Hoshino, T; Jimenez-Mejias, P; Jin, X-F; Jung, J; Kim, S; Maguilla, E; Masaki, T; Miguez, M; Molina, A; Martin-Bravo, S; Naczi, R F C; Reznicek, A A; Rothrock, P E; Simpson, D A; Spalink, D; Thomas, W W; Villaverde, T; Global Carex Group,; Starr, J R; Wilson, K L; Yano, O; Zhang, S R; Roalson, E H; Alverson, W S14-Jun-2017
2014Molecular data consistently recover a 'Queensland clade' of 'Synostemon' (Phyllanthaceae, Phyllantheae) with distinctive floral morphologyTelford, Ian R H ; Pruesapan, Kanchana; van Welzen, Peter C; Bruhl, Jeremy J 12-Apr-2017
2014Molecular dating of Winteraceae reveals a complex biogeographical history involving both ancient Gondwanan vicariance and long-distance dispersalThomas, Nanette ; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Ford, Andrew; Weston, Peter28-Apr-2014
2006Molecular phylogenetics of 'Oreobolus' (Cyperaceae) and the origin and diversification of the American speciesChacon, J; Madrinan, S; Chase, MW; Bruhl, JJ 6-Aug-2008
2012Morphological and molecular data reveal three rather than one species of 'Sicyos' (Cucurbitaceae) in Australia, New Zealand and Islands of the South West PacificTelford, Ian R H ; Sebastian, Patrizia; de Lange, Peter J; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Renner, Susanne S17-Sep-2012
2016Morphological and molecular data show 'Synostemon trachyspermus' (Phyllanthaceae, Phyllantheae) to be a heterogeneous species assemblageTelford, Ian R H ; Pruesapan, Kanchana; van Welzen, Peter C; Bruhl, Jeremy J 3-May-2017
2012Morphological evaluation of the 'Drosera peltata' complex (Droseraceae)Gibson, Robert; Conn, Barry J; Bruhl, Jeremy J 17-Sep-2012
2016A morphometric analysis of the 'Banksia spinulosa' complex (Proteaceae) and its complex taxonomic implicationsStimpson, Margaret; Weston, Peter H; Whalley, Ralph D ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 24-Feb-2017
2014Multiple lines of evidence clarify limits of 'Allocasuarina thalassoscopica', 'A. defungens' and 'A. littoralis' ('Allocasuarina' sect. 'Cylindropitys', Casuarinaceae)Rose, Phil; Wilson, Karen L; Telford, Ian R H ; Lamont, Robert W; Bruhl, Jeremy J 5-May-2017
2013The N.C.W. Beadle Herbarium database: an e-research tool available for wider useBoshoff, Johan; Bruhl, Jeremy J 27-Mar-2014
2008New chromosome numbers in 'Homoranthus' (Myrtaceae: Chamelaucieae) and notes on their taxonomic utilityCopeland, Lachlan; Bruhl, Jeremy James ; Craven, Lyn A; Brubaker, Curt L29-Oct-2009
2011Oxalate nephropathy in a laboratory colony of common marmoset monkeys ('Callithrix jacchus') following the ingestion of 'Eucalyptus viminalis'Vanselow, Barbara ; Pines, Matthew; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Rogers, Lesley 23-Apr-2012
2014'Phebalium verrucosum' (Rutaceae), new status for a taxon excluded from 'P. squamulosum' on morphological and phytochemical evidenceTelford, Ian R H ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 17-Apr-2015
2007Phenetic analyses of 'Homoranthus' (Myrtaceae: Chamelaucieae) on the basis of morphologyCopeland, Lachlan M; Bruhl, Jeremy James ; Craven, Lyn A; Brubaker, Curt L29-Oct-2009
2015Phylogenetic relationships of 'Coronidium', 'Xerochrysum' and several neglected Australian species of "Helichrysum" (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae)Schmidt-Lebuhn, Alexander N; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Telford, Ian R H ; Wilson, Paul G3-May-2017
2004Phylogenetic relationships of Abildgaardieae (Cyperaceae) inferred from chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences and pollen dataGhamkhar, Kiousmars; Bruhl, Jeremy ; Wilson, Karen; Marchant, Adam7-Nov-2011
2012Phylogeny and proposed circumscription of 'Breynia', 'Sauropus' and 'Synostemon' (Phyllanthaceae), based on chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequencesPruesapan, Kanchana; Telford, Ian R H ; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; van Welzen, Peter C29-Oct-2012
2007Phylogeny of 'Carpha' and related genera (Schoeneae, Cyperaceae) inferred from morphological and molecular dataZhang, Xiufu; Bruhl, Jeremy James ; Wilson, Karen L; Marchant, Adam29-Oct-2009
2007Phylogeny Of Abildgaardieae (Cyperaceae) Inferred From ITS And 'trn'L -F DataGhamkhar, Kioumars; Marchant, Adam D; Wilson, Karen; Bruhl, Jeremy James 18-Dec-2009