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2013Radiation and Repeated Transoceanic Dispersal of Schoeneae (Cyperaceae) Through the Southern HemisphereViljoen, Jan-Adraan; Muasya, A Muthama; Barrett, Russell L; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Gibbs, Adele; Slingsby, Jasper A; Wilson, Karen L; Verboom, Anthony G7-Apr-2014
2006Rainforest, drought and soil type: Phytogeography and functional and evolutionary ecology of dry rainforest on the western slopes of New South WalesCurran, Timothy John; Clarke, Peter; Bruhl, Jeremy ; Warwick, Nigel W4-Oct-2013
2011Revisionary Studies in 'Cucurbitaceae' Tribe 'Benincaseae' with Special Reference to AustraliaTelford, Ian Robert H; Bruhl, Jeremy 16-Jan-2012
2015Revisionary Studies in 'Synostemon' (Phyllanthaceae, Phyllantheae): Morphological and molecular data corroborate generic recognition of 'Synostemon' and with increased species diversityTelford, Ian Robert Hall; Bruhl, Jeremy ; van Welzen, Peter13-Jan-2016
2016'Schoenus' (Cyperaceae) is not monophyletic based on ITS nrDNA sequence dataMusili, Paul M; Gibbs, Adele K; Wilson, Karen L ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 21-Apr-2017
2013Sedges in the mist: A new species of 'Lepidosperma' (Cyperaceae, Schoeneae) from the mountains of TasmaniaPlunkett, George T; Wilson, Karen L; Bruhl, Jeremy J 28-Mar-2014
2006Species limits in 'Carpha' (Schoeneae, Cyperaceae) based on phenetic analysesZhang, Xiufu; Wilson, Karen L; Bruhl, Jeremy J 30-Oct-2009
2016Specimens at the Center: An Informatics Workflow and Toolkit for Specimen-level Analysis of Public DNA Database DataPham, Kasey K; Ford, Bruce A; Gebauer, Sebastian; Gehrke, Berit; Hoffmann, Matthias H; Hoshino, Takuji; Jimenez-Mejias, Pedro; Jung, Jongduk; Kim, Sangtae; Luceno, Modesto; Maguilla, Enrique; Hahn, Marlene; Martin-Bravo, Santiago; Naczi, Robert F C; Reznicek, Anton A; Roalson, Eric H; Simpson, David A; Starr, Julian R; Villaverde, Tamara; Waterway, Marcia J; Wilson, Karen L; Yano, Okihito; Lueders, Kate; Zhang, Shuren; Hipp, Andrew L; Brown, Bethany H; Bruederle, Leo P; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Chung, Kyong-Sook; Derieg, Nathan J; Escudero, Marcial2-May-2017
2004Sympodial structure of spikelets in the tribe Schoeneae (Cyperaceae)Zhang, X; Wilson, KL; Bruhl, JJ 11-Aug-2008
2013Systematic Studies in 'Schoenus' L. (Schoeneae, Cypearaceae)Musili, Paul M; Bruhl, Jeremy ; Wilson, Karen; Gibbs, Adele14-Oct-2013
2006Systematic Studies in Abildgaardieae (Cyperaceae)Clarke, Kerri Lyn; Bruhl, Jeremy ; Wilson, Karen Louise; Prakash, Nallamilli16-Sep-2009
2003Systematic Studies in Schoeneae (Cyperaceae): Spikelet Morphology, Species and Generic Limits of 'Carpha', and Phylogenetic Relationships in and around 'Carpha'Zhang, Xiufu; Bruhl, Jeremy ; Wilson, Karen; Prakash, Nallamilli; Marchant, Adam16-Sep-2010
2006Systematic studies of 'Lepidosperma' (Cyperaceae: Schoeneae) with particular reference to 'L. laterale'Hodgon, John; Bruhl, Jeremy James ; Wilson, Karen L30-Oct-2009
2015Systematics in the 'Bulbine glauca' complex (Asphodelaceae or Xanthorrhoeaceae subfam. Asphodeloideae)Moore, Iain Samuel Fraser; Bruhl, Jeremy ; Telford, Ian ; Brown, Elizabeth Anne25-Mar-2015
2007Taxonomy and breeding systems of the 'Drosera peltata' complex (Droseraceae)Gibson, Robert Peter; Bruhl, Jeremy ; Vaughton, Glenda; Conn, Barry; Marchant, Adam3-Sep-2010
2008Testing species limits in 'Rennellia' (Prismatomerideae, Rubioideae, Rubiaceae)Jalaluddin, Susan Louise; Bruhl, Jeremy James 19-Feb-2010
2013Three new species of 'Gingidia' (Apiaceae: Apioideae) from Australia and New Zealand segregated from 'G. montana'Heenan, Peter B; Telford, Ian R H ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 7-Apr-2014
2007Towards a comprehensive survey of C₃ and C₄ photosynthetic pathways in CyperaceaeBruhl, Jeremy James ; Wilson, Karen18-Dec-2009
2009Two new, sympatric species of 'Wahlenbergia' (Campanulaceae) from the New England Tableland escarpment, New South Wales, AustraliaPlunkett, George T; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Telford, Ian R H 13-May-2010
2014Uptake and distribution of ions reveal contrasting tolerance mechanisms for soil and water salinity in okra ('Abelmoschus esculentus') and tomato ('Solanum esculentum')Kamaluldeen, Jamal; Yunusa, Isa ; Zerihun, Ayalsew; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Kristiansen, Paul 17-Apr-2015