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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2008Generating Domain-specific Web-based Expert SystemsDunstan, Neil 9-Nov-2009
2009Hierarchies of sustainability in a catchmentDunstan, Neil 26-Mar-2010
2012A Hybrid Architecture for Web-based Expert SystemsDunstan, Neil 29-Oct-2012
2013An Interactive Web-based Expert System Degree PlannerDunstan, Neil 6-Feb-2014
2011Knowledge Reuse and Management in Information SystemsHarsh, Om Kumar; Sajeev, Abudulkadir ; Dunstan, Neil 18-Apr-2011
2005Multi-Agent Design for Catchment AnalysisDunstan, N ; Qiang, X; Cacho, OJ ; Hean, R6-Aug-2008
2013An OLAP Server for Sensor Networks Using Augmented Statistics TreesDunstan, Neil 29-Aug-2013
2003A Processor Array for Computing Wavelet EnergiesDunstan, N ; Hodgson, S10-Jul-2008
2009Selecting areas for land use change in a catchmentDunstan, Neil ; Armstrong, Leisa; Diepeveen, Dean22-Mar-2010
2008Supporting discovery-driven exploration from a land use, cover and change modelDunstan, Neil ; Qiang, Xiaoyun24-Jan-2012
2012The Use of ICT and Geospatial Techniques to Improve Australian and Indian Ground Water and Land Resource Management under Climate Change Scenarios: A Position PaperArmstrong, Leisa; Adinarayana, Jain; Dunstan, Neil 12-Apr-2013
2002Wavelet Based UXO DetectionHodgson, S; Dunstan, N ; Murison, RD 30-Jul-2008