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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2008Endangered Girls and Incendiary Objects: Unpacking the Discourse on SexualizationEgan, R Danielle; Hawkes, Gail 16-Dec-2009
2012Engaging with the Bailey Review: blogging, academia and authenticityAttwood, Feona; Barker, Meg; Martin, Amber; McKee, Alan; Mowlabocus, Sharif; Paasonen, Susanna; Renold, Emma; Ringrose, Jessica; Valentine, Ludi; Watson, Anne Frances; van Zoonen, Liesbet; Bragg, Sara; Egan, R Danielle; Evans, Adrienne; Harvey, Laura; Hawkes, Gail ; Heckert, Jamie; Holford, Naomi; Macvarish, Jan16-Jul-2013
2005Epilogue: New Times, New Controls?: Authorised and Unauthorised SexHawkes, Gail 16-Jun-2010
2015Female-to-Male (FtM) Transgender People's Experiences in Australia: A National StudyJones, Tiffany ; del Pozo de Bolger, Andrea ; Dune, Tinashe ; Lykins, Amy ; Hawkes, Gail 23-Mar-2015
1999ForewordHawkes, Gail 30-May-2014
2011The gender ideology inscribed in the mission statements of single-sex secondary schools in QueenslandNader, Tatiana Camille; Corrigan, Peter; Hawkes, Gail 16-May-2011
2008Girls, Sexuality and the Strange Carnalities of Advertisements: Deconstructing the Discourse of Corporate PaedophiliaEgan, R D; Hawkes, Gail 1-May-2009
2011HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Sexuality in Later LifeMinichiello, Victor ; Hawkes, Gail ; Pitts, Marian26-Jul-2011
2008Imperiled and Perilous: Exploring the History of Childhood SexualityEgan, R D; Hawkes, Gail 2-Dec-2009
2008Landscapes of Erotophobia: The Sexual(ized) Child in the Postmodern Anglophone WestHawkes, Gail ; Egan, R Danielle16-Dec-2009
1998Liberalising Heterosexuality?Hawkes, Gail 17-Jun-2010
2013Narratives of the sexual child: Shared themes and shared challengesHawkes, Gail ; Dune, Tinashe15-Sep-2017
2016The Nature of the Child and the Child of Nature: Historical and Contemporary ContinuitiesHawkes, Gail ; Egan, R Danielle29-Sep-2017
2005Naughty but Nice, Or Never on Sundays: Sex and Sin, Past and PresentHawkes, Gail 10-Jun-2008
2015Old and desirable: older women's accounts of ageing bodies in intimate relationshipsThorpe, Rachel; Fileborn, Bianca; Hawkes, Gail ; Pitts, Marian; Minichiello, Victor 18-May-2015
2005Perspectives in Human SexualityHawkes, Gail ; Scott, John 17-Nov-2009
2007plastic sexualityHawkes, Gail 11-May-2010
2009The problem with protection: Or, why we need to move towards recognition and the sexual agency of childrenEgan, R Danielle; Hawkes, Gail 30-Nov-2009
2007Producing the Prurient through the Pedagogy of Purity: Childhood Sexuality and the Social Purity MovementEgan, R D; Hawkes, Gail 2-Dec-2009
1995Responsibility and Irresponsibility: Young Women and Family PlanningHawkes, Gail 14-Dec-2009