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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2002Student teacher knowledge: Knowing and understanding subject matter in the New Zealand contextGarbett, Dawn; Tynan, Belinda 19-Nov-2009
2009Tales of adventure and change: academic staff members' future visions of higher education and their professional development needsTynan, Belinda ; Lee, Mark 19-Nov-2009
2004Telling stories of our collaborative practiceGarbett, Dawn; Tynan, Belinda 10-Dec-2009
2010Virtual tutor support using SMARTHINKING: Preliminary findingsMcDonell, Jennifer ; Parkes, Mitchell ; Tynan, Belinda 19-Mar-2012
2004Walking to Different Beats: Good Practice and Innovation in Higher EducationYourn, Belinda ; Little, Shona6-Oct-2010
2010Web 2.0 and Professional Development of Academic StaffTynan, Belinda ; Barnes, Cameron8-Jun-2011
2006Would we, could we, did we collaborate?: Mutuality and respectTynan, B 12-Nov-2008