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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2014Promoting dialogue through authentic conversations in change management educationWhale, Sue ; Jabri, Muayyad ; Cluley, Timothy8-May-2015
2009Promoting exchange between East and West management cultures: The role of dialogueJabri, Muayyad 10-Jun-2010
2008Reconsidering the role of conversations in change communication: A contribution based on BakhtinJabri, Muayyad ; Adrian, Allyson; Boje, David8-Dec-2009
2008Rethinking East and West management cultures: A perspective based on BakhtinJabri, Muayyad 8-Jul-2013
2016Rethinking Organizational Change: The Role of Dialogue, Dialectic & Polyphony in the OrganizationJabri, Muayyad 7-Apr-2016
2010The Role of Conversation in the Social Construction of ChangeO'Neill, Alan Burnell; Jabri, Muayyad ; Sheridan, Alison 17-Jan-2012
2004The Role of Voice Narrative in Extending Management Scholarship in the PRCJabri, Muayyad 16-Feb-2010
2004Team feedback based on dialogue: Implications for change managementJabri, M 2-May-2008
2005Text-context Relationships and Their Implications for Cross Cultural ManagementJabri, M 5-May-2008
2011The Use and Disclosure of Intuition(s) by Leaders in Australian Organisations: A Grounded TheoryRobson, Martin John; Cooksey, Ray; Jabri, Muayyad ; Higgs, Joy16-Jan-2013
2010Utterance as a tool for change agents: implications based on BakhtinJabri, Muayyad 17-May-2011
2009Whitehead and Bakhtin: A process conceptualization of leadershipDibben, Mark; Jabri, Muayyad 15-Mar-2013