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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2012Narrative Theory Versus Truth: A Poststructuralist Reading in Environmental EducationHardy, Joy 7-Aug-2012
2008Neoliberalism and Environmental Education: An Analysis of Australian Online Recruitment AdvertisementsHardy, Joy 13-Aug-2009
2007The OtherHardy, Joy 17-Aug-2009
2008Paradoxical inscriptions of global subjects: critical discourse analysis of international schools' websites in the Asia-Pacific RegionTamatea, Laurence Martin ; Hardy, Joy ; Ninnes, P10-Aug-2009
2009Place and Becoming: a study of graduate teachers in rural schoolsNoone, Genevieve ; McConaghy, Cathryn Elizabeth; Brooks, Margaret Leigh; Hardy, Joy ; A'Beckett, Cynthia17-Jun-2009
2005The presence, meaning and power of the term 'best practice' on international school websites: An exploratory paperHardy, Joy ; Kupczyk-Romanczuk, Glenda18-Feb-2010
2005Review of 'Technology, culture and socioeconomics: A rhizoanalysis of educational discourses' Patricia A. O'Riley, 2003: New York: peter Lang £20.00 (pbk), 275 pp. ISBN 0-8204-5793-0Hardy, Joy 4-Aug-2009
2006'Social limits to learning: essays on the archeology of domination, resistance, and experience' (Edited and with an Introduction by Marcel van der Linden, translated by William Templer): Gottfried Mergner, 2005 New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books 160 pp. ISBN 1-84545-004-3 (hbk)Hardy, Joy 4-Aug-2009
2012Staff perceptions, aspirations, expectations and practices of recycling in an Australian regional university: An appraisal-based critical discourse analysisHardy, Joy 19-Jul-2012
2010Starved of Power: The cultural politics of nutrition and the dietary colonisation of Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory of AustraliaAdam, Megan Renae; Connelly, Jan; Hardy, Joy ; Plummer, David; McConaghy, Cathryn E 17-Jan-2012
2008Stratification of environmental education and education for sustainable development in Australia: an analysis of positions vacant advertisementsHardy, Joy 10-Aug-2009
2006Theorising 'postmodern uncertainties' in education for sustainable development: Philosophical and methodological considerationsHardy, J 24-Sep-2008
2013Towards a Philosophy of Education in the NSW Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) MovementFlood, James Bernard; Maxwell, Thomas W; Hardy, Joy 23-Sep-2013
2011Understanding the Job Satisfaction and Retention of Overseas-Hire Teachers: A Dimension of International School ImprovementDoyle, Allison Maree; Hardy, Joy ; Gamage, Sirisena ; Edwards, Helen 12-Sep-2012