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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2002'I'm going to where-her-brisket-is': Placenames in the RoperBaker, Brett 16-Aug-2009
2008The interpretation of complex nominal expressions in Southeast Arnhem Land languagesBaker, Brett 18-Aug-2009
2003Linguistic identification in the determination of nationality: A preliminary reportEades, D ; Fraser, Helen Beatrice ; Siegel, Jeff ; McNamara, T; Baker, Brett 4-May-2009
2008Noun-adjective compounds in Gunwinyguan languagesBaker, Brett ; Nordlinger, R7-Sep-2009
2009Pijin: A Grammar of Solomon Islands PidginBeimers, Gerry David; Siegel, Jeffrey Alan; Baker, Brett 11-Sep-2009
2011Referring Expressions and Referential Practice in Roper Kriol (Northern Territory, Australia)Nicholls, Sophie; Baker, Brett ; Goddard, Cliff ; Siegel, Jeff 14-Dec-2011
2004Stem forms and paradigm reshaping in GunwinyguanBaker, Brett 18-Aug-2009
2005Substrate Language Influence in Kriol: The Application of Transfer Constraints to Language Contact in Northern AustraliaMunro, Jennifer M; Siegel, Jeff ; Baker, Brett 21-Nov-2016
2005Vowel harmony, directionality and morpheme structure constraints in WarlpiriHarvey, M; Baker, B 1-Aug-2008
2003Word Structure in Australian LanguagesBaker, B ; Harvey, M31-Jul-2008
2008Word Structure in NgalakganBaker, Brett 12-Aug-2009