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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2002Leo IV (775-780 A.D.)Garland, Lynda19-Mar-2009
2006Maria Porphyrogenita, daughter of Manuel I ComnenusGarland, Lynda; Stone, Andrew19-Mar-2009
2006Mart'a-Maria 'of Alania'Garland, Lynda; Rapp, SH19-Mar-2009
2006Mary 'of Alania': Woman & Empress Between Two WorldsGarland, Lynda; Rapp, Stephen23-Jun-2009
2006Mary of AntiochGarland, Lynda; Stone, Andrew19-Mar-2009
2008Mazaris's Journey to Hades: 'Further Reflections and Reappraisal'Garland, Lynda20-Aug-2009
2016Nemesis: A Concept of Retribution in Ancient Greek Thought and CultBacke-Hansen, Wendy Kimelyn; Dillon, Matthew ; Garland, Lynda; Spence, Iain31-Jan-2017
1988The Personal Mythology of Odysseus Elytis: An Analysis of His Poetic Concepts and their Development in His Work from 1935 to 1985Machalias, Ruth; Garland, Lynda17-Jun-2016
1994Pilgrims and Pilgrimage in the Hellenic WorldDillon, Matthew Paul; Garland, Lynda; Markle, Minor; Stanton, Gregory 8-Dec-2010
2013PowerGarland, Lynda3-Jun-2013
2011Public Lavatories, Mosquito Nets and Agathias' Cat: The Sixth-Century Epigram in its Justinianic ContextGarland, Lynda29-Feb-2012
2013Questions of Gender in Byzantine SocietyNeil, Bronwen; Garland, Lynda26-Aug-2013
2008Roman and Byzantine PeriodsGarland, Lynda14-May-2010
2013Theodora, empressGarland, Lynda11-Jul-2013
2006Theophano, wife of Romanus II and Nicephorus II PhocasGarland, Lynda; Holmes, Catherine17-Jul-2009
2013'Till Death Do Us Part'?: Family Life in Byzantine MonasteriesGarland, Lynda26-Aug-2013
2000A Treasury Minister in Hell: A Little-Known 'Dialogue of the Dead' of the Late Twelfth Century: Translated from Medieval Greek with an IntroductionGarland, Lynda25-Jan-2010
2009'Virilis' or 'Muliebris'?: The Byzantines in the Italo-Norman Histories of the Eleventh CenturyBrown, Paul; Garland, Lynda; Dillon, Matthew 11-Jan-2010
2006Women in the Qur'an and Hebrew Scriptures: the development of text, story and characterTidswell, Toni; Garland, Lynda; Franzmann, Majella Maria; Shboul, Ahmad17-Dec-2010
2013Women, ByzantiumGarland, Lynda11-Jul-2013