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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2009Early career leadership opportunities in Australian rural schoolsGraham, Lorraine; Miller, Judith A ; Paterson, David L 14-Oct-2010
2005The Effect of Improved Automaticity and Retrieval of Basic Number Skills on Persistently Low-Achieving StudentsPegg, JE ; Graham, Lorraine; Bellert, A M26-Sep-2008
2003Effective Intervention for Students with Learning Difficulties in the Middle School Grades: A QuickSmart ApproachBellert, Anne M; Graham, Lorraine; Pegg, John E 28-Oct-2010
2007Effective ReadingGraham, Lorraine; Bellert, Anne Maree23-Feb-2010
2012The Effects of Improved Automaticity in Basic Academic Skills on the Test Performance: A Study of Learning Difficulties in the Middle-School YearsBellert, Anne Maree; Graham, Lorraine; Pegg, John 22-May-2012
2013Enhancing the Academic Achievement of Indigenous Students in Rural AustraliaGraham, Lorraine; Pegg, John E 3-Jun-2013
2011Evaluating the QuickSmart Numeracy Program: an Effective Australian Intervention that Improves Student Achievement, Responds to Special Education Needs, and Fosters Teacher CollaborationGraham, Lorraine; Pegg, John E 19-Oct-2011
2011Evaluating the QuickSmart Numeracy Program: An Effective Australian Intervention that Improves Student Achievement, Responds to Special Educational Needs, and Fosters Teacher CollaborationGraham, Lorraine; Pegg, John E 23-May-2013
2007Exceptional Educational Equity ProgramsGraham, Lorraine; Paterson, David Leonard ; Stevens, Robert8-Oct-2009
2007Exceptional Student Welfare Programs: Findings from ÆSOPPaterson, David Leonard ; Graham, Lorraine; Stevens, Robert8-Oct-2009
2012Experiences of Professional Women in Leadership Positions in New South Wales Rural Schools: Early to Late Career PerspectivesAl-Awiwe, Azhar Ahmed; Miller, Judith ; Graham, Lorraine24-Jul-2012
2008Exploring School and Family Literacy Connections in a Small Rural School: Processes and effects for Kindergarten students, their parents and the teaching staff of the schoolWoods, Prudence Edwina; Graham, Lorraine; Baxter, David; Croker, Beverley May; Reid, Jo-Anne16-Oct-2009
2004Facilitating Positive Social Interactions for Children with Learning DisabilitiesKnight, Bruce Allen; Graham, Lorraine; Hughes, Desma22-Feb-2010
2014Fast Track, Bush Track: Late Career Female Rural School Leaders Taking the Slow RoadMiller, Judith A ; Graham, Lorraine; Al-Awiwe, Azhar A29-Apr-2014
2008Final ASISTM Report: Narrowing the Performance Gap: Improving the Basic Mathematics Skills of Indigenous StudentsGraham, Lorraine18-Jun-2013
2013Final Project Evaluation: Closing the Gap in NSW Independent SchoolsGraham, Lorraine; Berman, Jeanette 3-Jun-2013
2006Final Report on the Validation of the NSW Professional Teaching StandardsBaxter, David John; Dickson, Scott Howard; Graham, Lorraine; Panizzon, Debra Lee; Parnell, Anne ; Pegg, John Edward23-Feb-2010
2008General Classroom Strategies to Enhance the Inclusion of Students with Learning DifficultiesKnight, Bruce Allen; Bellert, Anne; Graham, Lorraine6-May-2010
2010Hard data to support the effectiveness of 'QuickSmart' NumeracyGraham, Lorraine; Pegg, John E 11-May-2011
2011Health Education and a Nutritional Symbol System: The Nexus of Knowledge and Behaviour for School-Aged ChildrenMiller, Judith A ; Graham, Lorraine; Pennington, Jim19-Mar-2012