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2009Bottlenecks, population differentiation and apparent selection at microsatellite loci in Australian 'Drosophila buzzatii'Barker, JSF; Frydenberg, Jane; Gonzalez, Josefa; Davies, Hylton I; Ruiz, Alfredo; Sorensen, Jesper G; Loeschcke, Volker29-Apr-2010
2011Effective population size of natural populations of 'Drosophila buzzatii', with a comparative evaluation of nine methods of estimationBarker, JSF27-Oct-2011
2003Genetic identification of wild Asian water buffalo in NepalFlamand, JRB; Vankan, D; Gairhe, KP; Duong, H; Barker, JSF21-Jul-2008
2005Genetic Resources for Livestock ProductionIniguez, Luis; Barker, JSF28-Mar-2012
2002Isolation and characterization of 20 polymorphic microsatellite loci for 'Scaptodrosophila hibisci'Wilson, ACC; Sunnucks, P; Barker, JSF28-Mar-2012
2006Microsatellites reveal male recombination and neo-sex chromosome formation in 'Scaptodrosphila hibisci' (Drosophilidae)Wilson, ACC; Sunnucks, P; Bedo, DG; Barker, JSF9-May-2008
2005Population structure and host-plant specialization in two Scaptodrosophila flower-breeding speciesBarker, JSF13-May-2008
2004Remating and sperm displacement in a natural population of Drosophila buzzatii inferred from mother-offspring analysis of microsatellite lociBundgaard, J; Barker, JSF; Frydenberg, J; Clarke, AG5-May-2008