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2004A 6000 Year Old Fossil Dugong from Botany Bay: Inferences about Changes in Sydney's Climate, Sea Levels and WaterwaysHaworth, Robert John; Baker, Robert Graham ; Flood, Peter Gerard 1-May-2009
2002Beyond the Limits of Location: Human environmental disturbance prior to official European contact in early colonial AustraliaGale, SJ; Haworth, Robert John1-May-2009
2005Catchment-wide soil loss from pre-agricultural times to the present: transport- and supply-limitation of erosionGale, SJ; Haworth, Robert John15-May-2009
2004The Changing Folkways of the Australian Wild DogHaworth, Robert John24-Jun-2009
2004Chris Kempster, Musician, 1933-2004: A True Native VoiceHaworth, Robert John24-Jun-2009
2003Comment on 'Mid-Holocene higher sea level indicators from the south China coast'by W.W.-S. Yim and G. Huang (Mar. Geol. 182 (2002) 225-230): a regional perspectiveBaker, Robert Graham ; Davis, AM; Aitchison, JC; Flood, Peter Gerard ; Morton, BS; Haworth, Robert John20-May-2009
2006The Fate of Eveleigh: More of 'Ugly Sydney' or an Enhancement of the Greatest Rail Heritage Site in the World?Dunnett, B; Haworth, Robert John21-May-2009
2003From Loaded Dog to Dead Dog: The Dog as Myth and Mate in Australian StoryHaworth, Robert John22-May-2009
2004Human impact on the natural environment in early colonial AustraliaGale, SJ; Haworth, Robert John; Cook, DE; Williams, NJ1-May-2009
2007Legend-making and Lost Souls in the Australian Bush: From Wauter Lous to Lasseter and BeyondHaworth, Robert John25-May-2009
2008Montane lakes (lagoons) of the New England Tablelands BioregionBell, Dorothy ; Hunter, John T ; Haworth, Robert John3-Nov-2009
2005An Oscillating Holocene Sea-level?: Revisiting Rottnest Island, Western Australia, and the Fairbridge Eustatic HypothesisBaker, Robert Graham ; Haworth, Robert John; Flood, Peter Gerard 17-Aug-2009
2002Predicted and observed Holocene sea-levels on the Australian coast: What do they indicate about hydro-isostatic models in far-field sites?Haworth, Robert John; Baker, Robert Graham ; Flood, Peter Gerard 4-May-2009
2005The Sad History of Sandy Hollow and the Trains That Were Not Bound for GloryHaworth, Robert John3-Jun-2009
2003The shaping of Sydney by its urban geologyHaworth, Robert John4-May-2009