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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2016Abbott's War on DemocracyMaddox, W Graham21-Apr-2017
2000Australian Democracy and the Compound RepublicMaddox, W Graham7-Jun-2017
2005Australian Democracy in Theory and PracticeMaddox, W Graham29-Apr-2009
2003The Australian public service under the Keating Government: A case of weakened accountability?Kimber, M; Maddox, W Graham1-May-2009
2015CosmopolitanismMaddox, W Graham21-Apr-2017
2005Covenant and Contract: Religion, Constitutionalism, and DemocracyMaddox, W Graham17-Apr-2009
2003The Crusade Against Evil: Bush's FundamentalismMaddox, W Graham1-May-2009
2008Hebrew Prophecy and the Foundations of Political OppositionMaddox, W Graham1-May-2009
2008Islam and the Claims of DemocracyMaddox, W Graham17-Jul-2009
2004James Bryce: Englishness and Federalism in America and AustraliaMaddox, W Graham22-May-2009
2005Labour's Failure in OppositionMaddox, W Graham16-Aug-2009
2002The Limits of Neo-Roman LibertyMaddox, W Graham1-May-2009
2005Political Legitimacy in AustraliaMaddox, W Graham13-May-2009
2015The Prospects for Democratic Convergence: Islam and ChristianityMaddox, W Graham18-Apr-2017
2003Revisiting Tradition: Labor and SocialismMaddox, W Graham22-May-2009
2002The Secular Reformation and the Influence of MachiavelliMaddox, W Graham1-May-2009
2011The Spell of Parmenides and the Paradox of the CommonwealthMaddox, W Graham2-Jul-2012
2016Stepping Up to the Plate: America, and Australian DemocracyMaddox, W Graham30-May-2017
2008Truth Telling and the Fragility of DemocracyMaddox, W Graham14-May-2010