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2006An Exploratory Study into the Effectiveness of a Combination of Traditional Chinese Herbs in the Management of Type 2 DiabetesCollins, MJ; McFarlane, JR5-May-2008
2006Improved diagnosis of virulent ovine footrot using the intA geneCheetham, BF ; Tanjung, LR; Sutherland, MM ; Druitt, JH ; Green, G; McFarlane, JR; Bailey, GD; Seaman, JT; Katz, ME 13-May-2008
2003Leptin alters the structural and functional characteristics of adipose tissue before birthYuens, BS; Owens, PC; Muhlhausler, BS; Roberts, CT; Symonds, ME; Keisler, DH; McFarlane, JR; Kauter, K; Evens, Y; McMillen, IC2-May-2008
2006Leptin has concentration and stage-dependent effects on embryonic development in vitroHerrid, M; Nguyen, VL; Hinch, G ; McFarlane, JR13-May-2008