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2004Archaeology and age of a new hominin from Flores in eastern IndonesiaMorwood, MJ ; Soejono, RP; Hobbs, DR; Moore, Mark ; Bird, MI; Fifield, LK; Roberts, RG; Sutikna, T; Turney, CSM; Westaway, KE; Rink, WJ; Zhao, J; van den Bergh, GD; Rokus Awe, D2-May-2008
2005The Brain of LB1, Homo florensiensisFalk, D; Hildebolt, C; Smith, K; Morwood, MJ ; Sutikna, T; Brown, PJ; Jatmiko,; Wahyu Saptomo, E; Brunsden, B; Prior, F5-May-2008
2008Climate, people and faunal succession on Java, Indonesia: evidence from Song GupuhMorwood, MJ ; Sutikna, T; Turney, C S M; Fifield, K; Allen, H; Soejono, R P; Saptomo, E W; Westaway, K E; Jatmiko,; Awe Due, R; Moore, Mark ; Yuniawati, Dwi Yani; Hadi, P; Zhao, J-x16-Jun-2017
2009Continuities in stone flaking technology at Liang Bua, Flores, IndonesiaMoore, Mark ; Sutikna, T; Jatmiko,; Morwood, Michael J ; Brumm, A11-May-2010
2009Descriptions of the lower limb skeleton of 'Homo floresiensis'Jungers, W L; Larson, S G; Harcourt-Smith, W; Morwood, Michael J ; Sutikna, T; Due Awe, Rokhus; Djubiantono, T17-Dec-2014
2009Descriptions of the upper limb skeleton of 'Homo floresiensis'Larson, S G; Jungers, W L; Tocheri, M W; Orr, C M; Morwood, Michael J; Sutikna, T; Due Awe, Rokhus; Djubiantono, T17-Dec-2014
2009The foot of 'Homo floresiensis'Jungers, W L; Harcourt-Smith, W E H; Wunderlich, R E; Tocheri, M W; Larson, S G; Sutikna, T; Awe Due, Rhokus; Morwood, Michael J 16-Dec-2014
2005Further evidence for small-bodied hominins from the Late Pleistocene of Flores, IndonesiaMorwood, MJ ; Brown, PJ; Djubiantono, T; Jatmiko,; Sutikna, T; Wahyu Saptomo, E; Westaway, KE; Due, RA; Roberts, RG; Maeda, T; Wasisto, S6-May-2008
2009'Homo floresiensis' and the late Pleistocene environments of eastern Indonesia: defining the nature of the relationshipWestaway, KE; Morwood, Michael J ; Sutikna, T; Moore, Mark ; Rokus, AD; van den Bergh, GD; Roberts, RG; Saptomo, EW4-Mar-2010
2009'Homo floresiensis': a cladistic analysisArgue, D; Morwood, Michael J ; Sutikna, T; Jatmiko,; Saptomo, E W17-Dec-2014
2009The Liang Bua faunal remains: a 95 k.yr. sequence from Flores, East Indonesiavan den Bergh, G D; Meijer, H J M; Due Awe, Rokhus; Morwood, Michael J; Szabo, K; van den Hoek Ostende, L W; Sutikna, T; Saptomo, E W; Piper, P J; Dobney, K M17-Dec-2014
2004A New small-bodied hominin from the Late Pleistocene of Flores, IndonesiaBrown, PJ; Sutikna, T; Morwood, MJ ; Soejono, RP; Jatmiko,; Wayhu Saptomo, E; Awe Due, R2-May-2008
2005The People Time Forgot: Flores FindMorwood, Michael John ; Sutikna, T; Roberts, R10-Jul-2009
2009Preface: research at Liang Bua, Flores, IndonesiaMorwood, Michael J ; Sutikna, T; Saptomo, E W; Jatmiko,; Hobbs, D R; Westaway, K E16-Dec-2014
2005Response to Comment on 'The Brain of LB1, Homo floresiensis'Falk, D; Hildebolt, C; Smith, K; Morwood, Michael John ; Sutikna, T; Jatmiko,; Saptomo, EW; Brunsden, B; Prior, F1-May-2009