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12015Liberation Psychology as an Agent of Change for First Nations Peoples: An Exploration of the Decolonisation of Concepts to Minimise Miscommunications and Assumptions in an Australian ContextMerritt, Frankie Shane; Watt, Susan ; Turner, Linda 30-Mar-2015
22015Social Work Student Views on Palliative Care Learning ResourcesTurner, Linda ; Kuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed ; Agustine, Savana Sabine; Hunter, Sally 1-Jun-2015
32015What Does It Take To Be A Good Social Worker?: A Study Exploring the Dynamics Involved in Performing Emotional Labour in the Practice Context of Vulnerable Children and Their FamiliesMorley, Louise Katherine; Maple, Myfanwy ; Turner, Linda ; Hawkes, Gail 7-Jan-2016
42013Palliative Care Simulation: Nurturing Interprofessional CollegialityGillan, Pauline ; Arora, Sabina ; Sanderson, Helena; Turner, Linda 6-Mar-2014
52012Stakeholder Perspectives on Community Transport: A Collaborative Action Research (CAR) ApproachAnderson, Margaret Joy; Luxford, Yoni ; Turner, Linda 23-Jul-2012
62012Virginia Satir's Enduring Legacy - Exploring Her Clinical Supervision Practices Using Gadamer's Philosophical HermeneuticsYung Tsang, Grace; Minichiello, Victor ; Turner, Linda ; Schofield, Margot J ; Kottler, Jeffrey24-Jul-2012
72012Students, faculty and local community health professionals learning togetherPaliadelis, Penelope S ; Stupans, Ieva ; Turner, Linda ; Puxty, Maree ; Fagan, Anthea ; Lea, Jacqueline 9-Aug-2012
82012Promoting team health - an exploration of the value of a simulated interprofessional learning program for a range of rural health studentsPaliadelis, Penelope S ; Stupans, Ieva ; Fagan, Anthea ; Lea, Jacqueline ; Turner, Linda ; Puxty, Maree 12-Mar-2014
92011Rural Volunteer Community Transport Drivers: The Need for Greater Participation in the Policy ProcessAnderson, Margaret Joy; Luxford, Yoni ; Turner, Linda 20-Feb-2012
102011Progressive Field Education: Social Justice, Human Rights, and AdvocacydeVink-Lablanc, Sandra; Turner, Linda ; Carty, Brian18-Jun-2012
112009L'exercice du travail social dans la seule province officiellement bilingue du Canada: Défis et possibilitésTurner, Linda 12-Jan-2012
122008Our Bilingual Heritage: The Context of Official Languages PolicyTurner, Linda 25-Mar-2012
132006A Time to Re-ignite the Creative Flames: Views of Experienced Social Workers on Creativity in the ProfessionTurner, Linda 29-Sep-2010
142006Interlude Intrigue: Student Views on Listening to Peers in the ClassroomTurner, Linda 27-Jun-2011
152005Linguistic Respect As A Social Justice IssueTurner, Linda 24-Jun-2011
162005Social Work Practice in Canada's Officially Bilingual Province: Challenges and OpportunitiesTurner, Linda 24-Jun-2011
172005Empowerment of Human Service Workers: Beyond Intra-Organizational StrategiesTurner, Linda ; Shera, Wes24-Jun-2011

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