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12014The Role of Gender in the Migration Practices and Aspirations of Australian Rural YouthDufty-Jones, Rae; Argent, Neil ; Rolley, Frances ; Walmsley, Dennis 30-Apr-2015
22012Local - If Possible: How the Spatial Networking of Economic Relations amongst Farm Enterprises Aids Small Town Survival in Rural AustraliaPritchard, William; Argent, Neil ; Baum, Scott; Bourke, Lisa; Martin, John; McManus, Phil; Sorensen, Anthony ; Walmsley, Dennis J 25-Mar-2012
32012Contemporary Social Change as the Context for Geographical Enquiry: Towards a Reinvigoration of the Concept of PlaceWalmsley, Dennis J 17-Apr-2014
42012Rural Community and Rural Resilience: What is important to farmers in keeping their country towns alive?McManus, Phil; Walmsley, J Dennis J ; Argent, Neil ; Baum, Scott; Bourke, Lisa; Martin, John; Pritchard, Bill; Sorensen, Anthony 23-Apr-2012
52011The Extent and Significance of Rural FestivalsGibson, C; Connell, J; Waitt, G; Walmsley, J Dennis J 28-Oct-2011
62010Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something...?: Rediscovering the Comparative Advantage of the "New" Pastoral Economies of Northern New South Wales, AustraliaArgent, Neil ; Walmsley, J Dennis James ; Sorensen, Anthony 10-Jun-2010
72010Cultural Festivals and Economic Development in Nonmetropolitan AustraliaGibson, Chris; Waitt, Gordon; Walmsley, J Dennis James ; Connell, John12-May-2011
82010Mapping vernacular creativity: The extent and diversity of rural festivals in AustraliaGibson, Chris; Brennan-Horley, Chris; Walmsley, Dennis J 20-May-2011
92009From the Inside Looking out and the Outside Looking in: Whatever Happened to 'Behavioural Geography'?Argent, Neil ; Walmsley, J Dennis James 11-Mar-2010
102008Rural Youth Migration Trends in Australia: An Overview of Recent Trends and Two Inland Case StudiesArgent, Neil ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis James 1-May-2009
112008The Work-Life Balance: Geographical Perspectives on Lifestyle, Leisure, Stuff and the Future Presidential Address to the Institute of Australian Geographers' Conference, Hobart, July 2008Walmsley, Jim Dennis James 1-May-2009
122008The Sponge City Hypothesis: does it hold water?Argent, Neil ; Rolley, Frances ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis James 5-May-2009
132007Settlement patterns and experiencesWalmsley, Jim Dennis ; Rolley, Frances ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; McIntosh, Alison Frances20-Oct-2009
142007Human CapitalBittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith Elizabeth ; McIntosh, Alison Frances; Rolley, Frances ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis 20-Oct-2009
152007Produced and Financial Capital: Productive DiversityWalmsley, Jim Dennis ; McIntosh, Alison Frances; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan 20-Oct-2009
162007Natural CapitalWalmsley, Jim Dennis ; McIntosh, Alison Frances; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan 20-Oct-2009
172007Social CapitalWalmsley, Jim Dennis ; McIntosh, Alison Frances; Carrington, Kerry ; Bittman, Michael ; Rolley, Frances ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan 20-Oct-2009
182007Introduction to 'The Social Costs and Benefits of Migration into Australia'Carrington, Kerry ; McIntosh, Alison Frances; Walmsley, Jim Dennis 21-Oct-2009
192007StagnationWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 21-Oct-2009
202007The Social Costs and Benefits of Migration into AustraliaCarrington, Kerry ; McIntosh, Alison F; Walmsley, Dennis James 21-Jun-2011
212006Putting Community in PlaceWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 18-Dec-2009
222006A Million Centimetres a Year: Quality newspaper coverage of 'leisure' in AustraliaWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 22-Dec-2009
232006Retail Change in Southern Sydney: Lifestyle-Linked Restructuring?Walmsley, J Dennis James 7-Aug-2008
242004Behavioural Approaches in Tourism ResearchWalmsley, J Dennis James 18-Sep-2008
252003Impacts, SocialRugendyke, Barbara Anne ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis James 22-Oct-2009
262003CognitionWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 22-Oct-2009
272003Social IndicatorsWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 22-Oct-2009
282003AuthenticityWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 22-Oct-2009
292003LeisureWalmsley, J Dennis James ; Jenkins, John M27-Oct-2009
302003CommunityWalmsley, Jim Dennis James ; Rugendyke, Barbara Anne 27-Oct-2009
312003Rural Tourism: a case of lifestyle-led opportunitiesWalmsley, J Dennis James 19-Jun-2008
322002The Consumption Society and the Changing Nature of LeisureWalmsley, J Dennis James 30-Jul-2008

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