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12018Review Short: Rachael Mead's The Flaw in the Pattern and Philip Nielsen's Wildlife of BerlinFisher, Jeremy 4-Jul-2018
22016Gazing into the Mirror: Censorship and Self-censorship in Early Gay Australian novelsFisher, Jeremy 24-Feb-2016
32016The Dirty Little DogFisher, Jeremy 20-Jun-2017
42016Two gay detectives and their authorsFisher, Jeremy 31-Mar-2016
52016Faith Hope and Stubborn Pride: Searching for Heaven in Aotearoa and AustraliaFisher, Jeremy 2-Feb-2018
62016Lenora Jane FrayneFisher, Jeremy 24-May-2017
72015Navel gazing in the eighties: Review of Grant Caldwell, 'Love & Derangement' Australian Scholarly Publishing, North Melbourne 2014. ISBN 9781925003871, Pb 220pp AUD29.95Fisher, Jeremy 8-May-2015
82015The Writing and Publishing of Australia's First Gay NovelFisher, Jeremy 30-Jun-2015
92015Out of the Shadows: The Emergence of Overt Gay Narratives in AustraliaFisher, Jeremy 25-Sep-2015
102014'The Mistake': Some Questions of Ethics and FormJames, Wendy; Pender, Anne; O'Sullivan, Jane; Fisher, Jeremy ; Sharkey, Michael19-Nov-2014
112014Using online workshopping to teach the writing of short fiction: at the threshold of digital pedagogyFisher, Jeremy 4-May-2015
122014Review Short: Tony Linterman's 'Weather Walks In'Fisher, Jeremy 31-Mar-2014
132014A Professional Author-How G.M. Glaskin Earned a LivingFisher, Jeremy 7-Mar-2014
142014Sex, sleaze and righteous anger: the rise and fall of gay magazines and newspapers in AustraliaFisher, Jeremy 30-Apr-2014
152014O Life: Review of 'Dare me! The life and work of Gerald Glaskin' by John Burbidge: Monash University Publishing, $34.95 pb, 349 pp, 9781921867743Fisher, Jeremy 5-Sep-2014
162013Australia's first gay novelFisher, Jeremy 3-Oct-2014
172013Ready to danceFisher, Jeremy 10-Oct-2014
182013Review Short: Luke Davies' 'four plots for magnets'Fisher, Jeremy 14-Aug-2013
192013MementosFisher, Jeremy 28-Aug-2013
202013Reflective practice: Review of Amal Chatterjee (ed) 'Creative Writing: Writers on Writing' Creative Writing Studies Imprint, Professional and Higher Partnership, Newmarket, UK 2013, ISBN 9781907076114, Hb 216pp GBP75.00Fisher, Jeremy 20-Nov-2013
212013'I will have no further alterations to the story or text': An examination of an author's collaboration with his peers and publisherFisher, Jeremy 18-Mar-2014
222013An End to the Way: Pulp Becomes Classic Down-UnderFisher, Jeremy 31-Mar-2014
232013Australia's First Gay NovelFisher, Jeremy 4-Feb-2014
242013How to tell your father to drop dead: ... and other storiesFisher, Jeremy 27-Jan-2015
252013Did anyone mention the marketplace? Review of Dianne Donnelly and Graeme Harper (eds) 'Key Issues in Creative Writing' Multilingual Matters, Bristol UK 2012: ISBN 978-1-84769-846-9 Pb 208pp GBP19.96Fisher, Jeremy 6-May-2013
262013Droll musings from a compassionate poet: Review of Michael Sharkey 'Another Fine Morning in Paradise' 5 Islands Press, Melbourne 2012. ISBN 978-0-7340-4745-8 Pb 100pp AUD24.95Fisher, Jeremy 6-May-2013
272012'He Lacks Almost All the Qualities of the Novelist': G.M. Glaskin and His Australian ContemporariesFisher, Jeremy 9-Jul-2012
282012Children's Book Awards in Australia: Their Effects on the Literary MarketplaceFisher, Heather Jean; Hale, Elizabeth ; Fisher, Jeremy ; Croker, Beverley M; Buckland, Corinne; Unsworth, Leonard 2-Aug-2012
292012The Struggle for Identity: The Emergence of a Gay Press in AustraliaFisher, Jeremy 14-Aug-2012
302012Forward to an academic discipline!: Review of Dianne Donnelly 'Establishing Creative Writing Studies as an Academic Discipline' Multilingual Matters, Bristol UK 2012. ISBN 9781847695895, Pb 176 pp GBP19.95Fisher, Jeremy 2-Nov-2012
312012The Neglected Textbook: Placing Educational Publishing in Australia in ContextFisher, Jeremy 2-Jan-2013
322012Slip, slop, slap: rethinking, re-writing and re-viewing AustraliaFisher, Jeremy ; O'Sullivan, Jane8-Apr-2013
332012Gay LiberationFisher, Jeremy 8-Apr-2013
342012Wrestling with a dilemmaFisher, Jeremy 13-Mar-2012
352012A useful addition to resources for teaching writing: Review of Andrew Cowan 'The Art of Writing Fiction' Longman, Harlow, UK 2011 ISBN 9781408248348 Pb 240pp GPB16.99Fisher, Jeremy 8-May-2012
362012First, we named ourselves, then we told our storiesFisher, Jeremy 27-Mar-2012
372012Review of 'The Light Between Oceans' by M.L. Stedman: Vintage, $32.95 pb, 380 pp, 9781742755700Fisher, Jeremy 23-May-2012
382012The Publishing Paradigm: Commercialisation versus CreativityFisher, Jeremy 4-Jun-2012
392011Out and proud: the difficult emergence of overt homosexual narrative in Australian fictionFisher, Jeremy 5-Mar-2012
402011'He lacks almost all the qualities of the novelist': G.M. Glaskin and his Australian ContemporariesFisher, Jeremy 14-Mar-2012
412011The neglected textbook: placing educational publishing in Australia in contextFisher, Jeremy 6-Feb-2012
422011On Rosa-Luxemburg-Strassse in a Vietnamese CafeFisher, Jeremy 6-Feb-2012
432010Current issues in broadcasting and publishingFisher, Jeremy 30-Jun-2011
44201040 years out: Reflections on not being in the closet - a personal accountFisher, Jeremy 8-Jul-2011
452010Compassion for the life of Brian: Review of 'Our Father Who Wasn't There' By David Carlin, Scribe, 225pp, $32.95Fisher, Jeremy 28-Jul-2011
462010Age of dreams and nightmares: Review of 'Boys of Summer' Peter Skrzynecki, Brandl & Schlesinger, 224pp, $26.95Fisher, Jeremy 28-Jul-2011
472010Katharine Hacker: The Have-NotsFisher, Jeremy 28-Jul-2011
482010Katharina Hacker: The LifeguardFisher, Jeremy 28-Jul-2011
492010The Liberation CentreFisher, Jeremy 23-Apr-2010
502010Inventing MyselfFisher, Jeremy 16-Sep-2010

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