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11-Oct-2019Teaching, Learning and PsychologyPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 14-Dec-2018
21-Aug-2018Learning to Solve Challenging Percentage-Change Problems: A Cross-Cultural Study From a Cognitive Load PerspectiveNgu, Bing Hiong ; Yeung, Alexander Sheeshing; Phan, Huy P ; Hong, Kian Sam; Usop, Hasbee11-Dec-2018
314-Jun-2018Understanding levels of best practice: An empirical validationPhan, Huy P. ; Ngu, Bing H. ; Wang, Hui-Wen; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Shi, Sheng-Ying; Lin, Ruey-Yih13-Dec-2018
4Feb-2018An examination of social and psychological influences on academic learning: a focus on self-esteem, social relationships, and personal interestPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 13-Dec-2018
52018Managing Element Interactivity in Equation SolvingNgu, Bing Hiong ; Phan, Huy P ; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing; Chung, Siu Fung11-Dec-2018
62018Introducing the Concept of ‘Student Profiling’: A Cross-Cultural Perspective for UnderstandingPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Wang, Hui-Wen; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Shi, Sheng-Ying; Lin, Ruey-Yih18-Dec-2018
72018The Central Functioning of Successful Schooling: The Relationship between Academic Engagement and Subjective Well-BeingPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 18-Dec-2018
82018An Empirical Examination of Goals, Student Approaches to Learning, and Adaptive OutcomesPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 18-Dec-2018
92018Achievement Bests Framework, Cognitive Load Theory, and Equation SolvingNgu, Bing H ; Phan, Huy P 18-Dec-2018
102018Contextualised self-beliefs in totality: an integrated framework from a longitudinal perspectivePhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Alrashidi, Oqab13-Dec-2018
112017Solving Linear Equations: Will This Pose as a Challenge to Elementary Pre-Service Teachers?Ngu, Bing ; Phan, Huy 6-Jun-2017
122017Will learning to solve one-step equations pose a challenge to 8th grade students?Ngu, Bing ; Phan, Huy 8-Jun-2017
132017The self-systems: facilitating personal well-being experiences at schoolPhan, Huy 15-Sep-2017
142017Achieving Optimal Best: Instructional Efficiency and the Use of Cognitive Load Theory in Mathematical Problem SolvingPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing ; Yeung, Alexander9-Feb-2018
152017Consideration of Optimal Best, Using Hope as a Point of ReferencePhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 16-Jan-2017
162017Positive psychology: The use of the Framework of Achievement Bests to facilitate personal flourishingPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 15-Dec-2017
172017Consideration of Optimal Best, Using Hope as a Point of ReferencePhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 21-Dec-2017
182017Understanding students' learning and engagement: Situating within a motivational perspectivePhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 25-Jan-2018
192017Undertaking Experiments in Social Sciences: Sequential, Multiple Time Series Designs for ConsiderationPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 5-Jan-2018
202016Unpacking the Complexity of Linear Equations from a Cognitive Load Theory PerspectiveNgu, Bing ; Phan, Huy 19-Feb-2016
212016Comparing balance and inverse methods on learning conceptual and procedural knowledge in equation solving: a cognitive load perspectiveNgu, Bing ; Phan, Huy 19-Feb-2016
222016Optimal Outcomes at School: A Focus on Theoretical Tenets for ConsiderationPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 29-Jan-2016
232016Introducing the Concept of Optimal Best: Theoretical and Methodological ContributionsPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing ; Williams, Aidan7-Jun-2016
242016Situating Attributes of Academic Well-being within a Motivational Framework: A Longitudinal InvestigationPhan, Huy 14-Jun-2016
252016Social and Psychological Adjustment from a Positive Perspective: Consideration of Optimal Achievement BestPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 8-Jun-2016
262016Interrelations that foster learning: An investigation of two correlational studiesPhan, Huy 8-Jun-2016
272016The Use of Critical Reflection to Facilitate Optimal Best: A Theoretical Positioning for ConsiderationPhan, Huy 10-Jun-2016
282016Role of Student Well-Being: A Study Using Structural Equation ModelingPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing ; Alrashidi, Oqab16-Jan-2017
292016Reducing intrinsic cognitive load in percentage change problems: The equation approachNgu, Bing ; Phan, Huy ; Hong, Kian Sam; Usop, Hasbee12-Jan-2017
302016Longitudinal examination of optimism, personal self-efficacy and student well-being: a path analysisPhan, Huy 16-Jan-2017
312016Achieving Optimal Bests, A Focus for Distance EducationPhan, Huy 16-Jan-2017
322016Sources of Self-Efficacy in Academic Contexts: A Longitudinal PerspectivePhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 10-Feb-2017
332016Using a Video-Based Critique Process to Support Studio Pedagogies in Distance Education - A Tool and Pilot StudyBillingsley, William ; Ngu, Bing ; Phan, Huy ; Gromik, Nicolas ; Kwan, Paul H 16-Mar-2017
342016Longitudinal Examination of Personal Well-Being: Validating Newly Developed ConceptsPhan, Huy 7-Jan-2016
352015The Impact of Optimized Functioning: Establishing a Conceptualization for Further ConsiderationPhan, Huy 6-Jun-2017
362015The Importance of Mobile-Assisted Learning: Developing a Motivational PerspectivePhan, Huy ; Alrashidi, Oqab; Ngu, Bing 24-Feb-2016
372015Education Context and English Teaching and Learning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: An OverviewAlrashidi, Oqab; Phan, Huy 11-May-2015
382015Constructing a coherent problem model to facilitate algebra problem solving in a chemistry contextNgu, Bing ; Yeung, Alexander S; Phan, Huy 9-Apr-2015
392015The impact of FTP on commitment to career choices: situating within a social cognitive perspectivePhan, Huy 9-Oct-2015
402015Maximizing academic success: Introducing the concept of optimized functioningPhan, Huy 9-Oct-2015
412015Effective Functioning and its Relations in Educational Contexts: An Empirical InvestigationPhan, Huy 4-Nov-2015
422015Validating Personal Well-being Experiences at School: A Quantitative Examination of Secondary School StudentsPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 9-Oct-2015
432015Introducing the Concept of Optimized Functioning in Academic Contexts: Establishing Evidence for Further ConsiderationPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 9-Oct-2015
442015Incorporating the Concept of Optimization in Education: Considerations for ImplementationPhan, Huy 24-Nov-2015
452015Lost in Transition: A district perspective on rapid modernisation in Timor-LesteTobias, Paddy William Jack; Spence, Rebecca ; Walsh, Adrian ; Phan, Huy 17-Nov-2015
462014Factorial equivalence of social cognitive theory: Educational levels x time differencesPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 14-Nov-2014
472014Interrelations between Self-esteem and Personal Self-efficacy in Educational Contexts: An Empirical StudyPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 13-Nov-2014
482014Longitudinal examination of personal self-efficacy and engagement-related attributes: How do they relatePhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 13-Nov-2014
492014Expectancy-value and cognitive process outcomes in mathematics learning: a structural equation analysisPhan, Huy 9-Apr-2014
502014Building a Better Nation: Capitalizing on Social Cognitive Theories for Collective EnhancementPhan, Huy 5-Mar-2015

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