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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Creative nonfiction: alchemy at workPastor, Helena; McDougall, Russell ; Williamson, Dugald ; Croft, Julian23-Nov-2016
22014Breaking it down, building it up: A research exercise for first-year media studies studentsPotter, Susan ; Griggs, Yvonne ; Williamson, Dugald G 17-Dec-2014
32012Countersignatures in Communication PedagogyWilliamson, Dugald G 27-Feb-2013
42011Australian Documentary: History, Practices and GenresFitzSimons, Trish; Laughren, Patrick; Williamson, Dugald G 2-May-2012
52011Review of McQuail, Denis, 'McQuail's Mass Communication Theory', 6th ed., Sage, London, 2010, ISBN 9 7818 4920 2923, x+622 pp., A$77.00. Distributor: Footprint Books.Williamson, Dugald G 27-Jun-2013
62010Media and civics: A pedagogic strategy for integrating Internet research and writing skillsWilliamson, Dugald G 29-Jun-2011
72010Beyond the Frame: A Study in Observational Documentary EthicsNash, Katherine; Williamson, Dugald ; Croft, Julian16-Jan-2012
82009'Intervention: Katherine, NT' (Julie Nimmo, 2008)Williamson, Dugald G 1-Apr-2010
92009Civic Realism: Documentary and the Unfinished Business of CitizenshipWilliamson, Dugald G 6-Apr-2010
102009An 'Odd Couple' for Teaching Writing: The Tutorial Takes in the Committee MeetingWilliamson, Dugald George ; McDougall, Russell J ; Brien, Donna Lee7-Apr-2010
112008Convergence and Divergence: A Comparative Study of the Chinese and Australian Press Representations of Olympic-Related Activities, 1990-2004Gong, Lei; Williamson, Dugald ; Adams, Paul; Sharkey, Michael10-Nov-2009
122008Writing Pedagogy and Arts HonoursWilliamson, Dugald George ; Williamson, Rosemary Ann 19-Aug-2009
132008Documentary Law StoriesWilliamson, Dugald George 11-Sep-2009
142007Mapping the Documentary Field: Independent Filmmaking and Television in AustraliaWilliamson, Dugald George 31-Jul-2009
152006Problems in 'Political' Documentary: Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11Williamson, DG 18-Jul-2008
162005Professional Writing in Communication StudiesWilliamson, DG 6-Aug-2008
172004Documentary and Civic CultureWilliamson, DG 11-Aug-2008
182004On Pornography: Literature, Sexuality and Obscenity LawWilliamson, DG ; Hunter, I; Saunders, D30-Jun-2008
192001Library and Academic Collaboration: A Case Study in Teaching Media CommunicationsWilliamson, Dugald George 30-Mar-2012

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Dugald Williamson
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Williamson, Dugald
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School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
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