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12013Origins of Pictures: An Argument for Transformation of SignsDavidson, Iain 14-Mar-2014
22013Climate change frames debate over the extinction of megafauna in Sahul (Pleistocene Australia-New Guinea)Wroe, Stephen ; Field, Judith; Archer, Michael; Grayson, Donald; Price, Gilbert; Louys, Julien; Faith, J Tyler; Webb, Gregory E; Davidson, Iain ; Mooney, Scott D7-Mar-2014
32013Reply to Brook et al: No empirical evidence for human overkill of megafauna in SahulWroe, Stephen ; Field, Judith; Archer, Michael; Grayson, Donald; Price, Gilbert; Louys, Julien; Faith, J Tyler; Webb, Gregory E; Davidson, Iain ; Mooney, Scott D7-Mar-2014
42013Peopling the last new worlds: The first colonisation of Sahul and the AmericasDavidson, Iain 10-Apr-2013
52012Four questions about foraging models and the process of colonisationDavidson, Iain 8-Apr-2013
62012Symbolism and becoming a hunter-gathererDavidson, Iain 15-May-2013
72012What a carry on? Portable art and changes of symbolic meaningDavidson, Iain 15-May-2013
82012Variation in Early Paintings and EngravingsDavidson, Iain 16-May-2013
92011"Somos todos de fuera" - We are all from somewhere else: Thoughts on the responsibilities of archaeologistsDavidson, Iain 28-Jun-2012
102011The Manufacturers: Collection, Display and Aboriginality at the Queensland Museum from the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth CenturyRowlands, Shawn ; Davidson, Iain ; McDougall, Russell ; Roberts, David 8-Aug-2012
112011Murujuga Marni - Dampier Petroglyphs: shadows in the landscape, echoes across timeMulvaney, Kenneth; Davidson, Iain ; Ross, June 13-Jan-2012
122011Comment on 'The Still Bay and Howiesons Poort, 77-59 ka: Symbolic Material Culture and the Evolution of the Mind during the African Middle Stone Age' by Christopher Stuart Henshilwood and Benoit DubreuilDavidson, Iain 23-May-2012
132011The Role of Information Exchange in the Colonization of SahulVeth, Peter; Stern, Nikki; McDonald, Josephine; Balme, Jane; Davidson, Iain 22-May-2012
142010Are you reading me? Narrative and the student experience in education for archaeologyClarke, Catherine Therese; Beck, Wendy ; Davidson, Iain ; Panizzon, Debra21-Jul-2011
152010Navigation in the NeolithicDavidson, David P; Davidson, Iain ; Davidson, Peter B14-Apr-2011
162010The Colonization of Australia and Its Adjacent Islands and the Evolution of Modern CognitionDavidson, Iain 14-Apr-2011
172010Australian archaeology as a historical scienceDavidson, Iain 14-Apr-2011
182010The archaeology of cognitive evolutionDavidson, Iain 14-Apr-2011
192010Introduction and OverviewDavidson, Iain ; Nowell, April17-May-2011
202010Stone Tools and the Evolution of Hominin and Human CognitionDavidson, Iain 17-May-2011
212010Stone Tools and the Evolution of Human CognitionNowell, April; Davidson, Iain 17-May-2011
222009Beads across Australia: An ethnographic and archaeological view of the patterning of Aboriginal ornamentsMcAdam, Leila Evelyn; Davidson, Iain ; Morwood, Michael; Ross, June 11-Jan-2010
232009Symbolic behaviour and the peopling of the southern arc route to AustraliaBalme, Jane; Davidson, Iain ; McDonald, Jo; Stern, Nikki; Veth, Peter9-Mar-2010
242009Comment on The Chaîne Opératoire Approach in Middle Paleolithic ArchaeologyDavidson, Iain 9-Mar-2010
252008El futuro del patrimonio histórico: ¿Por qué debemos ocuparnos de la herencia cultural?Davidson, Iain 8-Jun-2010
26200814000 BP On Being Alone: The Isolation of the TasmaniansDavidson, Iain ; Roberts, David 22-Jan-2010
272008Scales and Balance: Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and SustainabilityDavidson, Iain 6-Aug-2009
282008Introduction to 'The Roth Family, Anthropology, and Colonial Administration'McDougall, Russell John ; Davidson, Iain 3-Mar-2010
292008Ethnological Studies and Archaeology of North West Central QueenslandDavidson, Iain 3-Mar-2010
302008The Roth Family, Anthropology and Colonial AdministrationMcDougall, Russell John ; Davidson, Iain 10-Sep-2009
312007Differentiation in cognitive and emotional processes: An evolutionary analysisBarnard, PJ; Duke, DJ; Byrne, RW; Davidson, Iain 13-Jul-2009
322007Inscribing the Plains: Constructed, Conceptualised and Socialized Landscapes of the Hay Plain, South Eastern AustraliaMartin, Sarah; Beck, Wendy ; Davidson, Iain 18-May-2015
332007Tasmanian Aborigines and the origins of languageDavidson, Iain 17-Jul-2009
342007Comment on Szabo, Frumm and Bellwood: 'Shell Artefact Production at 32,000–28,000 BP in Island Southeast Asia'Davidson, Iain 21-Jul-2009
352007"As large as you need and as small as you can": Implications of the brain size of 'Homo floresiensis'Davidson, Iain 24-Jul-2009
362006Rock Art and Ritual: An Archaeological Analysis of Rock Art in Arid Central AustraliaRoss, June ; Davidson, Iain 1-May-2009
372006Epilogue: 'a high lean country / full of old stories'Davidson, Iain 4-May-2009
382006High Lean Country: Land, People and Memory in New EnglandAtkinson, AT ; Ryan, JS ; Davidson, I ; Piper, A 5-Aug-2008
392006Getting power from old bones: Two Mediterranean museums and their importanceDavidson, Iain 16-Jul-2009
402006Arqueología etnohistóricaDavidson, Iain 20-Aug-2009
412005Beyond mysticism?Davidson, Iain 1-May-2009
422005Archaeology in Another Country: Exchange and Symbols in North West Central QueenslandDavidson, I ; Cook, NDJ; Fischer, M; Ridges, M; Ross, J ; Sutton, SA29-Jul-2008
432005The Painting and the Tree: Symbolism in the Upper Palaeolithic. A Tribute to a Great Basque ScholarDavidson, I 30-Jul-2008
442005Stone tools and the uniqueness of human cultureDavidson, I ; McGrew, WC27-Jun-2008
452004Rock Art, Ritual and Relationships: An archaeological analysis of rock art from the central Australian arid zoneRoss, June ; Davidson, Iain ; Rosenfeld, Andree; Morwood, Michael; Beck, Wendy 2-Feb-2016
462004Market ForcesDavidson, Iain ; Tarrago, I; Sullivan, T30-Apr-2009
472004Comment on de Beaune 'The invention of technology'Davidson, Iain 4-Jun-2009
482004Understanding culture across speciesByrne, R; Barnard, PJ; Davidson, Iain ; Janik, VM; McGrew, WC; Miklosi, A; Wiessner, P3-Jun-2009
492004Comment on de la Torre 'Omo revisited'Davidson, Iain 4-Jun-2009
502003'Part and parcel': blade industries and modern human behaviourDavidson, Iain 4-May-2009

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