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12012Contrastive lexical-conceptual analysis of folk religious concepts in English, Arabic, and Hebrew: NSM approachHabib, Sandy; Goddard, Cliff ; Gladkova, Anna 3-Aug-2012
22011Referring Expressions and Referential Practice in Roper Kriol (Northern Territory, Australia)Nicholls, Sophie; Baker, Brett ; Goddard, Cliff ; Siegel, Jeff 14-Dec-2011
32011The Lexical Semantics of Social Categories: Demonyms and Occupation Words in EnglishRoberts, Michael; Goddard, Cliff ; Reid, Nicholas J; Gladkova, Anna 13-Jan-2012
42011The Danish Universe of Meaning: Semantics, Cognition and Cultural ValuesLevisen, Carsten Almann; Goddard, Cliff ; Gladkova, Anna 17-Sep-2012
52011The lexical semantics of 'language' (with special reference to 'words')Goddard, Cliff 3-Jun-2011
62011Semantic Analysis: A Practical IntroductionGoddard, Cliff 8-Jun-2012
72011Semantics and CognitionGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna9-Jun-2011
82010Cultural Scripts: Applications to Language Teaching and Intercultural CommunicationGoddard, Cliff 6-Jul-2011
92010'Want' is a lexical and conceptual universal: Reply to KhaninaGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna29-Sep-2010
102010Semantic molecules and semantic complexity (with special reference to "environmental" molecules)Goddard, Cliff 16-May-2011
112010Universals and Variation in the Lexicon of Mental State ConceptsGoddard, Cliff 13-Oct-2010
122010A Piece of Cheese, a Grain of Sand: The Semantics of Mass Nouns and UnitizersGoddard, Cliff 13-Oct-2010
132010Semantic AnalysisGoddard, Cliff ; Schalley, Andrea 25-May-2011
142010The Natural Semantic Metalanguage ApproachGoddard, Cliff 25-May-2011
152009"Sledui putem risovogo polia": semantika poslovits v angliiskom I malaiskom iazykahGoddard, Cliff 2-Aug-2011
162009'Not taking yourself too seriously' in Australian English: Semantic explications, cultural scripts, corpus evidenceGoddard, Cliff 21-Dec-2009
172009Contrastive semantics of physical activity verbs: 'Cutting' and 'chopping' in English, Polish, and JapaneseGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna2-Feb-2010
182009The 'Communication Concept' and the 'Language Concept' in Everyday EnglishGoddard, Cliff 8-Feb-2010
192009"Like a Crab Teaching Its Young to Walk Straight": Proverbiality, Semantics and Indexicality in English and MalayGoddard, Cliff 2-Jun-2011
202009The conceptual semantics of numbers and counting: An NSM analysisGoddard, Cliff 3-Jun-2011
212009CultureGoddard, Cliff 21-Jun-2011
222008Literal, figurative, abstract: a semantic investigation into literal meanings and metaphorical uses of English game and playAlexander, Dennis Colin; Goddard, Cliff ; Fraser, Helen B; Reid, Nicholas J3-Aug-2012
232008Universal human concepts as a basis for contrastive linguistic semanticsGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna12-May-2010
242008Cross-Linguistic SemanticsGoddard, Cliff 11-Aug-2009
252008Contrastive semantics and cultural psychology: English 'heart' vs. Malay 'hati'Goddard, Cliff 13-Aug-2009
262008Natural Semantic Metalanguage: The state of the artGoddard, Cliff 19-Aug-2009
272008New semantic primes and new syntactic frames: "Specificational BE" and "abstract THIS/IT"Goddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna19-Aug-2009
282008Re-thinking THINK in contrastive perspective: Swedish vs. EnglishGoddard, Cliff ; Karlsson, Susanna19-Aug-2009
292008Towards a systematic table of semantic elementsGoddard, Cliff 19-Aug-2009
302007Key Words in the Discourse of Discrimination: A Semantic AnalysisStollznow, Karenina Louisa; Goddard, Cliff ; Woodman, Karen; Ellis, Elizabeth 1-Sep-2010
312007NSM analyses of the semantics of physical qualities: 'sweet', 'hot', 'hard', 'heavy', 'rough', 'sharp' in cross-linguistic perspectiveGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna21-May-2009
322007Semantic primes and cultural scripts in language learning and intercultural communicationGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna17-Aug-2009
332007A "lexicographic portrait" of 'forgetting'Goddard, Cliff 19-Aug-2009
342007Semantic primes and conceptual ontologyGoddard, Cliff 19-Aug-2009
352007A culture-neutral metalanguage for mental state conceptsGoddard, Cliff 8-Sep-2009
362007Semantic MoleculesGoddard, Cliff 10-Sep-2009
372006Verbal explication and the place of NSM semantics in cognitive linguisticsGoddard, Cliff 13-Aug-2009
382006The Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) approach: An overview with reference to the most important Romance languagesGoddard, Cliff ; Peeters, Bert16-Aug-2009
392006Natural Semantic MetalanguageGoddard, Cliff 18-Aug-2009
402006Pitjantjatjara/YankunytjatjaraGoddard, Cliff 18-Aug-2009
412006"Lift your game, Martina!" - deadpan jocular irony and the ethnopragmatics of Australian EnglishGoddard, Cliff 18-Aug-2009
422006Ethnopragmatics: Understanding Discourse in Cultural ContextGoddard, Cliff 3-Sep-2009
432006Ethnopragmatics: a new paradigmGoddard, Cliff 26-Aug-2009
442005Aspects of Bunuba grammar and semanticsKnight, Emily Jane; Reid, Nicholas J; Goddard, Cliff ; Siegel, Jeff 23-Feb-2016
452005The lexical semantics of 'culture'Goddard, Cliff 1-May-2009
462005The Languages of East and Southeast Asia: An IntroductionGoddard, Cliff 7-Aug-2008
472004Natural Semantic Metalanguage: Latest PerspectivesGoddard, Cliff 25-May-2009
482004The Ethnopragmatics and Semantics of 'active metaphors'Goddard, Cliff 31-Jul-2008
492004Cultural scripts: What are they and what are they good for?Goddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna13-Aug-2009
502004Semantic Primes within and across LanguagesGoddard, Cliff 25-Feb-2010

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