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12017Exploring How Australia's National Curriculum Supports the Aspirations of Aboriginal PeopleParkinson, Chloe Elizabeth; Takayama, Keita ; Boughton, Robert ; Jones, Tiffany 11-Jan-2018
22017A study into the influence of head-teacher leadership on pedagogical practices within TAFE teaching units: A Multiple Case StudyNair, Geethani Pradeepa Antonette; Kigotho, Mutuota ; Heimans, Stephen ; Boughton, Robert 31-Jan-2018
32017Timor-Leste: Adult Literacy, Popular Education and Post-conflict PeacebuildingBoughton, Robert G 28-Jun-2018
42016Enhancing Training Advantage for Remote LearnersGuenther, John; Marshall, Mel; Dwyer, Anna; Woolorton, Sandra; Boughton, Robert G ; Stephens, Anne; Williamson, Frances ; Skewes, Janet; Bat, Melodie20-Jan-2017
52016Community-Based Adult Learning Research in Australia and Canada: A Review EssayBoughton, Robert G 20-Jan-2017
62016Radical International Adult Education: A Pedagogy of SolidarityBoughton, Robert G 19-Jan-2017
72016We've been spying on you for decades: ASIO and the early Australian solidarity movementBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah; Benedito da Silva, Antero6-Feb-2017
82016Popular Education and Mass Literacy Campaigns: Beyond 'New Literacy Studies'Boughton, Robert G 19-Feb-2017
92015Inhabiting Transience: Stories of learning through chronic illness, the body, place and creativityStorer, Julie; Boughton, Robert ; Reader, Paul ; Avery, Alan2-Apr-2015
102014Cuba's Yes I Can in Australia. Three Years OnBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah12-Dec-2014
112014Cuba's "Yes I Can" mass adult literacy campaign model in Timor-Leste and Aboriginal Australia: A comparative studyBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah12-Dec-2014
122014Cuba's 'Yo, Si Puedo'. A Global Literacy Movement?Boughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah12-Dec-2014
132014Special Issue: Adult Literacy and Adult EducationBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah19-Dec-2014
142014Editorial. Adult and Popular EducationBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah19-Dec-2014
152014How farmers are learning to change to more sustainable farming methods in response to recent climatic and government policy pressuresMiller-Brown, Helen; Boughton, Robert ; Reader, Paul 8-Apr-2015
162014Continuing Professional Education in Australia: A Tale of Missed OpportunitiesBrennan, Barrie; Boughton, Robert ; Reader, Paul 2-Apr-2015
172013What Can the Cuban School of Adult Literacy Offer in Aboriginal Australia? A Pilot Study in a Remote Aboriginal CommunityBoughton, Robert G 21-Oct-2013
182013Adult literacy campaigns, political participation and nation building in Timor-LesteBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah21-Oct-2013
192013Using Popular Education in Development Work: Some Experiences from Aboriginal AustraliaDurnan, Deborah; Beetson, Jack ; Boughton, Robert G 4-Feb-2014
202013Mass literacy campaigns: a pedagogy of hope?Boughton, Robert G 7-Apr-2014
21201315th Comparative Education World Congress 2013: New times, new voicesBoughton, Robert G 7-Apr-2014
222013Timor-Leste: Education, Decolonization and DevelopmentBoughton, Robert G 22-Apr-2013
232013An Aboriginal Adult Literacy Campaign Pilot Study in Australia using 'Yes I Can'Boughton, Robert G ; Ah Chee, Donna; Beetson, Jack ; Durnan, Deborah; LeBlanch, Jose Chala10-Jul-2013
242013An Aboriginal Adult Literacy Campaign in Australia using Yes I CanBeetson, Jack ; Ah Chee, Donna; Boughton, Robert G ; LeBlanch, Jose Chala11-Jul-2013
252013Popular education and the 'party line'Boughton, Robert G 16-Jul-2013
262012An evaluation of mental health education and training for junior police in New South Wales, AustraliaWoolston, Rosemary; Stafford, Christine; Hussain, Rafat ; Avery, Alan; Boughton, Robert ; Phan, Huy 2-Aug-2012
272012Cuba's Contribution to Adult Literacy, Popular Education, and Peace Building in Timor-LesteBoughton, Robert G 1-Feb-2013
282012Resilience, solidarity and adult literacyBoughton, Robert G 21-Feb-2013
292012Adult literacy, political participation and democracyBoughton, Robert G 25-Feb-2013
302012Adult and Popular Education in Timor LesteBoughton, Robert G 25-Feb-2013
312012Peskiza foun kona ba Timor-Leste = New research on Timor-Leste: Proceedings of the Communicating New Research on Timor-Leste ConferenceLeach, Michael; Mendes, Nuno Canas; da Silva, Antero Benedito; Boughton, Robert G ; da Costa Ximenes, Alarico25-Feb-2013
322011Moral Courage, Resistance and Trauma Response in a Prolonged Conflict: An Example of AcehCook-Tonkin, Louise; Spence, Rebecca ; Boughton, Robert 3-Aug-2012
332011Exploring Timorese Perspectives of the Australian/Timorese Friendship AgreementsNinnes, Fiona Marion; Spence, Rebecca ; Boughton, Robert 14-Oct-2011
342011Timor-Leste: building a post-conflict education systemBoughton, Robert G 18-Jun-2012
352010Hatene kona ba Timor Leste =​ Compreender Timor Leste =​ Understanding Timor Leste =​ Mengerti Timor LesteLeach, Michael; Mendes, Nuno Canas; da Silva, Antero B; da Costa Ximenes, Alarico; Boughton, Robert G 28-Aug-2012
362010Communication. The first step in Apprentice Development: An investigation into communication strategies to assist automotive apprentice development in North West New South WalesWalters, Peter Douglas; Boughton, Robert ; Reader, Paul 16-Jan-2012
372010Back to the Future?: Timor-Leste, Cuba and the return of the mass literacy campaignBoughton, Robert G 5-May-2011
382010Ten Years On: Adult Education & Development in Timor-LesteBoughton, Robert G 18-Mar-2010
392009Adult literacy, popular education and peace-building in Timor-LesteBoughton, Robert G 23-Mar-2010
402009Challenging donor agendas in adult and workplace education in Timor-LesteBoughton, Robert G 9-Mar-2010
412009Popular Education for Literacy and Health Development in Indigenous AustraliaBoughton, Robert G 5-Mar-2010
422009'Los! Hau Bele': Yo! Si Puedo comes to Timor-LesteBoughton, Robert G 15-Mar-2010
432008East Timor's national literacy campaign and the struggle for a post-conflict democracyBoughton, Robert G 6-Apr-2010
442008Adult education and developmentBoughton, Robert G 10-Dec-2009
452007The political economy of adult education and developmentBoughton, Robert George ; Durnan, Deborah20-Oct-2009
462007Education as a Determinant of Indigenous HealthBell, Stephanie; Boughton, Robert George ; Bartlett, Bob15-Aug-2012
472007Researching workplace learning and classBoughton, Robert George 18-Jan-2010
482007Varieties of workplace learning: An introductionBoughton, Robert George ; Junor, Anne; Hampson, Ian18-Jan-2010
492007Indigenous Awakenings: Facing the challenges of education, culture, and healing in Aboriginal AustraliaKennedy, Dwayne Wannamarra Wyndier; Hunter, Sally ; Smith, Larry ; Boughton, Robert G 15-Sep-2010
502006Art Alone Will Move Us: Nonviolence Developments in the Australian Eco-pax Movement 1982-2003Branagan, Marty; Boughton, Robert ; Spence, Rebecca 16-Sep-2010

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