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12018Understanding the Intrinsic Role of Culture: The Most Important Element in Creative Music EducationAuh, Myung-Sook ; Walker, Robert 12-Feb-2019
22017The Role of Trust in Secondary School Music Teaching FacultiesClose, Andrew; Auh, Myung-Sook ; Paterson, David L 5-Feb-2018
32017Musical Identities in Australia and South Korea and New Identities Emerging through Social Media and Digital TechnologyAuh, Myung-Sook ; Walker, Robert24-May-2017
42015Asia ConneXions Utilizing HD Videoconferencing: Final Evaluation Report for the Australian Government's Broadband Enabled Education and Skills Services ProgramAuh, Myung-Sook 24-Jul-2017
52014Creative connections with Asia using videoconferencingAuh, Myung-Sook ; Walker, Robert 2-May-2014
62014Mentoring Teachers with a Critical Friend: Transforming Professional Development through Visual ToolsBetlem, Elisabeth Cato ; Brooks, Margaret ; Green, Nicole ; Auh, Myung-Sook 6-Nov-2015
72013Exploring Cultural Horizons: Connecting Australian Students With Asian Students Via Video-ConferencingReading, Christine E ; Auh, Myung-Sook ; Pegg, John E ; Cybula, Peter8-Jan-2014
82013Exploring Cultural Horizons: Connecting with Asia via VideoconferencingReading, Christine E ; Auh, Myung-Sook ; Pegg, John E ; Cybula, Peter22-May-2014
92011Student Welfare in Australia and KoreaAuh, Myung-Sook ; Pegg, John E ; Im, Youn Kee11-Jul-2012
102011Videoconferencing between Australian and Korean schools for Intercultural ExchangesAuh, Myung-Sook ; Reading, Christine E 2-Feb-2012
112011Student Welfare Program in Australia and KoreaAuh, Myung-Sook ; Im, Youn-kee2-Feb-2012
122010How Teacher Policy Shaped Teacher Education in Korea: A Comparison with Australia for Selected IssuesAuh, Myung-Sook ; Pegg, John E 30-Mar-2010
132010Determination and PersistenceAuh, Myung-Sook 2-Aug-2010
142009Improving Professional Learning in Rural Areas: Implications for Teacher Education Practice from Australia and KoreaAuh, Myung-Sook ; Pegg, John 24-Mar-2010
152008Building Confidence in Teaching Primary MusicAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
162007Developing a Model for Primary Music Pedagogy Course to Build Student Teachers' Confidence in Teaching MusicAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
172007Perceptions of Primary School Teaching by First Year Education StudentsAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
182006Relationships Between Student Teachers' Confidence and Competence in Teaching Secondary MusicAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
192006Changes of Student Teachers' Confidence in Teaching Secondary MusicAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
202005Creativity and Gongryuk in Pansori PerformancesAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
212005Make a difference in a public high school? A personal experience in music classesAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
222004Changes in Perceptions of Confidence in Teaching Music by Pre-service StudentsAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
232004Changes in Perceptions of Confidence in Teaching Music by Preservice StudentsAuh, M 6-May-2008
242003Pre-service Students' Self-perceptions of Confidence in Teaching Music and Liking Music in Relation to Formal and Informal Musical ExperiencesAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
252003Pre-Service Teachers' Rationale for Why Peers' Music Teaching is CreativePower, Anne; Auh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
262003Concepts of Creativity in Musical Performance of Korean Traditional Folk Music, PansoriWalker, Robert; Auh, Myung-Sook 20-Jun-2012
272003Music Education Achievement as a Predictor for Creative Music Teaching by Student TeachersAuh, M ; Walker, R2-May-2008
28Nov-2168Visual Thinking in Sounds and Creativity: Graphic Notations as Means of Stimulating Creative Thinking in MusicAuh, Myung-sook 1-Jul-2009
292002Creative visual thinking reflected in graphic notations of compositions: Sound-focus and structure-focus typesAuh, Myung-sook ; Walker, Robert19-Jun-2012
302002Factors affecting pre-service teachers' ability to recognize creativity in music teachingAuh, Myung-sook ; Power, Anne19-Jun-2012
312002Predicting creativity in the music teaching of student teachersAuh, Myung-sook ; Walker, Rovert19-Jun-2012
322002Reasons for liking music: Differences by country and gender among Australian, Korean, and American University studentsAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
332002The Influence of Confucianism on Korean Traditional Music: The Style of Confucian Ritual Music of the Yi Dynasty of Chosun in Korea, Moonmyo JereakWalker, Robert; Auh, Myung-Sook 20-Jun-2012
342001Creative aspects of musical compositions and invented stories by 3-5 year old children: originality, structure, and expressivenessAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
352001The Role of Graphic Notations in Musical Compositions by Australian Secondary Students: Enhancing OriginalityAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
362001Perceptions of Creative Music Teaching by Pre-service TeachersPower, Anne; Auh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
372001Assessing Creativity in Composing Music: Product-Process-Person-Environment ApproachesAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
382001Effects of Using Graphic Notations on Creativity in Composing Music by Australian Secondary School StudentsAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
392001KoreaAuh, M ; Walker, R29-Sep-2008
402001A Cross-Cultural Investigation of the Musical Tastes of Korean, American, and Australian University Students Focusing on Informal and Formal Musical ExperiencesAuh, M ; Walker, R; Jong, J; Kim, S2-May-2008
412000A Pilot Study of Comparing Creativity in Composing and Story-telling by Children Aged 3 to 5Auh, Myung-sook ; Johnston, Rosemary19-Jun-2012
422000Analogies of Creativity and Curriculum Standards for Integrating Arts for Creative Arts EducationAuh, Myung-sook 27-Jan-2010
432000A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Musical Tastes of Korean, American, and Australian University Students Focusing on Informal and Formal Musical ExperiencesAuh, Myung-Sook ; Walker, Robert; Jung, Jin-hee; Kim, Sook-won18-Jun-2012
441999Matching 'The Carnival of the Animals' to Drawings with Children 6-9 years Old in England, Japan, Korea, Spain and the United StatesMoore, Randall; Cutler, Joan E; Mito, Hiromichi; Auh, Myung-Sook ; Brotons, Melissa11-Jul-2012
451999Compositional Strategies and Musical Creativity When Composing With Staff Notations Versus Graphic Notations Among Korean StudentsAuh, Myung-Sook ; Walker, Robert18-Jun-2012
461999Enactive and Reflective Thinking During the Compositional Process by Seventh-Grade Korean StudentsAuh, Myung-Sook 19-Jun-2012
471999Identifying creativity in compositions through a musical analysis: Musically creative vs. musically correctAuh, Myung-Sook 18-Jun-2012
481998Characteristics of Musically Creative Students of Upper Elementary Grades in Musical and Nonmusical AspectsAuh, Myung-Sook 11-Jul-2012
491998How Can We Recognise Musical Creativity?Auh, Myung-Sook 11-Jul-2012
501998The Collection of Great Western Classical MusicAuh, Myung-Sook 19-Jun-2012

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