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12013Exploring authentic learning activities for enhanced learning outcomes: Adult learners and their perceptions of learning in a virtual worldGregory, Susanne ; Reading, Christine ; Tynan, Belinda ; Smith, Howard; Geake, John 18-Nov-2013
22012The lived experience of distance students: Individuality, mobility, connectedness, quality and resourcefulnessAndrews, Patricia Marguerite; Tynan, Belinda ; Wise, Nathan 3-Aug-2012
32011OERs: new media on the learning landscapeBossu, Carina ; Tynan, Belinda 18-Oct-2011
42010Virtual tutor support using SMARTHINKING: Preliminary findingsMcDonell, Jennifer ; Parkes, Mitchell ; Tynan, Belinda 19-Mar-2012
52010Managing Projects for Change: Contextualised Project ManagementTynan, Belinda ; Adlington, Rachael ; Stewart, Cherry ; Vale, Deborah; Sims, Rod; Shanahan, Peter20-May-2010
620103D immersive virtual worlds in higher education: An Australian and New Zealand scoping studyDalgarno, Barney; Lee, Mark JW; Carlson, Lauren; Gregory, Susanne ; Tynan, Belinda 14-Apr-2011
72010New Communications Options: A Renaissance in Videoconference UseCaladine, Richard; Andrews, Patricia Marguerite; Tynan, Belinda ; Smyth, Robyn ; Vale, Deborah13-May-2011
82010Web 2.0 and Professional Development of Academic StaffTynan, Belinda ; Barnes, Cameron8-Jun-2011
92009Distance Education Hub (DEHub)Tynan, Belinda 12-Apr-2010
102009Alternative Realities: Immersive Learning for and with StudentsGregory, Susanne ; Reiners, Torsten; Tynan, Belinda 28-Nov-2011
112009Tales of adventure and change: academic staff members' future visions of higher education and their professional development needsTynan, Belinda ; Lee, Mark 19-Nov-2009
122009Bringing new learning to old culturesTynan, Belinda 16-Apr-2010
132009Introducing Jass Easterman: My 'Second Life' learning spaceGregory, Susanne ; Tynan, Belinda 17-Mar-2010
142008Polar bears, black gold, and light bulbs: Creating stable futures for tertiary education through instructor training and support in the use of ICTsTynan, Belinda ; Lee, Mark J W; Barnes, Cameron13-Apr-2010
152008Rich media technologies and uncertain futures: Developing sustainable, scalable modelsAndrews, Trish; Smyth, Robyn ; Tynan, Belinda ; Vale, Deborah; Caladine, Richard19-Apr-2010
162008Authentic Learning Experiences: Complementary Organizational Strategy for Academic Professional DevelopmentTynan, Belinda 19-Apr-2010
172008Participatory action research for professional development: Changing our approach to distance learningTynan, Belinda ; Stewart, Cherry ; Adlington, Rachael ; Littledyke, Michael ; Swinsburg, Steve23-Feb-2010
182007Individual Perseverance: A theory of home tutors' management of schooling in isolated settingsTynan, Belinda ; O'Neill, Marnie7-Dec-2009
192007The adventures of Miranda in the brave new world: learning in a Web 2.0 millenniumBarnes, Cameron; Tynan, Belinda 2-Feb-2010
202007Negotiating the university research culture: collaborative voices of new academicsTynan, Belinda ; Garbett, Dawn17-Nov-2009
212006Podcasting, Student Learning and ExpectationsTynan, B ; Colbran, S25-Sep-2008
222006Can Organisational Vision Be Aligned to Management Processes for Engaging with E-learning?: A case study for a recasting dialogue as central to infrastructure developmentTynan, B 12-Nov-2008
232006Would we, could we, did we collaborate?: Mutuality and respectTynan, B 12-Nov-2008
242006Australian Law Postgraduate Network (ALPN)Colbran, S; Tynan, B 1-May-2008
252005How do we go beyond the affordances of what we already do on campus?: A case of supporting staff in developing a constructivist learning environmentTynan, Belinda 23-Feb-2010
262004Telling stories of our collaborative practiceGarbett, Dawn; Tynan, Belinda 10-Dec-2009
272004Preliminary findings: Early childhood student teachers' perception of their confidence and competenceGarbett, Dawn; Tynan, Belinda 11-Nov-2009
282004Walking to Different Beats: Good Practice and Innovation in Higher EducationYourn, Belinda ; Little, Shona6-Oct-2010
292004Bridging Practices: A Case Study in Pre-service Early Childhood Teacher EducationTynan, Belinda ; Garbett, Dawn24-May-2010
302002The place of music education in post-compulsory education in Western Australia: A legitimate contribution or an interest subject?Tynan, Belinda ; Newton, Michael10-Feb-2010
312002Student teacher knowledge: Knowing and understanding subject matter in the New Zealand contextGarbett, Dawn; Tynan, Belinda 19-Nov-2009

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