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12018An Exploratory Analysis of Earnings Management Practices in Australia and New ZealandSun, Lan ; Farooque, Omar 24-May-2018
22018Political and Interlocking Connections in the Boardroom on Private Equity PlacementsFonseka, M M; Farooque, Omar ; Rajapakse, R L Theja N; Tian, Gao-Liang22-Jun-2018
32018Insider-trading, discretionary accruals and information asymmetryChowdhury, Abu; Mollah, Sabur; Farooque, Omar 19-Jun-2018
42018Do governance mechanisms deter earnings management and promote corporate social responsibility?Suyono, Eko; Farooque, Omar Al 14-Jan-2019
52017Women in the boardroom and their impact on climate change related disclosureHossain, Mohammed; Farooque, Omar ; Momin, Mahmood; Almotairy, Obaid6-Nov-2017
62017The governance, risk-taking, and performance of Islamic banksMollah, Sabur; Hassan, M Kabir; Farooque, Omar ; Mobarek, Asma17-May-2017
72017Exploring the Impact of Internal Corporate Governance on the Relation Between Disclosure Quality and Earnings Management in the UK Listed CompaniesKatmon, Nooraisah; Farooque, Omar 17-May-2017
82017Determinants of social and economic reportings: Evidence from Australia, the UK and South African multinational enterprisesFarooque, Omar ; Ahulu, Helena22-May-2017
92016Sustainable Financial Reporting Practice in Australian Companies: Does Quality Matter?Farooque, Omar 10-Aug-2016
102016Alternate Equity Indexation for Technology Stocks: An Application to the Nasdaq IndexAgarwal, Nipun; Farooque, Omar 10-Aug-2016
112016Toward a model of traditional retailers and sellers empowerment in improving competitiveness against modern markets in banyumas region, IndonesiaSuyono, Eko; Farooque, Omar ; Riswan, Riswan24-Nov-2017
122016How to Outperform Emerging Market Indexes Using Passive IndexationAgarwal, Nipun; Farooque, Omar 4-Oct-2016
132015Alternate Equity Indexation MethodAgarwal, Nipun; Farooque, Omar 10-Aug-2016
142015Environmental Reporting in the UK, Australia, and South African Multinational CompaniesFarooque, Omar ; Ahulu, Helena K30-Jul-2015
152015Corporate Governance, Firm Performance and Dividend Policy: Evidence from Jordanian and Australian Listed FirmsHamid, Ali Mohamed A; Farooque, Omar ; Yarram, Reddy8-Jan-2016
162014Earnings Management, Cost of Equity Capital and Corporate Governance: An Empirical Analysis of Thai Listed CompaniesSukeecheep Moss, Supawadee; Yarram, Subba ; Farooque, Omar 12-Dec-2014
172014Link Between Market Return, Governance and Earnings Management: An Emerging Market PerspectiveFarooque, Omar ; Suyono, Eko; Rosita, Uke30-Apr-2014
182014Exploring Environmental Disclosure in Selected Australian Multinationals under the GRI GuidelinesFarooque, Omar ; Kotey, Bernice A ; Ahulu, Helena K30-Apr-2015
192014On The Relation between Internal Corporate Governance And Bank Risk-taking: Evidence from Gulf Cooperative Council CountriesArouri, Houda; Muttakin, Mohammad Badrul; Hossain, Mohammed; Farooque, Omar 12-May-2014
202014Are Social Issues Relegated to the Backburner?: An Analysis of CSR Reports of Australian MNESAhulu, Helena K; Farooque, Omar ; Kotey, Bernice A 8-Aug-2014
212013Sustainability Reporting, Accountability and Stakeholder Perspectives: An empirical analysis of Multinational Organizations in Australia, United Kingdom and South AfricaAhulu, Helena Koteikor; Yarram, Subba ; Cooksey, Ray; Farooque, Omar ; Gibson, Brian 30-Sep-2013
222013Evidence on Two-Way Relationships Between Foreign Direct Investment Inflows and Country-Level Individual Governance IndicatorsFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba Reddy 8-Aug-2014
232012Influence of a mandatory IFRS adoption on accounting practice: Evidence from Australia, Hong Kong and the United KingdomBayerlein, Leopold ; Farooque, Omar 12-Jul-2012
242012Ownership, Governance and Agency Costs in New Zealand Listed CompaniesFarooque, Omar 22-Aug-2012
252012Disclosure Quality, Corporate Governance and Earnings ManagementKatmon, Nooraisah; Farooque, Omar 22-Aug-2012
262012Ownership structure, corporate governance and firm performance: Evidence from an African emerging marketMollah, Sabur; Farooque, Omar ; Karim, Wares16-Oct-2012
272012Industry Evidence on Earnings Management - A Comparative Analysis of Accounting ModelsSun, Lan ; Farooque, Omar 4-Sep-2012
282012Financial distress, restructuring and turnaround: evidence from Thai SMEsTerdpaopong, Kanitsorn; Farooque, Omar 21-Jan-2013
292012Stakeholders Inclusiveness and Corporate Legitimacy: A Comparative Study of Social and Economic Reporting of Multinational Companies in Australia, South Africa and United KingdomAhulu, Helena K; Yarram, Subba Reddy ; Farooque, Omar 10-Apr-2013
302012Making Succession a Success - Preliminary Results from Thai SMEsTerdpaopong, Kanitsorn; Farooque, Omar 13-May-2013
312011Corporate Governance and Accounting Practice: Culture vs. Law Dominance of LiteratureFarooque, Omar 1-Sep-2011
322011Shaping Corporate Governance System: An Analysis of the impact of Law and Culture in Selected StudiesFarooque, Omar 3-Feb-2012
332010Advances in Environmental Reporting among Australian MNEs using GRI GuidelinesAhulu, Helena Koteikor; Kotey, Bernice A ; Farooque, Omar 7-Jul-2011
342010Ownership Structure, Board Characteristics and Financial Performance: Evidence from the Botswana Stock MarketMollah, Sabur; Farooque, Omar ; Karim, Wares29-Jun-2011
352010Macro-level Corporate Governance and FDI: Cross-sectional International EvidenceFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba R 29-Jun-2011
362010Are Social Issues Relegated to the Backburner? An analysis of CSR Reports of Australian MNEsAhulu, Helena Koteikor; Kotey, Bernice A ; Farooque, Omar 22-Aug-2012
372010The Economics of Asset Securitization: Lessons for Commercial Banks in Emerging EconomiesFarooque, Omar 13-Jan-2012
382010Corporate governance and foreign direct investment inflows: cross-sectional international evidenceFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba Reddy 6-May-2011
392010Users' Information Requirements and Narrative Reporting: The Case of Iranian CompaniesChatterjee, Bikram; Mirshekary, Soheila; Farooque, Omar ; Safari, Maryam29-Apr-2011
402010An Examination of the Determinants of Corporate Ownership Structure in an Emerging Market ContextFarooque, Omar 16-May-2011
412010Co-deterministic relationship between ownership concentration and corporate performance: Evidence from an emerging economyFarooque, Omar ; van Zijl, Tony; Dunstan, Keitha; Karim, Akm Waresul23-May-2011
422010Corporate Governance: An Emerging Market Context - Lessons for Regulators, Policy Makers and StakeholdersFarooque, Omar 1-Jun-2011
432009Causal relation between Corporate Governance and Foreign Direct Investment: Cross-sectional International EvidenceFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba Reddy 23-Mar-2010
442009Additional Evidence on Foreign Direct Investment, International Accounting Standards and Governance InteractionsYarram, Subba Reddy ; Farooque, Omar 26-Mar-2010
452009International Evidence on Governance and Foreign Direct Investment InteractionsFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba Reddy ; Khandaker, Sarod22-Mar-2010
462009Does the IFRS Adoption in Selected Countries Coincide with a Harmonisation of Accounting for Deferred Tax and Goodwill?Bayerlein, Leopold ; Farooque, Omar 22-Mar-2010
472009Financial Reporting Harmonisation Of Selected Items: Evidence From Australia, Hong Kong And The United KingdomBayerlein, Leopold ; Farooque, Omar 13-Apr-2010
482009The Current Status of Related Party Disclosure in India: A Longitudinal AnalysisChatterjee, Bikram; Mir, Monir Zaman; Farooque, Omar 12-May-2010
492009Undirectional Non-Monotonic Relationship Between Managerial Ownership and Firm Performance: The Case of Family Firms in BangladeshFarooque, Omar 20-Nov-2009
502008Factors Influencing Corporate Ownership Structure in an Emerging Market: Some Issues on EntrepreneurshipFarooque, Omar 7-Aug-2012

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