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12017Acculturation Strategy and Racial Group in the Perception of ImmigrantsAlcott, Yvette Dominique; Watt, Susan E 1-Jun-2017
22017Ambivalent attitudes about teaching children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Anderson, Donnah L; Watt, Susan E ; Shanley, Dianne19-Dec-2017
32016Preaching to different choirs: How to motivate dismissive, uncommitted, and alarmed audiences to adapt to climate change?Hine, Don W ; Phillips, Wendy J ; Cooksey, Ray W ; Reser, Joseph P; Nunn, Patrick ; Marks, Anthony ; Loi, Natasha ; Watt, Susan E 24-Nov-2015
42015Liberation Psychology as an Agent of Change for First Nations Peoples: An Exploration of the Decolonisation of Concepts to Minimise Miscommunications and Assumptions in an Australian ContextMerritt, Frankie Shane; Watt, Susan ; Turner, Linda 30-Mar-2015
52015Preference for consistency and value dissimilarities in dehumanization and prejudice toward asylum seekers in AustraliaGreenhalgh, Elizabeth ; Watt, Susan E 23-Feb-2015
62015Values and Morals in the Dehumanisation of Asylum SeekersGreenhalgh, Elizabeth Mora; Watt, Susan ; Schutte, Nicola 30-Mar-2015
72015Mechanisms of Moral Disengagement in the Endorsement of Asylum Seeker Policies in AustraliaGreenhalgh, Elizabeth ; Watt, Susan E ; Schutte, Nicola 4-Nov-2015
82014A multi-dimensional model of the origins of attitude certainty: teachers' attitudes toward attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderAnderson, Donnah; Watt, Susan E ; Shanley, Dianne28-Oct-2014
92013Forming Strong Attitudes: Teachers' Attitudes Toward Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderAnderson, Donnah Lee; Watt, Susan ; Noble, William; Shanley, Dianne14-Oct-2013
102013Identifying climate change interpretive communities in a large Australian sampleHine, Donald W ; Reser, Joseph P; Phillips, Wendy J ; Cooksey, Ray W ; Marks, Anthony ; Nunn, Patrick ; Watt, Susan E ; Bradley, Graham L; Glendon, A Ian10-Oct-2013
112013Enhancing climate change communication: strategies for profiling and targeting Australian interpretive communitiesHine, Donald W ; Phillips, Wendy J ; Reser, Joseph P; Cooksey, Ray W ; Marks, Anthony ; Nunn, Patrick ; Watt, Susan E ; Ellul, Michelle24-May-2013
122012Immigrants' social integration as a function of approach-avoidance orientation and problem-solving styleRubin, Mark; Watt, Susan E ; Ramelli, Marcella20-Jul-2012
132012Knowledge of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attitudes toward teaching children with ADHD: The role of teaching experienceAnderson, Donnah L; Watt, Susan E ; Noble, William G ; Shanley, Dianne23-Jul-2012
142011Depression and Dual-Processing: Theoretical Analysis and Implications for TreatmentPhillips, Wendy Joy; Hine, Donald ; Thorsteinsson, Einar ; Dunstan, Debra ; Watt, Susan 12-Oct-2011
152010The interplay of social context and personal attributes in immigrants' adaptation and satisfaction with the move to AustraliaWatt, Susan E ; Ramelli, Marcella; Rubin, Mark20-Jul-2012
162010Prejudiced People Perceive More Community Support for Their Views: The Role of Own, Media, and Peer Attitudes in Perceived ConsensusWatt, Susan E ; Larkin, Chris20-Jul-2012
172009Effects of Social Belonging on Homesickness: An Application of the Belongingness HypothesisWatt, Susan E ; Badger, Alison J11-Mar-2010
182008Migrants need to belong too: Effects of social belonging on homesickness and migrant adjustmentWatt, Susan Ellen ; Badger, Alison Jane20-Jul-2012
192008Attitudes toward Out-groups and the Perception of Consensus: All Feet do 'not' Wear One ShoePedersen, Anne; Griffiths, Brian; Watt, Susan Ellen 6-Nov-2009
202008Prejudice against Australian asylum seekers and their function: Suggestions for anti-prejudice strategiesPedersen, Anne; Watt, Susan ; Griffiths, Brian16-Mar-2010
212008Implicit Measures in Applied Contexts: An Illustrative Examination of Antiracism AdvertisingMaio, Gregory R.; Haddock, Geoffrey; Watt, Susan Ellen ; Hewstone, Miles19-Oct-2009
222008Attitude Functions in Persuasion: Matching, Involvement, Self-Affirmation, and HierarchyWatt, Susan Ellen ; Maio, Gregory R; Haddock, Geoffrey; Johnson, Blair T19-Oct-2009
232007Functions of attitudes towards ethnic groups: Effects of level of abstractionWatt, Susan Ellen ; Maio, Gregory R.; Rees, Kerry; Hewstone, Miles10-Nov-2009
242007Visibility and anonymity effects on attraction and group cohesivenessLea, Martin; Spears, Russell; Watt, Susan Ellen 9-Nov-2009
252007Prejudice against asylum seekers and the fear of terrorism: The importance of contextPedersen, Anne; Watt, Susan ; Griffiths, Brian18-Jun-2010
262006The Role of False Beliefs in the Community's and the Federal Government's Attitude to Australian Asylum SeekersPedersen, A; Watt, SE ; Hansen, S29-Sep-2008
272006Attitudes Toward Indigenous Australians: The issue of "special treatment"Pedersen, A; Dudgeon, P; Watt, SE ; Griffiths, B5-May-2008
282002How Social is Internet Communication?: A Reappraisal of Bandwidth and Anonymity EffectsWatt, SE ; Lea, M; Spears, R10-Jun-2008
292001Why People Donate To Charity: A Social Psychological PerspectiveWatt, Susan Ellen ; Maio, Gregory R18-Jan-2010
302001A Side View of Social InfluenceSpears, R; Postmes, T; Lea, M; Watt, SE 18-Sep-2008

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