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12018The challenge of isolation in immigrant family language maintenance in regional AustraliaEllis, Elizabeth M ; Sims, Margaret ; Knox, Vicki 12-Feb-2019
22017Parental Plurilingual Capital in a Monolingual Context: Investigating Strengths to Support Young Children in Early Childhood SettingsSims, Margaret ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Knox, Vicki 8-Jan-2018
32016"I May Be a Native Speaker but I'm Not Monolingual": Reimagining All Teachers' Linguistic Identities in TESOLEllis, Elizabeth M 26-Sep-2016
42016The Plurilingual TESOL Teacher: The Hidden Languaged Lives of TESOL Teachers and Why They MatterEllis, Elizabeth 24-Mar-2017
52015Challenges within the ecology of multilingual interactions in Aboriginal cultural tourism in Central AustraliaEllis, Elizabeth M 29-Jan-2016
62015Markers of success: A study of twins' instructed second language acquisitionAnton-Mendez, Ines ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Coventry, William L ; Byrne, Brian J ; van Daal, Victor H P2-Oct-2015
72014Giving Teachers Their Voices: Indonesian EFL Teachers' Perspectives on Professional Teaching Standards in the Context of Teacher Certification Programs in IndonesiaKorompot, Chairil Anwar; Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Ellis, Elizabeth 21-Apr-2015
82014Aboriginal English and Bi-Dialectal Identity in Early Childhood EducationEllis, Elizabeth M 29-Apr-2015
92014A Comparison of Indonesian and English Research Articles Written by Indonesian Academics: Integrating Perspectives on Genre and Rhetorical DiversityRakhmawati, Ani; Ellis, Elizabeth ; Reid, Nicholas ; Chan, Eveline ; Basthomi, Yazid7-Apr-2015
102014Raising children bilingually is hard: Why bother?Sims, Margaret ; Ellis, Elizabeth M 30-Apr-2015
112014A diplomatic advantage? The effects of bilingualism and formal language training on language aptitude amongst Australian diplomatic officersPlanchon, Anita; Ellis, Elizabeth M 5-Jun-2014
122014Our Absent GrandchildrenNoone, Genevieve ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Sims, Margaret ; Cafarella, Lucas23-Dec-2015
132013The ESL Teacher as Plurilingual: An Australian PerspectiveEllis, Elizabeth M 20-Aug-2013
142013Bringing up bilingual children: choices and challengesEllis, Elizabeth M ; Bilbatua, Lidia19-May-2015
152012Language awareness and its relevance to TESOLEllis, Elizabeth M 14-Dec-2012
162012The Etiology of Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition in Australian School Students: A Behavior-Genetic StudyCoventry, William L ; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Levisen, Christina; Byrne, Brian J ; van Daal, Victor H P; Ellis, Nick C4-Sep-2012
172012The dynamics of Chinese learning journeys: a longitudinal study of adult learners of Mandarin in AustraliaTasker, Isabel ; Ellis, Elizabeth ; Smyth, Robyn 10-Oct-2012
182012The plurilingual teacher: moving beyond the native/non-native speaker debateEllis, Elizabeth M 21-Feb-2013
192011Computers + Homework = More Learning? Investigating the use of technology to enhance learning opportunities for adult Indigenous English language and literacy learners in the Northern TerritoryReedy, Alison Kay; Nicholls, Ruth ; Ellis, Elizabeth 16-Jan-2012
202011Bilingual Identity: Language and cultural shift in the experience of a Basque-Spanish immigrant to AustraliaBilbatua, Lidia; Ellis, Elizabeth M 23-Oct-2012
212011Language in public discourse in AustraliaEllis, Elizabeth M 23-Oct-2012
222010Teaching and Learning L2 Pronunciation: Understanding the Effectiveness of Socially Constructed Metalanguage and Critical Listening in Terms of a Cognitive Phonology FrameworkCouper, Graeme; Fraser, Helen ; Ellis, Elizabeth 10-May-2011
232010I can't come to class: The role of technology in enhancing learning opportunities for Aboriginal English language learnersReedy, Alison Kay; Nicholls, Ruth M; Ellis, Elizabeth M 5-Jun-2014
242010The Janus face of monolingualism: a comparison of German and Australian language education policiesEllis, Elizabeth M ; Gogolin, Ingrid; Clyne, Michael2-May-2011
252009Yolŋu Matha and English Learning at Galiwin'ku, an Indigenous Community in North-east Arnhem LandHill, Stephen; Ellis, Elizabeth ; Reid, Nicholas J11-Jan-2010
262008Defining and investigating monolingualismEllis, Elizabeth M 21-May-2009
272008Sociolinguistic Studies: December 2008Ellis, Elizabeth M 25-Oct-2011
282007Review of Harriet Luria, Deborah M. Seymour and Trudy Smoke, editors, 2006, 'Language and linguistics in context: readings and applications for teachers': Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 427 pp. $49.95 (PB). ISBN 0-8058-5500-9Ellis, Elizabeth M 10-May-2010
292007Key Words in the Discourse of Discrimination: A Semantic AnalysisStollznow, Karenina Louisa; Goddard, Cliff ; Woodman, Karen; Ellis, Elizabeth 1-Sep-2010
302007Discourses of L1 and bilingual teaching in adult ESLEllis, Elizabeth M 16-Jul-2009
312006Language Learning Experience as a Contributor to ESL Teacher CognitionEllis, Elizabeth M 8-May-2008
322006Monolingualism: The unmarked caseEllis, Elizabeth M 8-May-2008
332006Second Language Learning Experience as a Contributor to the Professional Knowledge and Beliefs of Teachers of ESOL to AdultsEllis, Elizabeth M 24-Nov-2009
342004Language Background & Professional Competencies in Teaching ESOLEllis, Elizabeth M 20-Nov-2009
352004The Invisible Multilingual Teacher: The Contribution of Language BackgroundEllis, Elizabeth M 6-May-2008
362003Bilingual Students - Monolingual TeacherEllis, Elizabeth M 8-Sep-2009
372002Teaching From Experience: a new perspective on the non-native teacher in adult ESLEllis, Elizabeth M 18-Jul-2008

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