A/Prof Melanie Oppenheimer

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12013The future for Meals on Wheels? Reviewing innovative approaches to meal provision for ageing populationsWinterton, Rachel; Warburton, Jeni; Oppenheimer, Melanie 28-Mar-2013
22012Shadows of the Great War: Group Soldier Settlement in Greater Sydney, 1917-1939Allison, Glenys Maree; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wise, Nathan 18-Apr-2012
32011Kizmet: the Fate of the Australian Gallipoli POWsLawless, Jennifer; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wise, Nathan 5-Aug-2011
42011Lady Helen Munro Ferguson and the Australian Red Cross: Vice-regal Leader and Internationalist in the early Twentieth CenturyOppenheimer, Melanie 7-Nov-2012
52011Forgotten Women of the Forgotten War: Australian Nurses in the Korean War, 1950-1956Fleming, Rebecca; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wilton, Janis ; Knox, Sara17-Sep-2012
62011Beveridge and voluntary action in Britain and the wider British worldOppenheimer, Melanie ; Deakin, Nicholas23-Jan-2012
72011Beveridge in the Antipodes: the 1948 tourOppenheimer, Melanie 23-Jan-2012
82011Beveridge and voluntary actionOppenheimer, Melanie ; Deakin, Nicholas23-Jan-2012
92010The 'imperial' girl: Lady Helen Munro Ferguson, the imperial woman and her imperial childhoodOppenheimer, Melanie 8-Dec-2010
102010'Not Openly Encouraged' - Nurse Soldier Settlers After World War OneWilliams, Selena; Oppenheimer, Melanie ; Wilton, Janis 23-Dec-2010
112010'Fated to a life of suffering': Graythwaite, the Australian Red Cross and returned soldiers, 1916-39Oppenheimer, Melanie 8-Jun-2011
122008Voluntary Action, Social Welfare and the Australian Assistance Plan in the 1970sOppenheimer, Melanie 5-Aug-2009
132008Australian Women and WarOppenheimer, Melanie 11-Aug-2009
142008Volunteering: Why we can't survive without itOppenheimer, Melanie 19-Aug-2009
152006Barnes, Kathleen Hope (1909-1981)Oppenheimer, Melanie 22-Aug-2011
162006Bate, Thelma Florence (1904-1984)Oppenheimer, Melanie 22-Aug-2011
172006Goward, Raymond Spencer (1891-1979)Oppenheimer, Melanie 22-Aug-2011
182006Oceans of Love: Narrelle - An Australian Nurse in World War IOppenheimer, Melanie 17-Jun-2011
192005'Hidden under many bushels': Lady Victoria Plunket and the New Zealand Society for the Health of Women and ChildrenOppenheimer, Melanie 17-Jun-2011
202005Voluntary Action and Welfare in POST-1945 Australia: Preliminary PerspectivesOppenheimer, Melanie 17-Jun-2011
212005Australians and WarOppenheimer, Melanie ; Scates, Bruce17-Jun-2011
222005The Labour Movement and Voluntary Action in the UK and Australia: a Comparative PerspectiveSmith, Justin Davis; Oppenheimer, Melanie 17-Jun-2011
232004Controlling Civilian Volunteering: Canada and Australia During the Second World WarOppenheimer, Melanie 17-Jun-2011
242002All Work No Pay: Australian Civilian Volunteers in WarOppenheimer, Melanie 23-Jan-2012

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A/Prof Melanie Oppenheimer
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Oppenheimer, Melanie
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