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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12018Dog and Cat Interactions in a Remote Aboriginal CommunityKennedy, Brooke; Brown, Wendy ; Vernes, Karl A ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Butler, James 28-May-2018
22018Using GPS Technology to Understand Spatial and Temporal Activity of Kangaroos in a Peri-Urban EnvironmentHenderson, Timothy; Vernes, Karl A ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan 22-Jun-2018
32017Torpor and basking after a severe wildfire: mammalian survival strategies in a scorched landscapeMatthews, Jaya K; Stawski, Clare ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Parker, Cassandra A; Geiser, Fritz 23-Jan-2017
42016Phenotypic plasticity of post-fire activity and thermal biology of a free-ranging small mammalStawski, Clare ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Nowack, Julia ; Geiser, Fritz 18-Jan-2017
52016Why is the marsupial kaluta, 'Dasykaluta rosamondae', diurnally active in winter: Foraging advantages or predator avoidance in arid northern Australia?Pavey, Chris R; Burwell, Chris J; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 14-Feb-2017
62016The functional requirements of mammalian hair: a compromise between crypsis and thermoregulation?Wacker, Chris; McAllan, Bronwyn M; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 14-Feb-2017
72016How to keep cool in a hot desert: Torpor in two species of free-ranging bats in summerBondarenco, Artiom; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 20-Feb-2017
82016Rabies disease dynamics in naȉve dog populations in AustraliaSparkes, Jessica; McLeod, Steven; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Brown, Wendy 18-Aug-2016
92016Activity patterns and torpor in two free-ranging carnivorous marsupials in arid Australia in relation to precipitation, reproduction, and ground coverKoertner, Gerhard ; Riek, Alexander; Pavey, Chris R; Geiser, Fritz 28-Apr-2017
102015The importance of mammalian torpor for survival in a post-fire landscapeStawski, Clare ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Nowack, Julia ; Geiser, Fritz 18-Jan-2017
112015Physiological and behavioural responses of a small heterothermic mammal to fire stimuliStawski, Clare ; Matthews, Jaya K; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 18-Jan-2017
122015Measuring subcutaneous temperature and differential rates of rewarming from hibernation and daily torpor in two species of batsCurrie, Shannon E; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 21-Apr-2017
132015Snoozing through the storm: torpor use during a natural disasterNowack, Julia ; Rojas, A Daniella; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 2-May-2017
142015Thermal biology and activity patterns of antechinus (Marsupialia) in relation to reproductionRojas, Ana Daniella; Geiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard 8-Jan-2016
152015Cardiorespiratory function and metabolism of heterothermic batsCurrie, Shannon; Geiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard 8-Jan-2016
162014Heart rate as a predictor of metabolic rate in heterothermic batsCurrie, Shannon; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 21-Nov-2014
172014Hot bats: extreme thermal tolerance in a desert heat waveBondarenco, Artiom; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 21-Nov-2014
182014Torpor in free-ranging antechinus: does it increase fitness?Rojas, A Daniella; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 25-Nov-2014
192014Canine rabies in Australia: Modelling spread through the landscapeSparkes, Jessica; Ballard, Guy-Anthony ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Fleming, Peter ; Brown, Wendy 3-Nov-2014
202014Effects of Sex and Reproductive State on Interactions between Free-Roaming Domestic DogsSparkes, Jessica; Koertner, Gerhard ; Ballard, Guy-Anthony ; Fleming, Peter ; Brown, Wendy 15-Jan-2015
212014Torpor and thermal energetics in Australian arid zone batsBondarenco, Artiom; Geiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard 24-Apr-2015
222013Some like it cold: summer torpor by freetail bats in the Australian arid zoneBondarenco, Artiom; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 26-Mar-2014
232012Cool running: locomotor performance at low body temperature in mammalsRojas, Ana Daniella; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 22-Jan-2013
242012Opportunistic hibernation by a free-ranging marsupialTurner, James M; Warnecke, Lisa; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 5-Feb-2013
252012Summer and winter torpor use by a free-ranging marsupialTurner, James M; Koertner, Gerhard ; Warnecke, Lisa; Geiser, Fritz 21-Feb-2013
262012Short-term movement patterns and diet of small dasyurid marsupials in semiarid AustraliaWarnecke, Lisa; Koertner, Gerhard ; Burwell, Chris J; Turner, James M; Geiser, Fritz 21-Feb-2013
272011Activity and torpor in two sympatric Australian desert marsupialsKoertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 7-Feb-2012
282010Hibernation and daily torpor in Australian mammalsGeiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard 3-May-2011
292010Do implanted transmitters affect maximum running speed of two small marsupials?Rojas, Ana Daniella; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 23-May-2011
302010Thermobiology, energetics and activity patterns of the Eastern tube-nosed bat ('Nyctimene robinsoni') in the Australian tropics: effect of temperature and lunar cycleRiek, Alexander; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 23-May-2011
312010Thermal biology, torpor use and activity patterns of a small diurnal marsupial from a tropical desert: sexual differencesKoertner, Gerhard ; Rojas, Ana Daniella; Geiser, Fritz 23-May-2011
322009Aerial baiting with 1080 to control wild dogs does not affect the populations of two common small mammal speciesFenner, Sally; Koertner, Gerhard ; Vernes, Karl A 1-Feb-2010
332009Vertebrate diet decreases winter torpor use in a desert marsupialPavey, Chris R; Burwell, Chris J; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 9-Mar-2010
342009The key to winter survival: daily torpor in a small arid-zone marsupialKoertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 9-Mar-2010
352008Ectoparasites and Skin Lesions in Wild-Caught Spotted-Tailed Quoll ('Dasyurus maculatus') (Marsupialia: Dasyuridae)Vilcins, Inger-Marie; Old, Julie M; Koertner, Gerhard ; Dean, Elizabeth M6-Nov-2009
362008Body temperature and activity patterns of free-living laughing Kookaburras: The largest kingfisher is heterothermicCooper, Christine Eliza; Koertner, Gerhard ; Brigham, R Mark; Geiser, Fritz 27-Nov-2009
372008Timing of the daily temperature cycle affects the critical arousal temperature and energy expenditure of lesser long-eared batsTurbill, Christopher; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 25-Nov-2009
382008Ecological physiology of a small arid zone marsupial in relation to its thermal environmentKoertner, Gerhard ; Pavey, Christoph R; Geiser, Fritz 23-Jan-2012
392008Torpor in marsupials: recent advancesGeiser, Fritz ; Christian, Nereda Geraldine ; Cooper, Christine E; Koertner, Gerhard ; McAllan, Bronwyn M; Pavey, Christoph R; Turner, James M; Warnecke, Lisa; Willis, Craig; Brigham, R Mark23-Jan-2012
402008Thermal Biology, Torpor, and Activity in Free-Living Mulgaras in Arid Zone Australia during the Winter Reproductive SeasonKoertner, Gerhard ; Pavey, Christoph Robert; Geiser, Fritz 7-Dec-2009
4120071080 aerial baiting for the control of wild dogs and its impact on spotted-tail quoll ('Dasyurus maculatus') populations in eastern AustraliaKoertner, Gerhard 29-Oct-2009
422007Thermoregulation under semi-natural conditions in speckled mousebirds: the role of communal roostingMcKechnie, Andrew E; Koertner, Gerhard ; Lovegrove, Barry G10-Nov-2009
432007Thermal biology, torpor and behaviour in sugar gliders: a laboratory-field comparisonGeiser, Fritz ; Holloway, Joanne C.; Koertner, Gerhard 17-Nov-2009
442007Spatial ecology of the mulgara in arid Australia: impact of fire history on home range size and burrow useKoertner, Gerhard ; Pavey, C R; Geiser, Fritz 3-Dec-2009
452007Ecology, energetics and thermal biology of sugar glidersChristian, Nereda Geraldine; Geiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard 2-Sep-2010
462006Evidence For An Extended Reproductive Season In The Spotted-Tailed Quoll 'Dasyurus Maculatus'Koertner, Gerhard 21-Dec-2009
472006Torpor in Australian birdsGeiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Maddocks, Tracy; Brigham, R Mark23-Nov-2009
482005The immediate impact of 1080 aerial baiting to control wild dogs on a spotted-tailed quoll populationKoertner, G ; Watson, P5-May-2008
492005Daily torpor in relation to photoperiod in a subtropical blossom-bat, 'Syconycteris australis' (Megachiroptera)Geiser, Fritz ; Law, Bradley S; Koertner, Gerhard 10-Dec-2009
502004Rest-Phase Thermoregulation In Free-Ranging White-Backed MousebirdsMcKechnie, Andrew E; Koertner, Gerhard ; Lovegrove, Barry G9-Dec-2009

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