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12017Robyn Nevin, Patrick White and the Art of the Modern in Australian TheatrePender, Anne 29-May-2018
22016IntroductionPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
32016Max's Method: Max CullenPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
42016'Mags': The Magic and Mesmerising Maggie DencePender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
52016The Boy's Sheer Poetry: Alan HopgoodPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
62016Tony Sheldon: Child of the Theatre, Broadway StarPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
72016Henri Szeps: 'It's My Party' - Acting for LifePender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
82016'Strong Actor': Nick TatePender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
92016'I'm Very Stella': Jacki WeaverPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
102016Denise Scott: An Extraordinary WomanPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
112016Wendy Blacklock and the Transformation of Australian TheatrePender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
122016I am a Camera: Julia BlakePender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
132016Mr John Clarke: New Zealand BoyPender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
142016The Barry Creyton ShowPender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
152016Strindberg for Breakfast: Elspeth BallantynePender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
162016The Art of the Theatre: Helmut BakaitisPender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
172016Theatre Animals: Sumner Locke Elliott's Invisible CircusPender, Anne 1-Sep-2016
182016Players: Australian Actors of Stage, Television and FilmPender, Anne 6-Nov-2017
192016Learning to Act: Tony Sheldon's Emotional Training in Australian TheatrePender, Anne 7-Nov-2016
202015Worlds Within: Hayes Gordon, Zika Nester, Henri Szeps and the Transformations of Australian TheatrePender, Anne 11-Feb-2016
212015Actors and Heroes: My Brother Jack and World War 1 on TelevisionPender, Anne 15-Jun-2015
222015Portraits of Actors: Elspeth Ballantyne, Julia Blake and the Challenges of BiographyPender, Anne 31-Aug-2015
232015IntroductionPender, Anne 10-Nov-2015
242014Working Dog's Utopia is a welcome satirical treatPender, Anne 19-Dec-2014
252014Voice and the Transformations of June SalterPender, Anne 11-Feb-2015
262014The One Day of the YearPender, Anne 9-Feb-2015
272014The Death of Satire: Rewriting The 10 Commandments On The ABCPender, Anne 19-Dec-2014
282014Actors in Your Living Room: Australian Television 1956-1976Pender, Anne 6-Nov-2015
292013'Eat, Pray, Laugh!': Barry Humphries, Reg Livermore And Cross-Dressed Australian BurlesquePender, Anne 10-Feb-2014
302013From a Distant Shore: Australian Writers in Britain 1820-2012Bennett, Bruce; Pender, Anne 27-Feb-2013
312012Satire, Mischief and Joy: Anne Pender Launches Michael Sharkey's 'Another Fine Morning in Paradise'Pender, Anne 18-Feb-2013
322012Kerry Walker, Patrick White and the Faces of Australian ModernismPender, Anne 18-Feb-2013
332010"Poor Old Pinko Conservative, Half-arsed political puritan, Crypto-fascist": Barry Humphries and the Politics of SatirePender, Anne 11-Feb-2015
342010One Man Show: The Stages of Barry HumphriesPender, Anne 30-Nov-2010
352009'The rude rudiments of satire': Barry Humphries' humourPender, Anne 30-Mar-2010
362009The Mask Behind the Mask: Review of 'Handling Edna: The Unauthorised Biography', ISBN 9780733624001Pender, Anne 15-Apr-2010
372009The Last of the Queen's Men: Barry Humphries' Australian Theatre of EmpirePender, Anne 11-Feb-2015
382008Nick Enright: An Actor's PlaywrightPender, Anne ; Lever, S13-Aug-2009
392008Susan Lever. 'David Foster: The Satirist of Australia': New York: Cambria Press, 2008, 262pp. ISBN: 97881934043981; US$94.95Pender, Anne 18-Aug-2009
402008'Summer Rain': Sweet NostalgiaLever, Susan; Pender, Anne 18-Aug-2009
412008Nick Enright: A Life in TheatrePender, Anne 18-Aug-2009
422007'Modernist Madonnas': Dorothy Todd, Madge Garland and Virginia WoolfPender, Anne 6-May-2009
432007Hello Possums: Barry Humphries and Australian EnglishPender, Anne 13-Jul-2009
442007'Kylie Tennant: A Life' by Jane Grant: Canberra: National Library of Australia, 2006, pp.215, AUD$24.95 Paperback, ISBN: 064227617X.Pender, Anne 14-Jul-2009
452007Joanne Tompkins, 'Unsettling Space: Contestations in Contemporary Australian Theatre': Basingstoke UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006, 204pp. ISBN: 1403985626, AU $144.00Pender, Anne 14-Jul-2009
462006Nick Enright: (22 December 1950 - 30 March 2003)Pender, Anne 16-Jul-2009
472006Men of the past?: Barry Humphries and Australian masculinityPender, Anne 19-Aug-2009
482005The Mythical Australian: Barry Humphries, Gough Whitlam and 'New Nationalism'Pender, A 6-May-2008
492005Editorial to 'Dialogue - a Tribute to Nick Enright'Pender, Anne 19-Feb-2010
502005A true correspondence: Review of Margaret Harris, 'Dearest Munx: The Letters Of Christina Stead and William J. Blake' Miegunyah Press, $54.95 hb, 574 pp, 0522851738Pender, Anne 20-Jul-2009

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