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13-Feb-2019Testing Emails: PhD Theis 8 - Library Archived and made live in RUNEBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F ; Brunyee, Crystal 23-May-2019
23-Feb-2019Testing Emails: Book Chapter 2 - Library Archived and made live in RUNEBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F 22-May-2019
32019Testing Emails: PhD Theis 4 - Archive in RUNEBarnes, Cameron; Brunyee, Crystal ; Herridge, David 20-May-2019
42019Testing Emails: Journal articles 4Barnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F ; Brunyee, Crystal 20-May-2019
52019Testing Emails: Journal Article 5 - Library Archived and made live in RUNEBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F 23-May-2019
62019Testing Emails: PhD Theis 3 - Approved by the LibraryBrown, Allison L ; Barnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F 6-May-2019
72019Testing Emails: Book Chapter 5 - Library approvedBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F 27-May-2019
820-Oct-2018Testing Emails: Masters Thesis 1 - Library ApprovedBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F ; Balnaves, Edmund 27-May-2019
912-Oct-2018Testing Emails: Masters Thesis 2 - Library approved 2Barnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F ; Djunisijevic, Jovana27-May-2019
101-Jun-2018Testing Emails: NTRO 7 - Library Archived and made live in RUNEBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David 22-May-2019
111-Mar-2018Testing Emails: PhD Theis 7 - Archived and made live in RUNEBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F 22-May-2019
122018Rainfall-related opportunities, risks and constraints to rainfed cropping in the Central Dry Zone of Myanmar as defined by soil water balance modellingCornish, Peter S; Birchall, Craig ; Herridge, David ; Denton, Matthew; Guppy, Christopher 10-May-2018
132018Testing Emails: NTRO 4 - Review 2Barnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David 20-May-2019
142018Testing Emails: NTRO 5Herridge, David ; Barnes, Cameron 20-May-2019
152018Testing Emails: NTRO 8 - Library archived and made live in RUNEBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David 23-May-2019
162018Testing Emails: Journal Article 9 - Library approvedBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David 27-May-2019
172018Testing Emails: Book Chapter 4 - Library approvedBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David F 27-May-2019
182018Testing Emails: PhD Theis 6 - Library ArchivedBarnes, Cameron ; Herridge, David ; Edwards, Jane 20-May-2019
192018Testing Emails: NTRO 12 - Library approvedBarnes, Cameron; Herridge, David 27-May-2019
202017Constraints to improving nitrogen fixation in chickpea in the Central Dry Zone of MyanmarDenton, Matthew D; Aung, Thi Thi; Than, Maw Maw; Herridge, David 1-Jan-2019
212016Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Enhancement TechniquesHerridge, David 16-Jun-2017
222016Nutrient management in rainfed lowland rice farming systems of MyanmarThwe, Hla Myo; Kristiansen, Paul ; Rugendyke, Barbara; Herridge, David ; Lockwood, Peter28-Oct-2016
232016Measurement of nitrogen fixationHerridge, David ; Giller, K E11-Feb-2017
242016Inoculant production and quality controlDeaker, R; Hartley, E; Gemell, G; Herridge, David ; Karanja, N11-Feb-2017
252016Cradle-to-farmgate greenhouse gas emissions for 2-year wheat monoculture and break crop-wheat sequences in south-eastern AustraliaBrock, Philippa; Muir, Sally; Herridge, David ; Simmons, Aaron17-Feb-2017
262016The legume-rhizobia symbiosis and assessing the need to inoculateGiller, K E; Herridge, David ; Sprent, J I11-Feb-2017
272016Greenhouse gas (N2O and CH4) fluxes under nitrogen-fertilised dryland wheat and barley on sub-tropical Vertosols: risk, rainfall and alternativesSchwenke, Graeme ; Herridge, David ; Scheer, Clemens; Rowlings, David W; Haigh, Bruce M; McMullen, K Guy17-Feb-2017
282016Annual crop legumes may not mitigate greenhouse gas emissions because of the high carbon cost of nitrogen fixationHerridge, David ; Brock, Philippa M13-Mar-2017
292016NBudget: A simple tool for farmers and advisors for N management in Australia’s northern grain croppingHerridge, David 10-Mar-2017
302015Naturalised populations of mesorhizobia in chickpea ('Cicer arietinum' L.) cropping soils: effects on nodule occupancy and productivity of commercial chickpeaElias, Natalie V; Herridge, David 23-Jan-2015
312015Soil N2O emissions under N2-fixing legumes and N-fertilised canola: A reappraisal of emissions factor calculationsSchwenke, Graeme ; Herridge, David ; Scheer, Clemens; Rowlings, David W; Haigh, Bruce M; McMullen, K Guy14-Feb-2017
322015Enhanced biological N2 fixation and yield of faba bean ('Vicia faba' L.) in an acid soil following biochar addition: dissection of causal mechanismsVan Zwieten, Lukas; Rose, Terry; Herridge, David ; Kimber, Stephen; Rust, Josh; Cowie, Annette ; Morris, Stephen14-Feb-2017
332015Life Cycle Assessment of grain croppingSimmons, Aaron; Muir, Sally; Brock, Pip; Herridge, David 10-Mar-2017
342014Rhizobial counts in peat inoculants vary amongst legume inoculant groups at manufacture and with storage: implications for quality standardsHerridge, David ; Hartley, Elizabeth; Gemell, L Greg15-Dec-2014
352014Crop-available water and agronomic management, rather than nitrogen supply, primarily determine grain yield of commercial chickpea in northern New South WalesElias, Natalie V; Herridge, David 16-Dec-2014
362014Selection for an effective rhizobial inoculant strain for pongamiaHartley, Elizabeth; Gemell, Greg; Hartley, Jade; Herridge, David ; Bodapati, Naidu; Mackay, Marshall6-Jan-2015
372014Establishing inoculant chickpea rhizobia in soils with background populations - a case of wishful thinking?Herridge, David ; Elias, Natalie6-Jan-2015
382014Legumes in Crop Rotations Reduce Soil Nitrous Oxide Emissions Compared with Fertilized Non-Legume RotationsSchwenke, Graeme ; Herridge, David ; McMullen, Guy; Haigh, Bruce22-Dec-2014
392014Influence of source and quality of plant residues on emissions of N₂O and CO₂ from a fertile, acidic Black VertisolBegum, Nazma; Guppy, Christopher ; Herridge, David ; Schwenke, Graeme 2-May-2014
402013Co-inoculation effects of 'Bradyrhizobium japonicum' and 'Azospirillum' sp. on competitive nodulation and rhizosphere eubacterial community structures of soybean under rhizobia-established soil conditionsAung, Thi Thi; Tittabutr, Panlada; Boonkerd, Nantakorn; Herridge, David ; Teaumroong, Neung5-Dec-2014
412013Identifying opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for climate change mitigation in grain production systems in North West NSW using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approaches.Muir, Sally; Brock, Phillipa; Schwenke, Graeme; Herridge, David ; Scott, Fiona; Madden, Patrick24-Mar-2014
422013Nitrous oxide emissions from acidic Black Vertosol: effects of residues, nitrogen additions and pHBegum, Nazma ; Guppy, Christopher ; Herridge, David ; Schwenke, Graeme 30-Sep-2013
432013Managing Legume and Fertiliser N for Northern Grains CroppingHerridge, David 24-Apr-2014
442012CropMate™ a web based decision support tool helping farmers make agronomic decisions using historic and forecast weather and climate dataMcIntosh, Graeme; Herridge, David 2-Apr-2014
452012Identifying opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural production: A Life Cycle Assessment approachBrock, Phillipa; Herridge, David ; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Madden, Patrick; Schwenke, Graeme ; Tan, Daniel; Quigley, George2-Apr-2014
462012Greenhouse gas emissions profile for 1 tonne of wheat produced in Central Zone (East) New South Wales: a life cycle assessment approachBrock, Philippa; Madden, Patrick; Schwenke, Graeme; Herridge, David 10-Apr-2013
472012Determining emissions profiles for Australian agricultural products at a regional scale: methodological opportunities and obstaclesBrock, Philippa; Graham, Phillip; Herridge, David ; Madden, Patrick; Schwenke, Graeme 7-May-2014
482012Inoculating Legumes: A Practical GuideDrew, Elizabeth; Herridge, David ; Seymour, Nikki; Howieson, John; Ballard, Neil; Ballard, Ross; O'Hara, Graham; Deaker, Rosalind; Denton, Matthew; Yates, Ronald; Gemell, Greg; Hartley, Elizabeth; Phillips, Lori20-May-2014
492011Managing Legume and Fertiliser N for Northern Grains CroppingHerridge, David 18-Jun-2014
502010Soil nitrous oxide emissions under dryland N-fertilised canola and N₂-fixing chickpea in the northern grains region, AustraliaSchwenke, Graeme ; Haigh, Bruce; McMullen, Guy; Herridge, David 6-Jul-2011

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