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12014Absorption of metals in mulloway ('Argyrosomus japonicus') after ingesting nickel-plated carbon-steel hooksMcGrath, Shane P; Reichelt-Brushett, Amanda J; Butcher, Paul A; Cairns, Stuart 30-Apr-2015
22013Bare-nosed wombats ('Vombatus ursinus') use drainage culverts to cross roadsCrook, Natasha; Cairns, Stuart C ; Vernes, Karl A 10-Apr-2013
32012Vocal Behaviour of White-Cheeked Crested Gibbons ('Nomascus leucogenys'): Vocal Production, Usage and ResponseChen, Hou-Chun ; McFarlane, James; Cairns, Stuart 15-Oct-2012
42011Fate of three Australian teleosts after ingesting conventional and modified stainless- and carbon-steel hooksMcGrath, Shane P; Broadhurst, Matthew K; Butcher, Paul Allan; Cairns, Stuart C 7-Feb-2012
52011Reviewing hook degradation to promote ejection after ingestion by marine fishMcGrath, Shane P; Butcher, Paul Allan; Broadhurst, Matthew K; Cairns, Stuart C 7-Feb-2012
62011Kangaroo HarvestingCairns, Stuart C 15-Mar-2012
72010The Ecology of Two Vulnerable Shorebirds ('Haematopus f. fuliginosus' and 'H. longirostris') in Sub-tropical Northern NSW, Australia: Implications for Conservation and ManagementHarrison, Annette Elizabeth; Ford, Hugh; Cairns, Stuart 18-Jan-2012
82010Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Australian Subtropical White Syndrome at East Australian Reefs: Host Range, Prevalence, and Progression of Tissue NecrosisDalton, Steven ; Smith, Stephen D; Harrison, Matthew; Carroll, Andrew G; Pereg, Lily ; Cairns, Stuart C 6-Feb-2012
92010Increased reproductive success in older female red kangaroos and the impact of harvestingPople, AR; Cairns, Stuart C ; McLeod, SR7-Dec-2010
102010Recruitment of the Black-chinned Honeyeater 'Melithreptus gularis gularis' in a fragmented landscape in northern New South Wales, AustraliaLollback, Gregory; Ford, Hugh A ; Cairns, Stuart C 5-May-2011
112009Hormone Treatment Efficacy for Induction of Spawning Captive Yellowfin Bream ('Acanthopagrus australis') and the Effect of Salinity on Egg Fertilization Hatching, and Early Larval DevelopmentBlack, Benjamin James; Cairns, Stuart ; Smith, Stephen D ; Simpson, Rodney10-Nov-2009
122008Is the uncommon Black-chinned Honeyeater a more specialised forager than the co-occurring and common Fuscous Honeyeater?Lollback, Greg; Ford, Hugh Alastair ; Cairns, Stuart Charles 29-Oct-2009
132008Design of aerial surveys for population estimation and the management of macropods in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, AustraliaCairns, Stuart Charles ; Lollback, Greg; Payne, N29-Oct-2009
142008Mortality and physical damage of angled-and-released dusky flathead 'Platycephalus fuscus'Butcher, Paul A; Broadhurst, Matt K; Cairns, Stuart Charles 8-Dec-2009
152008Influence of terminal rig configuration on the anatomical hooking location of line-caught yellowfin bream, 'Acanthopagrus australis'Butcher, P A; Broadhurst, M K; Reynolds, D; Cairns, Stuart Charles 8-Dec-2009
162008Sex, season and melatonin administration affects daily activity rhythms in a marsupial, the brown antechinus, 'Antechinus stuartii'McAllan, B M; Westman, Wendy; Körtner, G; Cairns, Stuart Charles 14-Dec-2009
172008Ecology of an uncommon species, the black-chinned honeyeater ('Melithreptus gularis gularis'), in north-eastern New South WalesLollback, Gregory; Ford, Hugh; Cairns, Stuart 18-Oct-2009
182006Estimating the abundance of eastern grey kangaroos ('Macropus giganteus') in south-eastern New South Wales, AustraliaPople, AR; Cairns, SC ; Menke, N; Payne, N5-May-2008
192006Body mass as a predictive variable of home-range size among Italian mammals and birdsOttaviani, D; Cairns, SC ; Oliverio, M; Boitani, L13-May-2008
202006The Birds of Bulgunnia and Mulyungarie Stations in the Pastoral Zone of Arid South AustraliaDebus, SJS ; Lollback, G; Oliver, DL; Cairns, SC 27-Jun-2008
212005Impacts of Livestock Grazing on Bird Communities in the Eucalypt Woodlands (Australia) and the Forests in BhutanDorji, Tshering; Ford, Hugh; Cairns, Stuart 25-Jul-2012
222005Growth and mortality of sibling triploid and diploid Sydney rock oysters, 'Saccostrea glomerata' (Gould), in the Camden Haven RiverTroup, AJ; Cairns, SC ; Simpson, Rod13-May-2008
232001An Experimental Study of the Impact of Gaps and Clusters Silviculture on Insectivorous Birds in a Continuous Forest LandscapeHuggett, Andrew John; Ford, Hugh; Cairns, Stuart 18-Aug-2017
241999Metabolism and thermoregulation in the sugar glider, 'Petaurus breviceps' (Marsupialia)Holloway, Joanne Clare; Geiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Cairns, Stuart 20-Dec-2010
251997The environmental physiology of the scorpion 'Urodacus manicatus' (Thorell) (Scorpionidae)Holden, Chris; Geiser, Fritz ; Cairns, Stuart 18-Oct-2010

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