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12016Sex and Gender in Wanjina Rock Art, Kimberley, AustraliaHolt, Deborah Ann; Ross, June 13-Jan-2017
22016Continuity and Change in the Anthropomorphic Figures of Australia's northwest KimberleyTravers, Meg E ; Ross, June 9-Mar-2017
32015One Colour, (at Least) Two Minerals: A Study of Mulberry Rock Art Pigment and a Mulberry Pigment 'Quarry' from the Kimberley, Northern AustraliaHuntley, Jillian Alice; Aubert, Maxim; Ross, June ; Brand, Helen E A; Morwood, Michael J 22-Jan-2015
42015Messages in Paint: An archaeometric analysis of pigment use in Aboriginal Australia focusing on the production of rock artHuntley, Jillian Alice; Ross, June ; Aubert, Maxime9-Nov-2015
52015Sex & Gender: An archaeological analysis of rock art of the northwest KimberleyHolt, Deborah Ann; Ross, June 12-Jan-2016
62015Continuity and Change: Exploring stylistic transitions in the anthropomorphic figures of the northwest Kimberley rock art assemblage and the varying contexts of rock art productionTravers, Meg Elizabeth; Ross, June ; Brady, Liam13-Jan-2016
72014Rock Art: A Tangible Expression of the DreamingRoss, June 21-Feb-2017
82013'Ancient Mariners' in Northwest Kimberley Rock Art: An Analysis of Watercraft and Crew DepictionsRoss, June ; Travers, Meg E 14-Oct-2016
92012Towards a chronology of engraved rock art from the Central Australian arid zoneRoss, June 14-Jun-2017
102012Picturing Change and Changing Pictures: Contact Period Rock Art of AustraliaTacon, Paul S C; Ross, June ; Paterson, Alistair; May, Sally7-Nov-2016
112011Murujuga Marni - Dampier Petroglyphs: shadows in the landscape, echoes across timeMulvaney, Kenneth; Davidson, Iain ; Ross, June 13-Jan-2012
122010The economics of grindstone production at Narcoonowie quarry, Strzelecki DesertSmith, Mike; McBryde, Isabel; Ross, June 9-Jun-2011
132009Book review: 'Aesthetics and Rock Art III Symposium: Proceedings of the XV UISPP World Congress' by Thomas Heyd & John Clegg (eds)Ross, June 7-Apr-2010
142009Direct Dating Indicates Mid-Holocene Age for Archaic Rock Engravings in Arid Central AustraliaSmith, M A; Watchman, A; Ross, June 25-May-2010
152009Beads across Australia: An ethnographic and archaeological view of the patterning of Aboriginal ornamentsMcAdam, Leila Evelyn; Davidson, Iain ; Morwood, Michael; Ross, June 11-Jan-2010
162009An Engraved 'Archaic Face' in the Northeastern Simpson DesertRoss, June ; Smith, Mike24-Sep-2010
172008What Happened at 1500-1000 cal. BP in Central Australia?: Timing, impact and archaeological signaturesSmith, M A; Ross, June 1-May-2009
182008Glen Thirsty: The History and Archaeology of a Desert WellSmith, MA; Ross, June 1-May-2009
192008More than the Motifs: the archaeological analysis of rock art in arid regions of the Southern HemisphereRoss, June ; Valenzuela, Daniela R; Hernandez Llosa, Maria Isabel; Briones, Luis; Santoro, Calogero M11-Mar-2010
202007A Late Pleistocene site on Watarrka Plateau, Central AustraliaRoss, June ; Smith, Michael A25-May-2010
212007A Reinvestigation of the Archaeology of Geosurveys Hill, Northern Simpson DesertSmith, Mike; Ross, June 9-Mar-2010
222006Rock Art and Ritual: An Archaeological Analysis of Rock Art in Arid Central AustraliaRoss, June ; Davidson, Iain 1-May-2009
232006Seeing Red: Musings on Rock ArtRoss, June 4-May-2009
242005Rock art of the Red CentreRoss, June 11-Jun-2009
252005Archaeology in Another Country: Exchange and Symbols in North West Central QueenslandDavidson, I ; Cook, NDJ; Fischer, M; Ridges, M; Ross, J ; Sutton, SA29-Jul-2008
262004Rock Art, Ritual and Relationships: An archaeological analysis of rock art from the central Australian arid zoneRoss, June ; Davidson, Iain ; Rosenfeld, Andree; Morwood, Michael; Beck, Wendy 2-Feb-2016
272004'These Things Take Time': Central Australian rock-art in contextRoss, June ; Abbott, L22-May-2009

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