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12015Editorial: New Horizons for The Educational and Developmental PsychologistBoyle, Christopher 20-Jan-2016
22015Validity of the German Test Anxiety Inventory (TAI-G) in an Australian sampleMowbray, Tony; Jacobs, Kate; Boyle, Christopher 7-May-2015
32015School refusal is not the same as waggingBoyle, Christopher ; Anderson, Jo ; Swayn, Natalie6-May-2015
42015Believing You Can is the First Step to Achieving: A CBT and Attribution Retaining Programme to Improve Self-Belief in Students aged 8-12Chodkiewicz, Alicia; Boyle, Chris 11-Jun-2015
52015Declining NAPLAN participation rates are likely skewing the dataAnderson, Jo ; Boyle, Christopher 17-Jun-2015
62015Ethical Practice in TelepsychologyGamble, Nicholas; Boyle, Chris ; Morris, Zoe A23-Jul-2015
72015Inclusive education in pre-schools: predictors of pre-service teacher attitudes in AustraliaHoskin, Jake; Boyle, Chris ; Anderson, Jo 13-Sep-2015
82015NAPLAN data and school funding: a dangerous linkAnderson, Jo ; Boyle, Chris 3-Sep-2015
92015Inclusive education in Australia: Rhetoric, reality and the road aheadAnderson, Jo ; Boyle, Chris 18-May-2015
102015Editorial: Inclusive education - worldly views?Boyle, Christopher ; Sharma, Umesh18-May-2015
112015What do you do when your child is the bully, rather than the victimSwayn, Natalie; Boyle, Christopher ; Anderson, Jo 21-May-2015
122015Impact of Item Orientation on the Structural Validity of Self-Report Measures: An Investigation Using the TAI-G in an Australian SampleMowbray, Tony; Boyle, Christopher ; Jacobs, Kate25-May-2015
132015Australia lags behind the evidence on special schoolsBoyle, Christopher ; Anderson, Jo ; Swayn, Natalie29-Sep-2015
142015The lived experience of volunteering in a palliative care biography serviceBeasley, Elizabeth; Brooker, Joanne; Warren, Narelle; Fletcher, Jane; Boyle, Chris ; Ventura, Adriana; Burney, Susan1-Oct-2015
152015Editorial: The Diversity of Educational and Developmental PsychologyBoyle, Christopher 29-Sep-2015
162014The ecology of inclusive education: Reconceptualising Bronfenbrenner as a framework for research into inclusionAnderson, Joanna ; Boyle, Christopher 12-Dec-2014
172014Editorial - The Death of Difference: Psychology is PsychologyBoyle, Christopher 12-Dec-2014
182014Social and interpersonal development in schoolsBoyle, Christopher 30-Apr-2015
192014Pre-service primary teachers' attitudes towards inclusive educationVarcoe, Linda; Boyle, Chris 3-Apr-2014
202014Exploring the contribution of attribution retraining to student perceptions and the learning processChodkiewicz, Alicia; Boyle, Chris 5-Mar-2014
212014Labelling in Special Education: Where do the benefits lie?Boyle, Christopher 7-Mar-2014
222014A Comparative Overview of Educational Psychology Across ContinentsBoyle, Chris ; Lauchlan, Fraser7-Mar-2014
232014Professional and interprofessional ethical considerations for practising psychologists in AustraliaBoyle, Chris 10-Jul-2014
242014Disability funding in schools shouldn't be based on stateBoyle, Chris ; Anderson, Jo 19-Aug-2014
252014To label or not to label: is this the question? Commentary on Bishop, D.V.M., 2014, Ten questions about terminology for children with unexplained language problemsBoyle, Christopher ; Lauchlan, Fraser22-Aug-2014
262014'What's the Score' with School Psychology: Do we carry on regardless or is there any added value?Boyle, Chris 11-Jun-2014
272014Ethical Practice in Applied PsychologyBoyle, Chris ; Gamble, Nicholas16-Jun-2014
282014Using attribution retraining and CBT techniques to foster positive learning skillsChodkiewicz, Alicia; Boyle, Chris 3-Jul-2014
292014Attitudes of preschool and primary school pre-service teachers towards inclusive educationKraska, Jake; Boyle, Chris 3-Jul-2014
302014The Ecology of Inclusive Education: Reconceptualising BronfenbrennerAnderson, Jo ; Boyle, Christopher ; Deppeler, Joanne6-Sep-2014
312014Opening Pandora's Box: Exploring Inequalities In EducationZhang, Hongzhi; Chan, Phillip Wing Keung; Boyle, Christopher 6-Sep-2014
322014Take Action or Do Nothing: 'The Educational Dilemma of the Teacher'Boyle, Christopher ; Heimans, Stephen 6-Sep-2014
332014Closing the Gap: The Move to Equality in EducationBoyle, Christopher ; Zhang, Hongzhi; Chan, Philip Wing Keung6-Sep-2014
342014Equality in Education: Fairness and InclusionBoyle, Christopher ; Zhang, Hongzhi; Chan, Philip Wing Keung24-Sep-2014
352014From Stability to Mobility: African Secondary School Aged Adolescents' Transition to Mainstream SchoolingGunasekera, Sashya; Houghton, Stephen; Glasgow, Kenneth; Boyle, Christopher 22-Sep-2014
362014Editorial: Psychology in the TopicsBoyle, Christopher 22-Sep-2014
372013Editorial: The Future is Bright: The Future is Educational and Developmental PsychologyBoyle, Chris 4-Mar-2014
382013Pre-service Secondary Teachers' Attitudes Towards Inclusive EducationCostello, Shane; Boyle, Chris 4-Mar-2014
392013Falling Stars: Australian soccer scandal shines brightBoyle, Chris 4-Mar-2014
402013Teachers' attitudes towards inclusion in high schoolsBoyle, Chris ; Topping, Keith; Jindal-Snape, Divya4-Mar-2014
412013Student Learning: Improving PracticeBoyle, Chris 29-Apr-2014
422013Future Direction of Attribution Retraining for Students with Learning Difficulties: A ReviewKoles, Jemima Ellen; Boyle, Chris 29-Apr-2014
432013Introduction: Improving Learning and Participation in the 21st Century Educational EnvironmentBoyle, Chris 29-Apr-2014
442013Leadership for inclusion: Education policy to school practiceAnderson, Joanna; Boyle, Chris 5-May-2014
452013A Comparison of Australian Pre, Primary and Secondary School Pre-Service Teacher Attitudes to Inclusive EducationGrembecki, Jessica Lee; Boyle, Chris 5-May-2014
462013Editorial: Eclecticism, Diversity and the Practice of Educational and Developmental PsychologyBoyle, Christopher 22-Sep-2014
472012Keynote Address: Inclusive Education: Where are we?Boyle, Chris 24-Mar-2014
482012Introduction: Setting a scene for positive inclusionBoyle, Chris 7-Apr-2014
492012What Works in Inclusion?Boyle, Christopher ; Topping, Keith7-Apr-2014
502012Conclusion: inclusion comes together piece by pieceBoyle, Christopher ; Topping, Keith7-Apr-2014

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