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1May-2017Recent archaeological research at Saruq al-Hadid, Dubai, UAEWeeks, Lloyd ; Cable, Charlotte ; Franke, Kristina ; Newton, Claire; Karacic, Steven ; Roberts, James ; Stepanov, Ivan ; David-Cuny, Helene; Price, David; Bukhash, Rashad Mohammed; Radwan, Mansour Boraik; Zein, Hassan5-Mar-2019
22017Newly Discovered Bronze Age Archaeological Sites on Qeshm Island, IranKhosrowzadeh, Alireza; Aali, Abolfazl; Weeks, Lloyd 29-May-2018
32016Olive cultivation in the heart of the Persian Achaemenid Empire: new insights into agricultural practices and environmental changes reflected in a late Holocene pollen record from Lake Parishan, SW IranDjamali, Morteza; Jones, Matthew D; Shumilovskikh, Lyudmila S; Tengberg, Margareta; Weeks, Lloyd ; Migliore, Jeremy; Balatti, Silvia; Fader, Marianela; Contreras, Daniel; Gondet, Sebastien; Hosseini, Zahra; Lahijani, Hamid; Naderi, Abdolmajid6-May-2016
42016Iran and the Bronze Age Metals Trade in the Persian GulfWeeks, Lloyd 14-Oct-2016
52015Human impact on the hydroenvironment of Lake Parishan, SW Iran, through the late-HoloceneJones, Matthew D; Djamali, Morteza; Holmes, Jonathan; Weeks, Lloyd ; Leng, Melanie J; Lashkari, Arash; Alamdari, Kourosh; Noorollahi, Dariush; Thomas, Louise; Metcalfe, Sarah E25-Feb-2016
62015An Analysis of the Nature and Circumstances of Early Mycenaean Warfare Based on a Study of the Pre LH IIIB Mycenaean ShieldsSmith, Allan Joseph Cameron; Weeks, Lloyd ; Schmitz, Michael 13-Jan-2016
72014ArabiaWeeks, L 21-Mar-2016
82014Archaeoseismicity of the Mounds and Monuments along the Kāzerun Fault (Western Zāgros, SW Iranian Plateau) since the Chalcolithic PeriodBerberian, Manuel; Petrie, Cameron A; Potts, D T; Asgari Chaverdi, Alireza; Dusting, Amanda; Sardari Zarchi, Alireza; Weeks, Lloyd ; Ghassemi, Parsa; Noruzi, Reza16-May-2014
92013The development and expansion of a Neolithic way of lifeWeeks, Lloyd 23-Apr-2014
102013Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies: Papers from the forty-sixth meeting of the Seminar for Arabian Studies held at the British Museum, London 13 to 15 July 2012Weeks, Lloyd ; Watson, Janet14-Mar-2014
112013Mamasani in the Fourth Millennium BCPetrie, Cameron A; Sardari, Alireza; Ballantyne, Rachel; Berberian, Manuel; Lancelotti, Carla; Mashkour, Marjan; McCall, Bernadette; Potts, Daniel T; Weeks, Lloyd 29-Apr-2014
122013Iranian Metallurgy of the Fourth Millennium BC in its Wider Technological and Cultural ContextsWeeks, Lloyd 29-Apr-2014
132013Mid-Holocene Environmental and Climatic Change in IranJones, Matthew; Djamali, Morteza; Stevens, Lora; Heyvaert, Vanessa; Askari, Hajar; Norolahie, Dariush; Weeks, Lloyd 29-Apr-2014
142013The Neolithisation of Fars, IranWeeks, Lloyd 29-Apr-2014
152012MetallurgyWeeks, Lloyd 23-Apr-2014
162012Review of S. Pollock, R. Bernbeck and K. Abdi (ed.), The 2003 Excavations at Tol-e Baši, Iran: Social Life in a Neolithic Village. Archäologie in Iran und Turan 10 (Mainz 2010). Verlag Philipp von Zabern, X, 326 p., 209 figures and 134 tables. ISBN 978-3-8053-4261-2.Weeks, Lloyd 11-Mar-2014
172011Specialization and social inequality in Bronze Age SE Arabia: analyzing the development of production strategies and economic networks using agent-based modelingRouse, Lynne M; Weeks, Lloyd 28-Apr-2014
182010Archaeological Evidence for Achaemenid Settlement within the Mamasani Valleys, Western Fars, IranAsgari Chaverdi, Alireza; Khosrowzadeh, Alireza; McCall, Bernadette; Petrie, Cameron A; Potts, D T; Roustaei, Kourosh; Weeks, Lloyd ; Zaidi, Mohsen21-Oct-2014
192010Review of Abbas Alizadeh, 'Chogha Mish, Volume 2: The Development of a Prehistoric Regional Center in Lowland Susiana, Southwestern Iran. Final Report on the Last Six Seasons of Excavations, 1972-1978'. Oriental Institute Publications 130 (Chicago 2008). Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago 395 Seiten mit Abbildungen; geb.; ISBN-13: 9781885923523 ISBN: 188592352XWeeks, Lloyd 14-Mar-2014
202010Death and Burial in Arabia and Beyond: Multidisciplinary perspectivesWeeks, Lloyd 1-May-2014
212010Ubaid-related-related? The "black-on-buff" Ceramic Traditions of Highland Southwest IranWeeks, Lloyd ; Petrie, Cameron A; Potts, Daniel T19-Jun-2014
222009The Mamasani District and the Archaeology of Southwestern IranPotts, D T; Roustaei, K; Weeks, Lloyd ; Petrie, C A23-Jan-2015
232009Excavations at Tol-e NurabadWeeks, Lloyd ; Alizadeh, K S; Niakan, L; Alamdari, K; Khosrowzadeh, A; Zeidi, M23-Jan-2015
242009Perspectives on the Cultural Sequence of MamasaniPetrie, C A; Weeks, Lloyd ; Potts, D T; Roustaei, K23-Jan-2015
252009Lead Isotope Analyses of Bronze Age Copper-Base Artefacts from Al-Midamman, Yemen: Towards the Identification of an Indigenous Metal Production and Exchange System in the Southern Red Sea RegionWeeks, Lloyd ; Keall, E; Pashley, V; Evans, J; Stock, S28-Apr-2014
262008Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies: Papers from the forty-first meeting of the Seminar for Arabian Studies held in London, 19-21 July 2007Simpson, John; Weeks, Lloyd 14-Mar-2014
272008The 2007 Early Iranian Metallurgy Workshop at the University of NottinghamWeeks, Lloyd 28-Apr-2014
282007Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies: Papers from the fortieth meeting of the Seminar for Arabian studies held in London, 27-29 July 2006Simpson, St John; Weeks, Lloyd 6-May-2014
292007Coals to Newcastle, copper to Magan? Isotopic analyses and the Persian Gulf metals tradeWeeks, Lloyd 17-May-2014
302006Eight Thousand Years of History in Fars Province, IranPotts, D T; Roustaei, K; McCall, B; Zaidi, M; Alamdari, K; Alizadeh, K; Asgari Chaverdi, A; Khosrowzadeh, A; Niakan, L; Petrie, C A; Seyedin, M; Weeks, Lloyd 28-Apr-2014
312006The Neolithic Settlement of Highland SW Iran: New Evidence from the Mamasani DistrictWeeks, Lloyd ; Alizadeh, Karim; Niakan, Lily; Alamdari, K; Zeidi, M; Khosrowzadeh, A; McCall, B28-Apr-2014
322005Archaeometallurgical studiesWeeks, Lloyd ; Collerson, Ken30-Jun-2015
332004Early Metallurgy of the Persian Gulf: Technology, Trade, and the Bronze Age WorldWeeks, Lloyd 8-Apr-2014
342004An analysis of Late Pre-Islamic copper-base artefacts from Ed Dur, U.A.E.Weeks, Lloyd 28-Apr-2014
352004Lead Isotope Data from the GulfWeeks, Lloyd ; Collerson, K D15-May-2014
362003An AMS Radiocarbon Chronology for the Late Umm an-Nar-Type Tomb at Tell AbraqPotts, D T; Weeks, Lloyd 1-May-2014
372003Prehistoric Metallurgy in the U.A.E.: Bronze Age-Iron Age TransitionsWeeks, Lloyd 7-May-2014
382002A Recent Archaeological Survey on Soqotra: Report on the preliminary expedition season, January 5th-February 2nd 2001Weeks, Lloyd ; Morris, Miranda; McCall, Bernadette; Al-Zubairy, Khalil28-Apr-2014
392001Review of 'Index of Dates from Archaeological Sites in Queensland' by Ulm, S. and Read, J. Brisbane: University of Queensland. Queensland Archaeological Research Volume 12. (2000), xv + 129 pages. ISSN 0814 3021 (softback) price A$33 (including GST + A$7 post in Australia)Weeks, Lloyd 28-Apr-2014
402000Metal artefacts from the Sharm tomb (1)Weeks, Lloyd 28-Apr-2014
411999Lead isotope analyses from Tell Abraq, United Arab Emirates: new data regarding the 'tin problem' in Western AsiaWeeks, Lloyd 28-Apr-2014
421997Prehistoric Metallurgy at Tell Abraq, U. A. E.Weeks, Lloyd 28-Apr-2014
431996Husn Awhala: A late prehistoric settlement in southern FujairahPotts, DT; Weeks, Lloyd ; Magee, P; Thompson, E; Smart, P28-Apr-2014

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