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12016Working TimeBittman, Michael 29-Sep-2017
22016Sleep timing and child and parent outcomes in Australian 4-9-year-olds: a cross-sectional and longitudinal studyQuach, Jon; Price, Anna M H; Bittman, Michael ; Hiscock, Harriet2-May-2017
32016Cross-sectional sleep thresholds for optimal health and well-being in Australian 4-9-year-oldsPrice, Anna M H; Quach, Jon; Wake, Melissa; Bittman, Michael ; Hiscock, Harriet2-May-2017
42015Screen Media, Parenting Practices, and the Family Environment in Australia: A Longitudinal Study of Young Children's Media Use, Lifestyles, and Outcomes for Healthy WeightRutherford, Leonie; Brown, Judith E; Skouteris, Helen; Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Matthew; Bittman, Michael 11-May-2017
52014Children's sleep patterns from 0 to 9 years: Australian population longitudinal studyPrice, Anna M H; Brown, Judith E; Bittman, Michael ; Wake, Melissa; Quach, Jon; Hiscock, Harriet10-May-2017
62014Contemporary contestations over working time: time for health to weigh inDixon, Jane; Carey, Gemma; Strazdins, Lyndall; Banwell, Cathy; Woodman, Dan; Burgess, John; Bittman, Michael ; Venn, Danielle; Sargent, Ginny10-May-2017
72013The Changing Situation of Electrical Apprentices: Submission to the Modern Award Review, Fair Work AustraliaSchutz, Hanna; Bittman, Michael ; Chan, Sharni; Jakubauskas, Michelle; Buchanan, John25-Sep-2017
82012Turned on, tuned in or dropped out?: Young children's use of television and transmission of social advantageBittman, Michael ; Sipthorp, Mark15-Sep-2017
92012Digital natives?: New and old media and children's language acquisitionBittman, Michael ; Rutherford, Leonie; Brown, Jude; Unsworth, Leonard 15-Sep-2017
102012HIV Testing, Gay Community Involvement and Internet USE: Social and Behavioural Correlates of HIV Testing Among Australian Men Who have Sex with MenHolt, M; Rawstorne, P; Wilkinson, J; Worth, H; Bittman, Michael ; Kippax, S17-Mar-2014
112012How parents' income, time and job quality affect children's health and developmentNicholson, Jan M; Strazdins, Lyndall; Brown, Judith E; Bittman, Michael 2-May-2017
122012Solidarity beyond Sexuality: The Personal Communities of Gay MenWilkinson, Jennifer; Bittman, Michael ; Holt, Martin; Rawstorne, Patrick; Kippax, Susan; Worth, Heather17-Apr-2014
132012Introduction to the themed section: Children of the recession - the social consequences of an economic downturnBittman, Michael ; Bradbury, Bruce8-May-2017
142011Predictors of HIV Disclosure Among Untested, HIV-Negative and HIV-Positive Australian Men Who had Anal Intercourse with Their Most Recent Casual Male Sex PartnerHolt, M; Rawstorne, P; Worth, H; Bittman, Michael ; Wilkinson, J; Kippax, S1-Jun-2017
152011Valuing Time: A Conference OverviewBittman, Michael ; Ironmonger, Duncan14-Jul-2011
162011Social Sciences and the Study of Family Fortunes in the Global Financial CrisisBittman, Michael 18-Sep-2017
172011Digital natives? New and old media and children's outcomesBittman, Michael ; Rutherford, Leonie M ; Brown, Jude E ; Unsworth, Leonard 9-Jan-2012
182011Television Viewing by School-Age Children: Associations with Physical Activity, Snack Food Consumption and Unhealthy WeightBrown, Judith E ; Nicholson, Jan M; Broom, Dorothy H; Bittman, Michael 9-May-2011
192011Time demands of caring for children with cerebral palsy: what are the implications for maternal mental health?Sawyer, Michael G; Bittman, Michael ; La Greca, Annette M; Crettenden, Angela D; Borojevic, Nina; Raghavendra, Parimala; Russo, Ray7-May-2017
202010Time Demands of Caring for Children with Autism: What are the Implications for Maternal Mental Health?Sawyer, Michael G; Bittman, Michael ; La Greca, Annette M; Crettenden, Angela D; Harchak, Taylor F; Martin, Jon6-May-2011
212010Goodin et al.'s New Measure of Freedom: Authors Meet CriticBittman, Michael 6-May-2011
222010Enacting virtual connections between work and homeWajcman, Judy; Rose, Emily; Brown, Judith E ; Bittman, Michael 22-Oct-2010
232010Do working mothers raise couch potato kids? Maternal employment and children's lifestyle behaviours and weight in early childhoodBrown, Judith E ; Broom, Dorothy; Nicholson, Jan M; Bittman, Michael 22-Oct-2010
242010Advances in Population Surveillance for Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior: Reliability and Validity of Time Use Surveysvan der Ploeg, H P; Merom, D; Chau, J Y; Bittman, Michael ; Trost, S G; Bauman, A E23-May-2011
252009How Long Is the Second (Plus First) Shift? Gender Differences in Paid, Unpaid, and Total Work Time in Australia and the United StatesSayer, L C; England, P; Bittman, Michael ; Bianchi, S M18-Jul-2011
262009Comment: "Time Use and Subjective Well-being in France and the US"Bittman, Michael 18-Jul-2011
272009The mobile phone, perpetual contact and time pressureBittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith E ; Wajcman, Judy22-Oct-2010
282009The Cell Phone, Constant Connection and Time Scarcity in AustraliaBittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith E ; Wajcman, Judy22-Oct-2010
292009Intimate Connections: The Impact of the Mobile Phone on Work/Life BoundariesWajcman, Judy; Bittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith E 29-Feb-2012
302008The Incremental Time Costs Of Children: An Analysis Of Children's Impact On Adult Time Use In AustraliaCraig, Lyn; Bittman, Michael 9-Nov-2009
312008Families without Borders: Mobile Phones, Connectedness and Work-Home DivisionsWajcman, Judy; Bittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith Elizabeth 30-Nov-2009
322008What kinds of jobs help carers combine care and employment?Hill, Trish; Thomson, Cathy; Bittman, Michael ; Griffiths, Megan9-Nov-2009
332007Human CapitalBittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith Elizabeth ; McIntosh, Alison Frances; Rolley, Frances ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis 20-Oct-2009
342007Social CapitalWalmsley, Jim Dennis ; McIntosh, Alison Frances; Carrington, Kerry ; Bittman, Michael ; Rolley, Frances ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan 20-Oct-2009
352007Walking behaviours from the 1965-2003 American Heritage Time Use Study (AUHTUS)Tudor-Locke, Catrine; van der Ploeg, Hidde P; Bowles, Heather R; Bittman, Michael ; Fisher, Kimberly; Merom, Dafna; Gershuny, Jonathan; Bauman, Adrian; Egerton, Muriel30-Mar-2010
362007Mothers and fathers with young children: paid employment, caring and wellbeingBaxter, Jennifer; Gray, Matthew; Alexander, Michael; Strazdins, Lyndall; Bittman, Michael 30-Mar-2010
372007Managing Work and FamilyCraig, Lyn; Bittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith Elizabeth ; Thompson, Denise12-Feb-2010
382007Living standards of apprenticesBittman, Michael ; Reavell, Ron ; Smith, Gregory Owen ; Battin, Timothy 16-Nov-2009
392007The Impact of Caring on Informal Carers' Employment, Income and Earnings: a Longitudinal ApproachBittman, Michael ; Hill, Trish; Thomson, Cathy30-Nov-2009
402007Time or Money: the Impact of Parental Employment on Time that 4 to 5 Year Olds Spend in Language Building ActivitiesBrown, Judith Elizabeth ; Bittman, Michael ; Nicholson, Jan M.20-Nov-2009
412007Caregivers and Community Service Non-Use in AustraliaHill, Patricia; Fisher, Kimberly; Thomson, Cathy; Bittman, Michael 20-May-2010
422005Patterns of walking for transport and exercise: a novel application of time use dataTudor-Locke, Catrine; Bittman, Michael ; Merom, Dafna; Bauman, Adrian30-Mar-2010
432005The time cost of careBittman, Michael ; Fisher, K; Hill, P; Thomson, C12-Jul-2011
442005Australian Couples and the Paradox of Modernity: Earning More but Enjoying It LessBittman, Michael ; Saunders, Peter2-Nov-2009
452005The Time-Pressure Illusion: Discretionary Time vs. Free TimeBittman, Michael ; Goodin, RE; Rice, JM; Saunders, P6-Nov-2009
462005Sunday Working and Family TimeBittman, Michael 6-Nov-2009
472005Exit, Voice, and Suffering: Do Couples Adapt to Changing Employment Patterns?Gershuny, J; Bittman, M ; Brice, J5-May-2008
482004Packaging care: What happens when children receive non-parental care?Bittman, M ; Craig, L; Folbre, N18-Sep-2008
492004Family Time: The social organization of careBittman, Michael ; Folbre, Nancy11-Aug-2010
502004The rush hour: The quality of leisure time and gender equityBittman, Michael ; Wajcman, Judy11-Aug-2010

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