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12018Modelling Movement Energetics Using Global Positioning System Devices in Contact Team Sports: Limitations and SolutionsGray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Cummins, Cloe ; Murphy, Aron ; Waldron, Mark 4-Jun-2018
22017Sprint Interval Training Decreases Circulating MicroRNAs Important for Muscle DevelopmentDenham, Joshua; Gray, Adrian ; Scott-Hamilton, John ; Hagstrom, Amanda 25-Apr-2018
32016The Reliability of Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and In-Season Changes in Physical Function and Performance Among Elite Rugby League PlayersWaldron, Mark ; Gray, Adrian ; Worsfold, Paul; Twist, Craig5-Jul-2016
42016Predicting the Sprint Performance of Adolescent Track Cyclists Using the 3-Minute All-out TestWaldron, Mark ; Gray, Adrian ; Furlan, Nicola; Murphy, Aron 25-Aug-2017
52016Energetic and Metabolic Power Demands of National Rugby League Match-PlayCummins, Cloe ; Gray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Halaki, M; Orr, R14-Mar-2017
62016Ecological Validity and Reliability of the Rugby Sevens Simulation ProtocolFurlan, Nicola ; Waldron, Mark ; Osborne, Mark A; Gray, Adrian 27-Jan-2017
72015An updated approach to incremental cycling tests: Accounting for internal mechanical powerGiorgi, Hedda; Andrews, Mark H; Gray, Adrian ; Osborne, Mark A15-Jul-2015
82015Running-Intensity Fluctuations in Elite Rugby Sevens PerformanceFurlan, Nicola ; Waldron, Mark ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Gabbett, Timothy J; Mitchell, John; Fitzgerald, Edward; Osborne, Mark A; Gray, Adrian 28-Sep-2015
92015Variability in selected components of youth soccer match performance relates to physical maturity but not to chronological ageWaldron, Mark ; Gray, Adrian ; Murphy, Aron 1-Sep-2015
102015Energetic and metabolic power demands of interchange and full-match players within National Rugby League match-playCummins, Cloe ; Gray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Halaki, Mark; Orr, Rhonda24-May-2017
112015Metabolic power and energetic costs of elite Rugby League match-playCummins, Cloe ; Gray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Halaki, Mark; Orr, Rhonda24-May-2017
122014High intensity exerciseSkinner, Tina; Gray, Adrian ; Jenkins, David10-Jul-2015
132013Comparison of models for the physiological estimation of internal mechanical power in cyclingBrooks, Hedda P; Andrews, Mark H; Gray, Adrian ; Osborne, Mark A27-Mar-2014
142010Match Analysis and the Physiological Demands of Australian FootballGray, Adrian ; Jenkins, David G10-May-2011
152010Validity and reliability of GPS for measuring distance travelled in field-based team sportsGray, Adrian ; Jenkins, David; Andrews, Mark H; Taaffe, Dennis R; Glover, Megan L9-May-2011

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Gray, Adrian
Gray, Adrian J
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