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12016Migraine: A disorder of metabolism?Kokavec, Anna 31-May-2017
22016Community Based Psychosocial Education Can Improve Mood Disturbance in Breast Cancer Survivors at Various Stages of Their RecoveryKokavec, Anna 14-Feb-2017
32016The association between portion size, nutrient intake and gestational weight gain: a secondary analysis in the WATCH study 2006/7Blumfield, M L; Schreurs, M; Rollo, M E; MacDonald-Wicks, L K; Kokavec, Anna ; Collins, C E6-May-2016
42015Effect of sucrose consumption on serum insulin, serum cortisol and insulin sensitivity in migraine: Evidence of sex differencesKokavec, Anna 17-Apr-2015
52014Dietary Therapy could be an Important Factor in the Prevention of Headache Symptoms in Migraine (without Aura): A Case StudyKokavec, Anna 2-May-2014
62012Salivary or Serum Cortisol: Possible Implications for Alcohol ResearchKokavec, Anna 9-May-2014
72011Red wine alters the glucose-insulin relationship when consumed alone after a mealKokavec, Anna ; Halloran, Mark A2-May-2014
82011Decreased Appetite for Food in AlcoholismKokavec, Anna 30-May-2014
92010Consuming a small-moderate dose of red wine alone can alter the glucose-insulin relationshipKokavec, Anna ; Halloran, Mark A2-May-2014
102010Sugar alters the level of serum insulin and plasma glucose and the serum cortisol: DHEAS ratio in female migraine sufferersKokavec, Anna ; Crebbin, Susan J2-May-2014
112009Ingesting alcohol prior to food can alter the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axisKokavec, Anna ; Lindner, Amy J; Ryan, Jaymee E; Crowe, Simon F2-May-2014
122009Effect of Wine on Energy Metabolism and UtilisationKokavec, Anna ; Halloran, Mark A; Crowe, Simon F2-Apr-2014

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Kokavec, Anna
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