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12015Animal Bones in Australian Archaeology: A field guide to common native and introduced speciesFillios, Melanie ; Blake, Natalie29-Jan-2016
22014An updated description of the Australian dingo ('Canis dingo' Meyer, 1793)Crowther, M S; Fillios, Melanie ; Colman, N; Letnic, M4-Feb-2016
32014The arrival and impacts of the dingoLetnic, Mike; Fillios, Melanie ; Crowther, Mathew S19-Feb-2016
42012The impact of the dingo on the thylacine in Holocene AustraliaFillios, Melanie ; Crowther, Mathew S; Letnic, Mike4-Feb-2016
52012An assessment of the taxonomic status of wild canids in south-eastern New South Wales: phenotypic variation in dingoesRadford, Cameron G; Letnic, Mike; Fillios, Melanie ; Crowther, Mathew S18-Feb-2016
62011Testing the impact of environmental zone on experimental taphonomic faunal modelsFillios, Melanie 4-Feb-2016
72007Measuring Complexity in Early Bronze Age Greece: The Pig as a Proxy Indicator of Socio-Economic StructuresFillios, Melanie 6-Jun-2017

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Fillios, Melanie
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