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12013Exploring authentic learning activities for enhanced learning outcomes: Adult learners and their perceptions of learning in a virtual worldGregory, Susanne ; Reading, Christine ; Tynan, Belinda ; Smith, Howard; Geake, John 18-Nov-2013
22012Perceptions of Preparedness to Teach Primary School Physical Education: Transformative Learning in Generalist Pre-Service Teacher EducationFreak, Annette ; Miller, Judith ; Haynes, John ; Geake, John 22-May-2012
32010Functional neural correlates of fluid and crystallized analogizingGeake, John ; Hansen, Peter C21-Apr-2010
42010Theory and Research into Practice: Educational NeuroscienceGeake, John 1-Jun-2011
52009The Neuropsychological Characteristics of Academic and Creative GiftednessGeake, John 1-Apr-2010
62009Neural interconnectivity and intellectual creativity: giftedness, savants, and learning stylesGeake, John 16-Apr-2010
72009Giftedness Perceptions and Practices of Teachers in LithuaniaLeavitt, Monita; Geake, John 3-Aug-2010
82009The Brain at School: Educational Neuroscience in the ClassroomGeake, John 18-Dec-2009
92008The pleasure of readingKringelbach, Morten; Vuust, Peter; Geake, John 4-Feb-2010
102008Neuromythologies in educationGeake, John 6-Nov-2009
112008High Abilities at Fluid Analogizing: A Cognitive Neuroscience Construct of GiftednessGeake, John 6-Nov-2009
122008Teachers' Negative Affect Towards Academically Gifted Students: An Evolutionary Psychological StudyGeake, John ; Gross, Miraca U M9-Nov-2009
132008The Potential of Cognitive Neuroscience Research for Education: Education and Human PotentialGeake, John 6-May-2010
142007Learning Characteristics of Primary School Computer Enthusiasts: A retrospective studyGeake, John 21-Apr-2010
152007A brainy school of the futureGeake, John 6-May-2010
162007Imaging Imagination: Brain Scanning of the Imagined FutureGeake, John ; Kringelbach, Morten L21-May-2010
172006Mathematical brainsGeake, John 19-Apr-2010
182005Educational neuroscience and neuroscientific education: in search of a mutual middle wayGeake, John 25-May-2010
192005The neurological basis of intelligence: Implications for education – An abstractGeake, John 25-May-2010
202005A Neuro-Psychological Model of the Creative Intelligence of Gifted ChildrenGeake, John ; Dodson, Claire1-Dec-2011
212005Vertical semester organisation in a rural secondary school: the views of gifted studentsFardell, Reg; Geake, John 16-Apr-2010
222005Neural correlates of intelligence as revealed by fMRI of fluid analogiesGeake, John ; Hansen, Peter C19-Apr-2010
232004How Children's Brains Think: Not Left or Right But Both TogetherGeake, John 16-Apr-2010
242004Thematic Review: Cognitive neuroscience and education: two-way traffic or one-way street?Geake, John 16-Apr-2010
252004Inside the Zone of Proximal Development: Validating a Multifactor Model of Learning Potential with Gifted Students and their PeersKanevsky, Lannie; Geake, John 23-Apr-2010
262003Vertical semester organisation in a rural secondary school as a vehicle for acceleration of gifted studentsFardell, Reg; Geake, John 21-Apr-2010
272003Adapting Middle Level Educational Practices to Current Research on Brain FunctioningGeake, John 22-Apr-2010
282003Cognitive Neuroscience: Implications for education?Geake, John ; Cooper, Paul17-Jun-2010
292003Neuroimagen del cerebro superdotadoGeake, John 17-Jun-2010
302003The Mozart Effect and primary school childrenIvanov, Vesna; Geake, John 17-Aug-2011
312003Young Mathematical BrainsGeake, John 18-Aug-2014

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