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12018Elements of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Accounting Firms in IndiaAdapa, Sujana ; Rice, John 17-Apr-2018
22018Global geographic reach: A Delphi study into the future of the airline industryEllis, Darren John; Adapa, Sujana ; Rice, John ; Valenzuela-Abaca, Fredy-Roberto25-May-2018
32018Modeling Chinese Inbound Tourism Arrivals into ChristchurchFieger, Peter ; Rice, John 20-Jul-2018
42017Examining the use of concept analysis and mapping software for renewable energy feed-in tariff designMartin, Nigel J; Rice, John 9-Jun-2017
52017Extended Producer Responsibility for waste televisions and computers: A regulatory evaluation of the Australian experienceLodhia, Sumit; Martin, Nigel; Rice, John 15-Jul-2017
62017Bricks-and-mortar and patient safety cultureBrandis, Susan; Schleimer, Stephanie; Rice, John 11-Oct-2017
72017Two dimensional efficiency measurements in vocational education: Evidence from AustraliaFieger, Peter ; Villano, Renato ; Rice, John ; Cooksey, Ray W 6-Feb-2017
82017Loyal employees in difficult settings: the compounding effects of inter-professional dysfunction and employee loyalty on job tensionRice, Bridget; Knox, Kathy; Rice, John ; Martin, Nigel; Fieger, Peter ; Fitzgerald, Anneke17-Jan-2018
92017Loyal Employees in Difficult Settings: The Compounding Effects of Inter-professional Dysfunction and Employee Loyalty on Job TensionRice, Bridget; Knox, Kathy; Rice, John ; Martin, Nigel; Fieger, Peter ; Fitzgerald, Anneke21-Dec-2017
102017The impact of employees' values on role engagementRice, Bridget; Fieger, Peter ; Rice, John ; Martin, Nigel; Knox, Kathy19-Jan-2018
112017Dynamic workplace interactions for improving patient safety climateBrandis, Susan; Rice, John ; Schleimer, Stephanie18-May-2017
122017Executive compensation among Australian mining and non-mining firms: Risk taking, long and short-term incentivesYarram, Subba Reddy ; Rice, John 29-May-2017
132016Hospital employees' perceptions of fairness and job satisfaction at a time of transformational changeBrandis, Susan; Fisher, Ron; McPhail, Ruth; Rice, John ; Eljiz, Kathy; Fitzgerald, Anneke; Gapp, Rod; Marshall, Andrea7-Jun-2016
142016Expectations of privacy and trust: examining the views of IT professionalsMartin, Nigel; Rice, John ; Martin, Robin7-Jun-2016
152016Using offsets to mitigate environmental impacts of major projects: A stakeholder analysisMartin, Nigel; Evans, Megan; Rice, John ; Lodhia, Sumit; Gibbons, Philip24-May-2016
162016Influencing climate change regulations: examining responses from large-scale firmsRice, John ; Martin, Nigel5-Jan-2016
172015Can a Darwinian nomenclature help reconcile alternative perspectives of the dynamic capabilities view?Galvin, Peter; Rice, John ; Liao, Tung-Shan21-Feb-2017
182015A configuration-based approach to integrating dynamic capabilities and market transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve firm performanceRice, John ; Liao, Tung-Shan; Galvin, Peter; Martin, Nigel30-Jun-2015
192015The Vicissitudes of Competitive Advantage: Empirical Evidence from Australian Manufacturing SMEsLiao, Tung-Shan; Rice, John ; Lu, Juin-Cherng30-Jun-2015
202015Improving Australia's renewable energy project policy and planning: A multiple stakeholder analysisMartin, Nigel; Rice, John 24-Jul-2015
212015Does open innovation apply to China? Exploring the contingent role of external knowledge sources and internal absorptive capacity in Chinese large firms and SMEsHuang, Fang; Rice, John ; Martin, Nigel5-Nov-2015
222015Strategic Management: Thinking, Analysis, ActionHubbard, Graham; Rice, John ; Galvin, Peter29-Jul-2015
232014Sustainable Development Pathways: Determining Socially Constructed Visions for CitiesMartin, Nigel; Rice, John 29-Apr-2015
242014Sustainable Development Planning: A Case of Public Participation using Online ForumsMartin, Nigel J; Rice, John ; Lodhia, Sumit K29-Apr-2015
252014Applying a Darwinian model to the dynamic capabilities view: Insights and issuesGalvin, Peter; Rice, John ; Liao, Tung-Shan29-Apr-2015
262014Rebalancing Climate Change Debate and Policy: An Analysis of Online DiscussionsMartin, Nigel; Rice, John 17-Apr-2015
272014Influencing Clean Energy Laws: an Analysis of Business Stakeholder EngagementMartin, Nigel James; Rice, John 17-Apr-2015
282014Openness and Appropriation: Empirical Evidence from Australian BusinessesHuang, Fang; Rice, John ; Galvin, Peter; Martin, Nigel2-Jul-2015
292013The solar photovoltaic feed-in tariff scheme in New South Wales, AustraliaMartin, Nigel; Rice, John 29-Jul-2015
302013Does Open Innovation Work Better in Regional Clusters?Huang, Fang; Rice, John 29-Jul-2015
312013Spearing High Net Wealth Individuals: The Case of Online Fraud and Mature Age Internet UsersMartin, Nigel; Rice, John 29-Jul-2015
322012Developing renewable energy supply in Queensland, Australia: A study of the barriers, targets, policies and actionsMartin, Nigel J; Rice, John 29-Jul-2015
332012Openness in Product and Process InnovationHuang, Fang; Rice, John 29-Jul-2015
342012Children's cyber-safety and protection in Australia: An analysis of community stakeholder viewsMartin, Nigel; Rice, John 29-Jul-2015
352012Firm Networking and Bribery in China: Assessing Some Potential Negative Consequences of Firm OpennessHuang, Fang; Rice, John 29-Jul-2015
362012The role of strategic alliances in complementing firm capabilitiesRice, John ; Liao, Tung-Shan; Martin, Nigel; Galvin, Peter29-Jul-2015
372012Emergency communications and warning systems: Determining critical capacities in the Australian contextMartin, Nigel; Rice, John 29-Jul-2015
382011The role of the market in transforming training and knowledge to superior performance: evidence from the Australian manufacturing sectorLiao, Tung-Shan; Rice, John ; Martin, Nigel29-Jul-2015
392011Cybercrime: Understanding and addressing the concerns of stakeholdersMartin, Nigel; Rice, John 29-Jul-2015
402011Evaluating and Designing Electronic Government for the Future: Observations and Insights from AustraliaMartin, Nigel; Rice, John 29-Jul-2015
412011Socioeconomic status and the allocation of government resources in Australia: How well do geographic measures perform?Lim, Patrick; Gemici, Sinan; Rice, John ; Karmel, Tom29-Jul-2015
422010Analysing Emission Intensive Firms as Regulatory Stakeholders: a Role for Adaptable Business StrategyMartin, Nigel; Rice, John 29-Jul-2015
432010Innovation investments, market engagement and financial performance: A study among Australian manufacturing SMEsLiao, Tung-Shan; Rice, John 30-Jul-2015

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